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Friday, April 29, 2005

Quote of The Day

There is a word in Arabic, tarab..6arab..this word has no equivalent in any other language I know. A French Journalsit asked Litterature Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfooz, what tarab was.

The answer starts in French: "C'est l'hivresse de juissance"= it is being drunk with pleasure
and goes on in Arabic= "It is the paroxysme of emotion, love and enjoyment of beauty"

tarab is when you hear music that takes you to another world.

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Easy Question

Imagine you are watching a most beautiful scene. Let's say the natural scene that moved you the most in your life. Then 1000 000 $ fly in front of you and disappear behind the horizon. What would you do?

a) cry

b) call a lawyer

c) go back to watching

d) non of the above

e) yo will have taken a picture of it to tell the story when are old and have lost your teeth

f) non of the above, not even d).

What is this about?

A good freind of mine - I guess he thinks there is a meaning for everything - asked me what this question was about.

Well this question, not the answers they are just invented for fun, comes from a book on litterary criticism. The author is trying to say Romanticism is far from reality and romantic topics don't adress all our problems.

This kind of thinking started with the beginning of the 20 cetury and it became stronger with thw two world wars..since people saw the real world was not so beautiful.

Dream no2

"Twenty days yesterday, in the winedark sea" (The Odyssey)

This dream takes place on a ship. It is an old Spanish conquistador kind of ship, sales 'n all. The sea is furious, dark black waves are playing with the proud frigate, bullying it as is sways helplessly.

In one of the cabins, all my class from first year -I am now in fourth year- in college, with me, are having a Physics lesson. Our notorious teacher- but to utter his name would bring to you all the terrors of the apocalypse - is explaining a descrete version of the equations of elasticity. Finite difference equations lead to a linear system, as it stood it was 6 equations.

At that precise moment, the ship rumbles and the sea pulls our minds away from the absract pleasures of elasticity to plunge them into its fears. Well actually the ship shakes somewhat hard, but in the dream it's a big deal.

I kind of realise that the system on the board represents the ship, but I am unable to solve it. Only then a guy I usually really don't like - he is short, has a goatie and always dresses in white with a black baseball cap, and this is in real life not my dream - reads my mind and dashes to the board and shows that the system is incompatible...this means it is "meaningless", yet, as I said, it is the key to owr salvation.

To tell you the truth I had never liked that guy. The system is not incompatible, it is only him who had made a mistake. It solves really nice and we use it to fix the ship into a position where the waves can not affect it.

P.S. I hope my ex-colleague in white never comes across this post.

The Return Of Beauty

Aesthetics is the study of Beauty...mainly an effort to define it...What is Beauty? is the main question of Aesthetics.

Most people will say, they know it when they see it. But here are some aspects of the way we experience beauty that seem to be common to all humans.

The experience of beauty makes us search for antecedants : Whenever we see a beautiful thing, we try to think of something even more beautiful, and so on...

Beauty endures : Whenever we see beautiful things, we want to copy them. We gaze at beatiful things to create a mental copy of them. In a museum, there are always people copying the greatest paintings. When you see a beautiful person you are attracted to them because you want to make copies of their beauty (children..dah).

Leonardo Da Vinci was obsessed with this. If he saw a beautiful person he would follow them and paint them. And paint copies of the paintings and copies of the copies.

Beauty is life saving : Saint Augustine says, "like a planck amid the waves of sea". Seeing beautiful things helps us go on. If you feel down and you see an authentically beautiful thing, this really improves your state of mind.

A contract with beauty: Because we are indebted to beautiful things, we want to preserve them. We are more affected by the lose of things we find beautiful (someone ruins youre best shirt, your beautiful car....)

You can listen to the radio show The Return of Beauty at

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dore's Painting

The painting below is by Gustave Dore. (Je sais qu'il y a un accent mais je ne peux pas le mettre)

Gustave Dore lived in the 18th century. He was a famous illustrator as he illustrated Dante's Divine Comedy, especially the Inferno, and Don Quixote.

This painting represents King Richard Lionheart fighting Saladin. Dore painted many illustrations on the crusades, for King Richard, and Sire Balian (Orlando Bloome in Kingdome of heaven).

He also has these dark paintings like "Witches Dancing on a Sabath"..also cool.

I really don't like the fact that Saladin looks less impressive that Richard..maybe Dore was not impartial.

During my lost hours I look at my picture collection. I chose this one to start with.

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Dream no1

This is the first dream I will share with you.

In my dream I live in Persia. My house is one room with a window that gives on a lake where dolphines perform amazing stunts, in particular, flying. The background are the majestic mountains of Iran.

I spend all my time playing football and every night a bearded guy comes to blame me for wasting my time on such a worldly thing as football.

Life goes on pretty well until one day a concert for a great russian singer is announced. Everyone is so excited and I go to the concert.

The only problem is no one speaks russian, so I propose to translate and actually do a really good job and end up being the hero of the day.

Only then, Cesar's army arrives. Led By Cezar himself, they look very much like in "Age of Empires". As they line up to confront the army of the King of Kings, the God among Men and the Man among Gods, Sapur son of Ardheshir the Great, an earthquake threatens them all.

A brilliant soldier from Cesar's army - he had participated in the Seige of Cyracuse, walks to the space between the two armys and plants his spear in the ground.

When the earthquake starts, nothing shakes except the spear and we are all saved.

Hello World

Those who like computers will have identified this silly line. Those who don't
already probably think its silly.

I am just trying to get started. Call it a repetition.

Ahlan wa sahlan