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Monday, July 31, 2006

thought steli might want to read this


Like I have to pack and clean my room and get ready to leave for Pareez. So many things to do. I will see you again on thursday. OK. Have fun.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random Measures

--Caution : Extremely nerdy post--

Are something I am reading about. A measure is like lenght. Like the measure of a road is how long it is. A random measure is a new strange idea. It is that the length can depend on luck. Let me give you an example:

Everyday, I wake up at 2 p.m. I feel hungry and walk to the chinese restaurant not far from my place (ok this is not true, it's an example). Imagine that on certain days I wake up and walk to the chinese and the road is 200 meters long. On other days I wake up and walk and the same road is 1000 meters, on other days I wake up and walk and the road is 0 meters long. On other days I wake up and the road never ends. Just how long the road is everyday is a matter of luck. Like there is a different probability it would have a certain length everytime.

This is such a new idea to me. I am happy to be learning it. I mean it is really like in a dream or something. It is even stranger than dreams.

Random measures are very useful in finance, people who try to predict the stock market use them all the time.

This is very nice, it is making my imagination crazy. All this remdinds me of a quote by GGM :

"On that day, the world was so new to him, that many things didn't have names yet." (from memory, btw. So it is not the exact quote.)

My Girl

My Girl c'est de la balle. It toally rocks. I love how the actors act. Especially Yoo Rin, she is like a real life manga character, exagerrating her jestures and expressions. The story is quite nice. It is very smart because there are a lot of sub-stories going on and they all revolve around a main theme: Relations between rich people and poor people. I also love the music, they use Mozart often and I really like how they use the same song with different arrangements for different kinds of scenes. The same song goes for a happy, sad, awkward scene. The same music just a bit faster or slower or...In general the show manages to be very funny, the characters are all so lovable, the story is at the same time fun and meaningful, there is a lot of suspense so sometimes I watch up to three episodes together...C'est vraiment de la balle.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Nothing really

Nothing in my mind. I can not think of a single thing to write. So I am posting just to post and give a sign of life. Now for some mundane details, I mean let me talk about myself. I will go to Paris and then to Italy for a while. My holidays will last until October. There is the plan of going to Turkey for some time too. For those of you who want to hear a recording of me speaking, I don't have a cell phone. I will see my sister on August the 3rd and then I will post a sound clip, or even a video clip. (Just like Olivia did)
So S.P. will finally come out of the closet. I am using this expression but I have not the faintest idea about it's meaning.
Currently I am reading a book, I mean 2 books, on Measure theory. I had to put Galois theory on hold. C'est dommage. In general, I am totally unable to think, all I can do is follow the news of this war that no one wants to end. Isn't this a precedent. Like a war starts and no one tries to end it. That's totally crazy. It's like other countries think they are watching some kind of game and not a real war.
I would so love to visit Russia. In fact I would love to live there.
I even find it frustrating to make the numerals. I just don't want to do anything. But how about another numeral..
Yesterday I read parts of The Picture of Dorian Gray and parts of a book about Alexander. I went to sleep at 4 a.m. and woke up at 3 p.m. It rained all day long today. Heavy rain and a kind of sand storm coming from I don't know where.
Is it true that 60% of German people are over 50 years old?
I am sorry about the music not working and an error message popping up. I don't know why it is happening. This is a new music. It's Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto no2.
I had a dream last "night". I will post it tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

100 years

100 years ago Cezanne died. He left you his paintings. He also made you some cake but I wouldn't eat it now. It is way too old. Yu can give it to your pet, if you don't like your pet.

Let me say now, why not, that I think Spain is my favourite country in Europe. First of all, it is the only young country in western Europe...I will tell you the other 3 reasons later, why not. Posted by Picasa

Dream no32

I dreamed I was running. I was running from Marseille to Paris. That takes a TGV (fast train) some 6 houres. I ran it in 20 minutes. All the time I was eating candy. The candy was so big, it was like as big as a big watermelon. Like giant haribos.

On the road I met people I know and all asked me what that was and I would say "candy, candy" and they would look at me like "you are crazy" and walk away.


I was thinking, I do this sometimes. No matter how bad we are doing, there is often worse; no matter how good we are doing there is often better. No matter how content we are, there are still moments where we think, "I wish I was better". There are moments where we are jealous of people who are richer, happier in life or in love, more beautiful...than us. Everyone is jealous of something or someone. Jealousy is probably the most universal feeling, I thought. If there is a feeling every person on earth experiences, it is more probably jealousy than anything else.

I am jealous of people who have settled down. I know I will continue to travel inside and outside France for some 5 more years. Whenever I see someone who has a very regular and boring life, I envy them. Some of them are probably jealous of me because I travel all the time.

Now my mind has stopped the post is over.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I woke up, it was soo hot, so I took a shower and went out. I walked to my usual chinese restaurant and had lunch/breakfast. Then I continued my walk to the FNAC, which is like a big bookstore/DVD/CD/library.... I walked around, I didn't buy anything. I went to the litterature part. There were very few people. However, as I walked by the different parts, asian litterature, middle east litterature, greek litterature, spanish litterature, etc..I found there was a huge crowd in front of the Books in English part.

It was interesting. There was exactly nobody looking at the books in any other section, but like 15 people pushing each other in front of the Books in English section.

I thought there would be a special book they all wanted to see. But there was really nothing. A few of the books I looked at were even totally silly. "The Last Templar" for instance. This book seemed so silly.

Then I went to the music part. It was full of people. First I visited the classical music section. Not for any special reason, but it is the first one on my way. It was full of 40ish bold and sometimes fat men. I overheard this conversation:

bold fat italian looking man: I threw away 75 euros on La Traviata.
bold thin man: 75 euros, wow, that's a lot.
bold fat italian looking man: But it was worth it, I really had a great time listening
bold thin man: yeah, but 75 euros, omg
bold fat italian looking man: hmmmm
bold thin man: *turns away*

I am tired now, I'll continue later.

Wait wait, the only Oscar Wilde work I don't have is De Profundis, which he wrote from jail. I have just found it on the net. God Bless the little monsters that make the internet work.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Going Classical

I want to write about good concerts I went to. One of Rachmaninoff and one of Mozart. But before, I have bought a very surprising CD. Here is it's story...

Johannn Nepomuk Hummel has a very funny name. Nepomuk. Is it check? In addition to his lovely name he was a virtuoso of the keyboard and a student of both Mozart and Salieri. He was a good composer but his work did not remain famous to our day. Mainly because he is much more known as a teacher and player.

This CD I have bought is a rearrangement by Hummel of Mozart's symphonies Haffner, Jupiter and Praga. These symphonies were written for orchestras and Hummel rearranged them to be played by a Quartet. A piano, a flute, a violin, a violoncelle. Only 4 instruments bring all the sensations ans sounds and details of these 3 symphonies.

Hummel must really have been very talented and skilled to be able to do this. I will upload a part soon. But can I rest for the week end.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Saturday morning...

After the party, we had a rendez-vous with some other friends of our family. We were supposed to meet them at 1:30 at the Comedie. They didn't show up. We went to the hotel and chatted until 3 a.m. and then went to sleep.

We woke up at 7 a.m. we had to. Mom went to work and me for some more tourisme (with an e like any word). I walked in the esplanade and chose a nice cafe where I sat for an houre, had breakfast. It was melon slices and a lemonade. There were many people selling stuff at the esplanade.

One lady was selling old school books and maps. It was very fun to see what kind of English book French kids had in the 60s. Another stand was selling history books, I bought one about the Vikings.

I walked to the Comedie and ran into Joy again. I just said hello, we didn't talk or anything. Then I decided to go to go get a gair cut.

I went to a place I had noticed the day before. It was called Greze coiffure. It is owned by Mr Greze & his son. I got a hair cut, it was quite good. Better than the one I get here. I don't know why Mr Greze Jr insisted on shakig my hand when I came into the place and when I left.

After that, I walked in the neighborhood behind the opera. There was something very funny. Everything is called Opera. There was the Opera grocerie store. Opera bakery. Opera electronics. Every single thing was called Opera. Only becuase it's the neighborhood behind the opera.

It is however a small neighborhood with little paved street, very quiet and beautifull. And the small streets meant you can walk in the shade all the time. Which was great in the very very hot weather we were having. Then I saw a church and went in. It was quite nice. One wall of the church was covered with little tiles, all of them had "Merci Sainte Rita" written on them. There were probably several thousand little tiles with "Merci Sainte Rita" on that wall!

I left the church and went to the mall. I went to the book shop. It had a whole floor for "spirituality" books. The ones that come with tapes, you know. I had an excellent laugh reading the titles. All these books pretended they could change your life in 5 days and make you happy forever.

Also, in the book shop I ran into the Russian lady from the party.

Then I went to the hotel, it was midday and I had to give them the key. I said goodbye to the nice lady who cleans the rooms. I took the bags and left.

Carrying and draging some 40 kg in 30 degree heat was, how should I say, perfect. I met my mom at the espalanade where we had lunch. I just had a salade. Then we went to the train station.

We stayed there for like 15 mins and then I left. My mom also was then on her way to England.

NEWS : Do not read if you want to sleep. I will create a blog for this and stop posting here.
---I feel so sad these days. I have just seen pictures in a Lebanese newspaper (as- safir). These pictures were not allowed in western newspapers. They show dead children on the ground by tens. It makes me want to cry until forever. Today every last foreigner left Lebanon. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. The foreigners were a kind of shield for the Lebanese. Now we can expect anything and we can be sure none of it will be reported. How does killing tens of children in one bombing fight terrorism. How many children have to die before we call it a war crime? A question that was asked by journalist Robert Fisk. When you see these pictures you don't beleive yourself.

---White house spokesman Tony Snow, the man with a great haircut, has called Journalist Helen Thomas a Hizbolla member becuase she dared ask him about the human consequences of the war.

---The New York Times has confirmed the war might end Monday.

--We, the civilized world, are doing this to the people we are supposed to be teaching our great values. My ass, my ass democracy and my ass human rights.

Pic from greece

What I liked most was not the ancient ruins. It's how slow life goes. People can sit like this all day long. I was in greece in 2002, I never told you. By the way, I am sure this life style is what makes mediterranean people creative. (the pic not by me) Posted by Picasa


Why am I posting this? I don't know. Felt like it. This drawing was in my masters report. It's about geodesics. Posted by Picasa