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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Zenobia's Last Look at Palmyra

This painting of 1888 was by Herbert Schmalz.Typically Victorian romantic idealism - Orientalism was a hot subject for populist paintings.

Olivia corrected me, with this. Thank you +)

This renaissance painting shows Zenobia, having been taken prisoner. You can see golden chains in her hands. A roman soldier is waitting to take her away as she takes a last look at her city.

Challenging Empires

When Zenobia was born, around 200 A.D., her city of palmyra was one of the most important commercial centers in the world. It was an oasis-city that owed its existence to a fountain in the middle of a very hot desert. This made it the first stop of the caravans on the silk road. To rome it was completely vital. Controling Palmyra had been a priority to roman emperors for at least two centurys.

Two legends would help form Zenobia's personality. First there is that of Alexander the great. Already palmyra was a very hellenic city and Zenobia receinved her education at the hands of a greek philosopher, Longine, who later became her councellour, as queen. There is also that of Cleopatra, who defied Rome and died for her love and for the sovreignty of her kingdome.

Zenobia became queen at the age of 13 when she married the king, who was probably some 30 years older than her. She was, inspite of her young age, very active in the court and later made alliances with key politicians in its Senate and with many leaders of the army.

Her husband, the king died at the age of maybe 60 and left her with a young son a heir to his thrown. And this was a key moment in her life when she revealed all her ambition and talent as a leader.

Until then Palmyra has been a vassal to rome. But seeing that the king had died with no direct heir, the romans decided to take direct controle of this important city.

Zenobia then declared herself regent of her son's thrown. She wrote to the Persian emperor declaring her loyalty to him and started making gold and silver coins with the profile and name of her som wahballat, legal king of palmya upon them.

This was her first step, intended at proving the legitemacy of her rule and of assuring the sovreignty of Palmyra. She then sent her army to Egypt and Asia Minor.

Her army was able to enter egypt an drive away roman forces thanks to a plan she had deviced where they attacked from boats on the Nile sending successive waves of arrows against the romans. This was a severe blow to rome. Conquering egypt meant the Romans would starve, since their agriculture was mainly based in Egypte.

Now the Romans might have been looking at Zenobia as the leader of a little diplomatic rebellion
that didn't deserve much attention. But by driving them out of egypte she became a real and direct danger to Rome. She was starving its population.

Her next step would be even more defiant. Her army started fighting the Romans in Asia Minor and gaining more and more territory.

It was then that the emperor Aurelianus decided to concentrate all the force of his army against Palmyra. Wars lasted a few years but finally Palmyra was taken and Zenobia made prisoner. Some people say she was taken to Rome and others that she comitted suicide to avoide the humiliation of captivity...

That's all folks


This is a palmyrian bust of queen Zenobia. It is at the Louvre. The style of sculpture -though I am not an expert, seems to be quite unique.

Challenging Empires

Now I am sitting in my bed, eating tortilla chips. This is so intellectually motivating that I have decided to Tackle Queen Zenobia and the History of Palmyra.

My resources are mainly a book by Syrian writter Miriam Antaki, who is Aleppine - maybe a neighbor of Rami's. The book is her fourth novel in French and is called "Remember Palmyra".

There is also an e-book at which is more a history book than a novel. But you lucky people don't have to read any since I am telling you the story - like I really told t well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Little Girl By Van Leo


Dream no13

I wanted to blog about Palmyra but its so hot here today and I'm feeling sleepy. So its really not the weather nor the mood for a "hard" post. Yesterday, or like this morning, I saw a dream, a nightmare in fact. Well not really a nightmare but a rather annoying dream, here we go...

I was going back to my home, for the holidays. So I took the plane and went their, and my parents met me at the airport. - This situation is irreal by the way, I don't need a plane to go home, a car does it - and then we went home and I was having a really good time.

My vacation, i the dream where supposed to last two months. The first thing is it kept snowing all the time, but still we spent all the time on the beach. And then, one month into the holidays, we went to the airport. I thought it was just to buy the ticket back but it turns out they wanted to trick me and put me on a plane back to work before the end of the holidays.

At first I was really angry but I decided to act. The car was passing by a yellow cab. I left the car - in fact I disappeared from the car and appeared in the cab - and the cab driver turned out to be a really important person at the airport and I asked him to help me and let me stay for one more he said yes ad then I found myself in the street and the cab was moving away from me, so I started running after it....and I ran and ran and the cab was so fast and kept getting further...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Van Leo Begins

"A young boy peers over the railings of a ship as it sails across the Bosphorus. Istanbul, fading into the late afternoon sun reflected from the sea, is no more substantial than a stage set. The city is a mere trick of the light. There is a smell of salt in the air. A lock of hair falls across the boy's forehead, a picture." ---Catalogue article by Nigel Rayan

It was 1921. What the 4 year old Leon Boyadjian, and his brother and sister Angelo and Alice, were leaving behind is not the Istanbul of light most people know. What they are leaving behind is a history of persecution for the Armenian community in Turkey that had ended in a massacre, which their parents had known and surnvived.

The ship was sailing for Egypt, where he would live for the rest of his life. Indeed, his family bought a house in Cairo and it was in that house that he died.

At school he was undistinguished. He finished with difficulty and dropped out of college as soon as he entered it.

He then started practicing at a shop called "Studio Venus". Soon, his boss fired him, he was afraid he would become more important than him. In 1940 his father offered him a camera. A contraption made of wood, copper and leather, he used nothing else for the rest of his life.

At first he would develop the pictures with his brother in their bathroom. As of 1947 he had his own studio and he became Van Leo.

Van Leo was short, his manneres were very precious. He was someone you could never ask a personal question. Van Leo's personality, like his photography, was all about the surface. A surface that needed to be saved. Van Leo used to say "You must have your portrait made at least once every ten years, to know how you looked."

This was a bit of a strange thing to say. Most of his pictures were heavily retouched, the film he used was designed especially to allow him to retouch the picture in total freedome.

What the pictures represented was not the subject's public persona, not their character, not their exact looks, they represented Van Leo's sensibility. When you look at a Van Leo picture, you see the world through his eyes. You live in Van Leo's world.

And his world was the world of glamour, of black and white film stars. It was the world of refined manners where he would always be Monsieur Van Leo, with whome you would exchange a few polite words before he took your picture, in his mysterious ways. I wonder what place Leon Boyadjian had in Van Leo's world.

Van Leo made 400 self portraits. In each and every one he would have a different persona. He would be a very old man with a big white beard, a prisoner with a number across his chest, he would be Jesus Christ, or a theif or a dead man..

"What distinguished Van-Leo's work was a natural flair for flattering portraiture, together with a strong sense of dramatic impact. Depending on the aesthetics of the sitter, each portrait was turned into an iconic creation. Unwanted lines disappeared, light and shadow interplayed on the face, shadows were accentuated, until all that remained in the portrait was compelling charm, romance, and excitement". ---another Catalogue article by Fatma Basiouni

This - charm romance and excitement - is all Van Leo wanted to see. It is the abstraction he made of life. I like to think he lived in a black and white movie of his own, made real only by his pictures.

Van Leo says that photography is dead. When he was asked if he would change his life if he had the chance to go back, he said he would change it and not be a photographer. Mainly, he says, its because now people want large portraits only of dead people.

A few days before he died, Van Leo threw a dinner for his friends. As the last of them were leaving he said to them from his couch, "Remember, there will never be another Van Leo."

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cow Girl by Van Leo

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Who is Van Leo

I decided to do this backwards. FIrst I will speak of Van Leo's old age and then of his childhood and work...

In 1998, when his health deteriorated and he donated his studio to the American University of Cairo, he moved back to his familie's house, where he was born and had grown up. He had never married, his brother Angelo was living in Paris and sister Alice in Canada. He was the only one who stayed in Egypte.

At that time fans would come to visit him in numbers. It was customary for them to wait 5 minutes for him to shuffle to the door. The same went for phone calls, you were supposed to let the phone ring for at least a minute if you wanted him to answer.

When you enter the house, you are overwhelmed by the smell of mothballs. The decor is from another time: Old gramaphone, art deco sofas and chairs, black and white television. Everything was firmly circa 1947.

Still everyone was shocked by the beauty of that house, the sharp red of the chairs and the baby blue leather couches, the game of shadows.

As for his friends, he would only receive them on appointment, respectful of the manners of his old times. They would always receive his trademark, tea along with chocolate covered prunes.

Dinner at his place would be accompanied with beaujolais, and the radio playing old Dalida songs. Conversation would move from Armenian to French to English to Arabic to Turkish and Back.

His only companion in his late age was his page, Ahmed from Cote d'Ivoire. Over time they had become close friends. He always complained how Ahmed was lazy.

His house was also filled with stories. He would show his frinds his adress book. The names were impressive. A " Gentlemen's " section with the phone numbers of Carry Grant, Rushdie Abaza, Fareed el Atrash, etc. A " Ladies' " section with the phone numbers of Ingrid Bergmann, Catherine Hepburn, So'ad Hosni, Mervat Amine, etc. Except for one or two names, they were all dead.

Other stories could be found in his bedroom where he kept two boxes. One filled with photographs to which he was personally attached and the other with old letters.

The letters, owing to his eccentric looks maybe, were mostly love letters. They were filled with absurdly dramatic love declarations. Inseparable love and devotion forever: Drury Smith from Southe Africa, Hilda and Gisella from Germany, Ursula from swizerland and Maryse from France. There is also Raga Serag from Egypte with whome he was linked for 17 years. They could not marry because of their different religions.

As for the photo box. On the back of each photo there would be a story written with a pencil. One is a beautiful Egyptian girl, on the back there is a shaky handwritting "Elham Zaki, She wanted to be a star" -never became one.

Another one is this Egyptian lady who entered his shop and in total self confidence and in perfect french she asked him to do a series of 12 shots of her. In each one she would take off one piece of clothes and the last one would be her wearing nothing but a big white baloone.

To be continued....

Friday, June 24, 2005

Late Night walk

If you want to see how Van Leo looks:

  1. Read this whole post
  2. Scroll down (recommended)

I left my aunt's house at about 9:50. As I jumped down the last two steps, two girls who were sitting on a fence turned around to see what was making the noise. SInce I was running I was already gone and they so nothing. I walked on and heard their shrieking laughs.

I walked in an empty street, there was nothing to be heard except for the incessant noise of crickets and the shouting of a fighting couple, coming from like the tenth floor of a high and old building. I can't tell you about my thoughts then but the noise of a motorbike woke me up from them. Two guys on a scooter, doing stunts. Don't they have aniyhing else to do, I don't know start a blog.

I got to the first tram stop, there was a girl at the stop talking on her cellular phone to her boyfriend. All of a sudden she started talking out loud and when she realised it she became so embarrased. The tram came raight about then, but I decided I won't take it and I will go on walking. In fact I wanted to take it but I was so absorbed, thinking and walking that I forgot to, then I said I had decided.

Two regressions are needed here, first, I take many decisions in life like this. But it doesn't bother me. I like to make up my mind at the last minute or even after that.

Second regression: Do you know Mr.SHershevski? He was a genius that worked with the national russian circus. He could learn a phone book by heart just by leafing through it. In the circus he could remember all the names of the audience or long arbitrary lists, etc. He explained that to remember all the things he would imagine himslf walking down Nevski street and seeing them as he walked.

The thing is the lives, of people like him, are living hells. They can't understand when you talk to them, because if you say "The dog is white", then the word dog will fill their minds with a multitude of dog images and they will not understand the rest of the phrase. They can not communicate.

Back to my walk, some people where standing around a car talking about the meanings of traffic signes. They didn't seem to know them very well. That was while I passed by a football field and a tennis field. AN empty football field,how big.

Ah the lane of ecologists. A lane that's always filled with bikers, they are wearing rasta clothes and give you this haughty look: Yes sir we are saving the planet by biking. Well at 11 o'clock they were all talking on their cell phones. Then some guys passed on roller blades and an old couple was walking together.

The couple hadn't passed when we heard a guy singin on his bycicle, he had a very nice mezzo voice in fact, but seemed to be dead drunk.

By then I was so tired I took the tramway. I didn't sleep in it but almost.

Van Leo Goes to Heaven

Death is a central theme in Van Leo's photography. In this self portrait he depicts his own death and resurrection.

My next two posts will be a biography of Van Leo (Now that no one cares anymore :D ) and maybe something about Palmyra...

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lion Protecting Oryx

First of all the picture is copyrighted for WWW.PHOTOGRAPHERSDIRECT.COM

This statue comes from the city of Palmyra in Syria. This is a Nabatean city, built in Greco-Roman style. It has a very exciting history, marked by the rule of Zenobia the Warrior Queen. (A post to come if you want or if I feel like it, whichever comes first)

Now what is the Statue. It is said that the lions that lived in the desert near Palmyra would protect other animals from predators like leopards and Hayaenas. This statue represents the story of an Oryx that was chased by a leopard and saw a lion, it ran towards the lion and the lion held it between its paws, protecting it from the leopard and freeing it when the leopard had left.

They really should have repaired the missing parts of the statue..lazy

If the lions protect all the animals, what do they eat!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Syntagma Square and Bad Memories

Syntagma during the Civil War. This reminds me so much of Kazantzakis, "Les Freres Enemies"..I don't know how this novel is called in English..or do I, is it "The Fratricides"..its about the civil war in greece and is really one of the best novels I ever read.

Now you can read dream No12. And a great post by Rami about defense mechanisms in old Casltes.
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Dream no12

I am stainding Syntagma square -constitution square in Athens- by the steps. I am all alone and the faint, hot wind is lifting a small layer of dust off the white floor. Making it turn in the air.

I am alone, and I look in all directions and see no one and I like the calm. But as soon as I have this tought the Bvarian troop appear at the horizon.

To confront them, I wear my football clothes, I am a golie by the way, and face them. Protecting the door of the Parliament, like it was a goal in fact.

The Banarians arrive, and at their head I see Ronaldo, he dismountes, takes of his like General's suite and appears in his Brazile outfit.

Now the gate of the parliament is a goal and I haveto stop a penalty...

He shoots , I block his shot. That's it. And then the dream ends with his sitting on the ground and crying..poor Roni

Stealing their posts:)

I have a lot of work today. Like 2 books to read for work. So I am leaving you a link you already know

To Rami's blog where you can read about the defense mechanisms of the Aleppo Citadel, its quite interesting if you're into architecture but its just really fun to see the ideas they had in building it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


In particular, we didn't know it was very expensive and to us it looked like chips or mn'ems, so we ate about 500 grams -one pound- each -thinking those were just some snacks before dinner. It was really funny because the guy lost a fortune because of us, and he lost all the Caviar he intended to show off in front of his guests. What's even funnier is we complained to them it wasn't good, we wanted chocolate...Stupid, Stupid Adults.Posted by Hello


These are two drawings from a recent expo in Paris. My parents know the artist. When I was about 10 we were invited to his house. He and his wife were very nice to us and even offered Caviar for dinner, only me and my sister didn't know, at that age what Caviar was.... Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

Hidden Talent

As it turns out, Blue is a painter. Check out her drawing at her English website

And enjoy the Story of Sifkaborka, a russian fairy tale. Below...

Sunday, June 19, 2005


There lived once in Russia and old man with three sons. The older two were bright and active boys, they worked hard were quite ambitious. The youngest one was Ivane, he would spend his whole day sitting by the fireplace. The most useful thing he ever did was go gather mushrooms from the forest.

As the father grew older and felt his end coming near, he gathered his three sons to give them his will. "For three weeks after my death you will visit my tomb, to feed me bread crumbs. The first week my elder son should visit, the second week my second and the third you Ivane". The two older sons confirmed to their father that they will carry out his will as a duty and an honour, Ivan said nothing.

When the father died, his sons mourned him. THe two older and wiser ones organized his heritage and they lived with Ivane, every one of them continuing his work like before their father's death.

Now the first week ended and it was the first son's turn to go visit the father. He, however, had important work to do in town. He told Ivane:"You lazy boy, my work in town is so important. Go and visit our father this week in my stead."

Now Ivan could not have said no to his older brother. He waited until it was night. Took a bag of bread crumbs and went to their father's tomb. When he arrived at the tomb, it was pitch dark. The tomb opened and from it the father called:

"Are the wolves howling, are my children crying?" Ivan answered, "It is I, your son Ivane, and all is calm in Russia." And he gave the breadcrumbs to his father and the tomb closed.

The second week the second son had important work to do in town. He spoke to Ivan and told him "You lazy boy, my work in town is so importnant. Go and visit our father this week in my stead".

That night again Ivane went to the grave and in the middle of the night the grave opened and his father called :

"Are the wolves howling, are my children crying?" Ivane answered, "It is I, you son Ivane, and all is calm in Russia." And gave his father the breadcrumbs and the tomb closed.

On the third week Ivane, who was now used to this, went to his father's tomb. The tomb opened and the father called :"Are the wolves howling, are my children crying?", Ivane answered "It is I, your son Ivane, and all is calm in Russia." but then the father spoke to Ivane "For three weeks you have honoured my will and cared for the dead while your brothers cared only for the living. I reward you, my son, with this handkerchief. Take it with you and in the wilde shout..Sifkaborka fabulous horse, stand before me like a brave knight...and the most beautiful and strong horse will come to you and then pass this handkerchief into its left ear and out of its right and you will turn into a knight more beautiful that any prince and valient than any warrior" Ivan took the handkerchief and, with many tears, thanked his father as his tomb finally took him.

Now Ivan went back home and everything went as usual. Until a few weeks later the Czar declared that a contest will be announced, where the best knight in Russia will be allowed to ask for the hand of the Czarievna -the Czar's daughter- in marriage.

The day arrived and Ivane two brothers told him, "Stay here. The contest is not a place for fools like you. We are going to try our chance." So he let them go and when they left took his father's handkerchief and went out into the wilde and called..Sifkaborka fabulous horse, stand before me like a brave warrior..and a tall and fas black horse came to him an stood before him calmly. Ivane took the handkerchief and passed through the horse's ears and he saw himself turned into a tall and handsome prince. He mounted the horse and went to the contest.

The Czarievna was in a high tower. The knight that could jump closest to her on his horse, close enough to let her kiss his forhead would have the right to ask her hand in marriage.

The most valotous princes in the empire tried and failed and cried their defeat, but when Ivane's turn came. He ran Sifkaborka thrice around the tower and jumped so high that the princess saw his face and left a kiss on his forehead.

Now after the contest ivan went out to the wilde and let Sifkaborka go and then he was lazy Ivane again. To hide the mark of the Czarievna's kiss, he tied the handkerchief around his head.

At home the two brothers could not stop laughing at the silly handkerchief Ivane had around his head. He looked like an old baboushka. THey also talked about the mysterious knight that won the Czarievna's heart.

All the participants were invited to the empirial palace. The Czarievna must recognize the knight she had chosen. To his two brothers' great surprise, Ivane wanted to come: "What a fool, this boy. Lazy Ivane go and bring mushrooms from the forst instead of wating your time." But Ivane came.

The princess passed in front of every man in the palace. Looking into their faces. The last one in line was Ivane, and since she hadn't recognized her knight yet, everyone thought he hadn't come. Since it can't be that stupid looking boy.

But when the princess stood in front if Ivane, her kiss under the handkerchief shone with the light of a star and Ivane changed into the prince he was at the contest. His two brothers could not beleive themselves but Ivane had become the Prince of Russia.

What Story to Tell

I have three russian stories for my last mythology post.

  • The Fire bird
  • The Magic Fish, or The story of Lazy Ivan
  • Sifkaborka, the fabulous horse.

Which one would you like me to tell.

Greek-Armenian Girl By Van Leo

Her name is Sophie. It means Wisedome in greek, you can, probably, read the meaning of your name in the post below. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Names and Their Meaning(Edited)

Today I tried to look for the meanings of some names. Especially the names of the people who come here often.

This started today when I came across a note that explained the name Thomas. This name -according to the note- comes from an Aramean word meaning Twin. This reminded me of the fact that to some Greek Orthodox Christians Saint Thomas is Christ's Twin. Then I started thinking of different names and here are ours.

---In greek twin is Didemo and in Arabic Tome, in Spanish mellizo.....

If you would like to add any name, or explain yours better. Please tell me. I am sorry if I have made any mistakes. Here we go:

Addition: Blue likes to write her name Eman, ok. And Rami added a lot of information about his name, especially its occurence in the bible. See below.

Also Dina, who has exams, made a quick appearance and checked her name out. Thanks.

And Piano corrected me about Dana: It means lighthouse, not pearl.

Finally check out the name Melissa and Mellisande in Olivia's comments.

I am also adding Free Soul's name. Free soul was the first visitor here.

Steliano: This name is also known in Romania and Sweden, as Stellan. It comes from a greek word that means pillar, or post. Its a metaphore for a dependable person. Its also the name of a saint from somewhere in Turkey.

Funny thing is Pilar in Spanish is a girl's name. There is a character in Gabriel Garcia Marquez' novel, "Cien Anos de Soledad" - a hundred years of solitude - called Pilar Ternera, she is a gypsy. But The name Steliano translates to Arabic and Turkish as Arkan, a boy's name, and is a very well known name.

Now I am also reminded of Saint Simeon -Rami did you ever post about him, he is the Saint of your city - who lived on a column for 40 years, in order to be closer to god :) The Saint Simeon Basilic stands in Aleppo and Rami I demand a post :).

Maria: Which is the real name of one of my mysterious visitors. This one is easy, Maria, Mary, Marie, Myriam, Mariam are all references to the virgin mary. The name that appears in the "original" greek new testament is Mariam -which is also the arabic name- or Maria, and in Hebrew its Miriam.

Now in arabic this name also means Gazelle. The name probably originates from an Egyptian godess Mry: In egyptian this means Love. It is a common theory that the origins of Judaism and Christianity are in the Atonian religion of the Pharaon Akhenaton -So it comes from Egypte.

This guy-Akhenaton- was the first person in human history to call for a monotheistic religion, where the god is a creating force and can not be worshipped through statues. He was faced by strong opposition from the Amonian priests and indeed his own population and his reign ended in a disaster for Egypte.

Olivia: I think this name was invented by Shakespear in "The Twelfth Night". Its based on the latin Oliva, meaning Olive Tree. The French version of this name is Olivie, which is not at all a common name. In the play Olivia is a noble woman who is wooed by Duke Orsino but instead falls in love with his messenger Cesario.

Nurhan: This is a turkish name meaning Brilliant Rose. Nur means light in many languages. There are many turkish girl names ending in ..han. For instance Neslihan means soft, Turhan means Tree in Heaven.

Rami: Arabic for Archer.

Rami Said: Actually, Rami not only means the archer, but the person who throws things (the thrower if you will)…It is also in the Bible; it comes from the Arabic translation of Joseph of Arimathea’s name (who bought the coffin for Jesus Christ and buried him, Mark 15:43). In Arabic his name is translated to Yousef Al-Rami (I am not sure about this though)…

Eman: If I am not mistaken this is Blue's (Lasto Adri) name. It means Faith. This is also a girl's name in English. Given its meaning the Spanish would have been the first to have a name with the same meaning -there are so many religious names in Spain. Some Spanish girls are called Concepcion=Conception of Christ, and Reincarnacion=Reincarnation- but the Spanish word is Fe, that wouldn't really work as a name.

Maged: In Arabic, glorious. The queen of Ethiopia in the 10th century BC, who is probably the historical figure behind the quine of Sheba that visited king Solomon was called Makeda, and it meant the great one.

Jia Li: Luckily I have chinese friends -Thank you Hailong Gong- Jia means beautiful and Li means Strenght, Black,Good....

Dina: This name has a double origin -like Maria- it is a variant of Diana, he Roman Artemis, Greek godess of hunting and forests -and the moon and many other things... It is also a variant of Dinah, in the old testament DInah is the daughter of Jacob and Leah. In hebrew Dinah means Judged, which is quite scary. So Dina I would stick with Diana. THere are so many variants of Dina, Diana, Dania, Dana -now Dana also means lighthouse in some languages...- etc.

Bey you people, bey

Friday, June 17, 2005

Egyptian Girl By Van Leo

Special dedication to Blue and Nurhan..the two egyptian girls here.

I finished 1001 nights. I would like to say that I really re-worked the story a lot. I kept all the important events from the real one but I substantially changed the characters in the second part. This is really my own adaptation of this tale.

Dream No11 is here (Already 11)

I am going to sleep, I hope you like all the stuff I did tonight. Posted by Hello

Dream no11

Before I tell you my 11th dream, I would like to remember this English teacher of mine. He once told me he had had a dream in episodes. Everyday he would see a bit and the rest the next day, I should say night. The world of dreams is amazing.

More news from the world of dreams. My sister had a dream with subtitles. The people were speaking a different language in the dream.

That's the news from the world of dreams this week. Now to my dream...

Dream No11:

A moment of perpetual fear for me, waking up. In this dream I wake up and as usual I am late. I want to jump into my jeans - the same ones I have been wearing for two whole weeks now. Usually I really dress very carefully but now I have this programming job that it eating my time- As soon as I get into the jeans I shrink and become a dwarf.

I fall down the jeans, luckily I don't take a fall I just slide down, and go out through the bottom -where you have your feet usually - when I go out I don't find myself on the ground in my room.

I am by this wall. I know there is something really nice to see on the other side. but I am just too small to cross. Actually the wall -now I think- must not have been really high for a normal size person, only for the dwarf I was it was imense.

I tried to ask the many people who were crossing it, and who seemed really helpful, but whenever anyone talked to me I would hear nothing.

Finally this really gentlemanly looking guy stopped. "How do you do Sir"..and he told me everything. I could not possibly pass the wall being naked. It was just not acceptable, he said.

Having understood that I crawled back up my jeans and wore them -don't ask me how since I was a dwarf I don't know. And that was about when I really woke up.

Its amazing because I think I virtually witnessed the process of my conscious taking over at the end of sleep, during which of course my subconscious was in command.

Mille et Une Nuits:Suite et Fin

Finally I can do this. Earlier tonight I had posted the end of this story. Then I didn't like my post and deleted it, then I thought it was really good and regretted deleting is what I had written almost texto- I did change quite a few things in the story but the main events remain:

Deamons watch humans and play with them, Djinns watch both deamons and humans as wise observers, angels watch everyone and carry out divine orders, and we THE READERS watch everyone. Hmmm......

The only one who knew Duniazade had escaped was Sheherazade her sister. To everyone else the wedding was being prepared. The poor people of the town, in particular, were hoping the rich will prove their generosity at this occasion. Sheherazade pretexted that her sister was not feeling well and obtained that the wedding be postpones for one week.

It was the last night of the week. Although Nordine didn't know the bride-to-be is really the girl in his dream, the news of a wedding made him even more anxious and he decided to go out for a walk by the river that surrounds the city.

Poplars swayed with the current. The night was calm, yet it sang many emotion. In its dress of silence hid the dreams of all the sleepless people like Nordine that night. In the wideness of its full moon, there were eyes that counted their sleepless nights. "When will happiness embrace the world of humans", the fairies that passed near the river and the spirits that dwelled within its water and saw Nordine would wonder.

For as soon as Nordine was far from the shores, Duniazade, in her flight, reached the same spot. A spirit from the water tooka friendly shape and appeared at her. "I only seek a boat to leave the city" She said right away. And the spectre- who had been a rich man, father to a daughter her same age - offered to help her. Duniazade came to trust the helpful ghost and told him her story. And as soon as she started to tell it the spirit said: "I saw your lover here tonight"..and ignoring her surprise and anxiety he added.,"Go back to the city". "But I am the legal wife of Karam" Duniazade answered. "Go back to the city and let things be", was the firm answer she got.

Nordine was walking back home, in the heart of the night he released a complaint:"My Lord, ease my suffering" and a voice came from behind him:"Who is it that complains at this tranquile houre". Nordine turned around and saw three foreign men. They introduced themselves as merchants and asked for his company and hospitality. Nordine offered them willingly and that night, at his house, he told the three men the strangest story they had ever heard, his.

At the morning the three men left Nordine in the direction of the Sultan's palace. As they approached the gates the dropped their disguise and the guards recognized the Sultan Sheherayar, his prime minister and his executioner. Sheherazade ran to meet her husband after his nightly tour. "I have heard a story stranger than anyone you ever told me" he told her. Sheherazade didn't say anything, but a faint ray of hope finally trickled through her sadness to light her eyes. The Sultan ordered his men to go to the city and call everywhere on the two lovers to meet under his royal protection.

Duniazade entered the city and in disbeleif heard the men calling out the orders of the Sultan. She was even more lost now. In her escape she had no hope. Now her wishes are at hand but if the Sultan had known it was a married girl in the dream, and moreover his own sister in law he would not have helped at all, she thought.

The angel of death sometimes got orders he didn't understand. Why was he asked to pay a visit to a man who is about to be married, Karam.

That morning Karam went to check on the last preparations of his wedding. He chose one of his best horses and went out and then it happened.

It was an accident no more. The man was riding alone, no one scared his horse, he was not a bad rider. It was only written that that day he would fall off his horse and die and that day Nordine and Duniazade would marry each other.

Absurde fate. Just like the two deamons would say, but not quite the way they had imagined it. They had not totaly lost this round, although their plan was dismantled.

From the top of their mountain the two Djinns watched. The older one repeated, commenting on Karam's death: "The sad cries of humans fall in a river. A river of lamentations that has been running between the galaxies forever!". The angel of death was on his way back and said to them: "Miracles don't happen for nothing".

End of 1001 Nights

I tried and tried, I have been trying for two days and could not find a good way of writting the end of the story. I am really really sorry...pleasse tell me what I should do:

  • Just say what happens without writting it well.
  • Wait until I write something good -maybe if I have one more day I can do it really well.
  • Something else

I really don't know what to say..

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Italian Girl By Van Leo

I am so so so sorry, I really didn't mean to do this but the end of the story has to wait for tomorrow. Here's a Van Leo until then. (Post on Van Leo, famous photographer, coming really soon) Posted by Hello

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Flood Story

There is a part, a whole tablette, of Gilgamesh where Utnapeshtim tells Gilgamesh about how he saved the world from a flood sent by the gods and finally became immortal. I didn't mention this part, but you can Read Olivia's account of it at:

Now...It really is surprising how there are stories of a great flood or natural disaster and a man who saves some chosen part of humanity from it in all civilizations. This probabbly means that there was really a great flood, or several ones, in antiquity and people invented myths about it afterwards.

1001 Nights

Before I forget..I added Gilgamesh and Samson (on Olivia's suggestion) and Gilgamesh and Theseus to "GIlgamesh & Others"

The story I am about to tell comes from an adaptation of the old 1001 nights by Egyptian Nobel Prize winning writter Naguib Mahfooz. Romance, Magic and divine interventions come togheter for a great story.

Nordine and Duniazade, The Most Romantic Story You Ever Read:

Once upon a time there lived in the same city a young man and a young woman who didn't know each other. They lived in the same town but in different worlds.

Nordine was a simple barber, he had no ambition in life, and couldn't possibly have any. He would be a barber, marry and have children. Nordine was the most beautiful man in his town. A bright strong face and childish and deep black eyes. The reason he hadn't married yet is he had been waiting to propose to the sister of his best friend.

Duniazade was the sister of Sheherazade, wife of the Sultan Shehrayar. The beautiful daughter of a rich and respected family. A beauty like poets dream of describing, one that comes out of a dream. She knew she couldn't really hope for a real love story. A princess like her can only marry some rich noble her father chooses. She could only hope he turns out to be a nice guy and they understand each other.

Observing this situation were two deamons, one male and one female. They were lovers and intent on toying with the lives of humans, especially thier love lives, into absurd and hopeless situations. Ultimately they wanted people to lose their faith, or philosophy, and become crazy and playful like them. They wanted to convert people to nihilism, if so to speak.

"My love", the female deamon says to her companion, "people have been resisting temptations lately, but I have a genius plan".

That night Nordine and Duniazade went to sleep and saw dreams that changed their lives. Nordine is in a wedding, his wedding. The pure and white atmosphere fills him with entoxicating, soft and pwerful emotions. Like being lead by a soft beautiful blue light, one to which he is an eternal prisoner. He enters the room prepared for the bride and groom and sees Duniazade sitting on the bed."This is the night of our lives" she says to him. He kneels and kisses her knees.

In his simple house, Nordine wakes up, a prey to surprise: He is a man who beleives in god and never misses a prayer. He does not want to be tempted and tries to forget his dream. But how to forget the real happiness he lived. A happiness so strong it is made of flesh and blood. "Who is she, where is she, does she even exist".

Duniazade wakes up drunk with new feelings. Unlike Nordine she asks herself no question, she is in love and that's all. But soon the hope that her new, her first, love gave her changes into alarm and fear. She is not a virgine anymore. This is a disaster to her and her father.

Duniazade runs off to tell her wise sister Sheherazade, but even Sheherazade has no solution. They only have hope, hope that her sister's mysterious lover will find them, or they him.

Nordine and Duniazade are now strangers to all around them. They only live with their memories, their fears and their hopes. And then disaster strikes.

They call him the ape. The second richest man in the kingdome, the uggliest one for sure. Karam Alaseel. He fell in love with Duniazade when he saw her accidentally at a religious celebration. Only a glance of her face was enough. Not without help from the two deamons, Karam decides to ask for Duniazade's hand in marriage. Her father can not refuse, Karam had just financed the Sultan's army against the Crusaders. She can not refuse: Saying why would mean her and her familie's exile. Yet if she accepts, that will change nothing. Duniazade drowns in her tears..All is lost, so why not break all the rules. She runs away.

Two Djinns, ones who had served the profit Solomon thousands of years ago. Are watching all this from the top of a mountain so high, only the giant Rock can fly to it. The older of the too exclaims "The sad cries of humans fall in a river. A river of lamentations that has been running between the galaxies forever!". As they speak the angel of death passes by them. "Hello, I have som work to do. Goodbey my friends", the angel says as he moves away. Sometimes he gets orders he can't understand.....

You guys this was part one...the end is tomorrow :)

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Hero with Lion

I had despaired in finding a picture of Gilgamesh. Fortunately Olivia found 3 of them for me.(Efharisto Olivia)...I have added a new post -see below- comparing Gilgamesh to other Myth heros..Hercules..Achiles and Promethius..have fun Posted by Hello

Another Van Leo

There haven't been many pictures on my blog recently. I decided why not a Van Leo, I really love his work Posted by Hello

Gilgamesh & Others

I wanted to compare him to other heros in a quick post:

Gilgamesh & Hercules:

  • Gilgamesh is in 12 tablettes. Like the 12 labors of hercules.
  • They are both half gods
  • They both dressed in lion skin, after killing a lion (in Hercules' case it was a lot tougher)
  • This one is hard: Gilgamesh is the lion of Uruk, in babylonian Uruk-Ulis -> Hercules!

Gilgamesh and Achiles:

  • They are both half gods
  • Both of them have mothers who are divine and human fathers
  • Both of which had a very close friend and lost him and this changed everything for them (Patrocles for Achiles)
  • Thy were both almost immortal and died on account of accidents

Gilgamesh and Promethius:

  • They both defied the gods.
  • In search of a secret
  • Ok this one is far fetched

Gilgamesh and Samsom:

  • Both killed a lion with their bare hands.

Gilgamesh and Theseus:

  • Theseus had an inseparable best friend, Pirithous.
  • Theseus and Pirithous descend to the underworld, but Pirithous is caught and Theseus saved.
  • Theseus kills a "bull", like Ishtar's bull that Gilgamesh killed.

Gilgamesh and Jesus:

  • Let's not go there

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Gilgamesh:The one Who has Seen

The third Episode in the World Mythology Series, after Zeus and Europa and The Birth of Aphrodite. Gilgamesh...

At several places under the towers that guard the ancient city of Uruk, archeologists have found little copper boxes, with bronze locks. Each contained 12 tablettes of Lapis Lazulis -the blue stone unique to Mesopotamia and Persia- These twelve tablettes, tell the story of Gilgamesh. The title of the first tablette is: The one who has seen.

Gilgamesh is an epic poem in 12 chapters/tablettes. In this it is like the Illiade or the Odyssey and indeed Gelgamesh is the prototype of the mythological hero.

Two thirds god, one third man
The power of his body has no equal
[...lost lines..]
as a wilde bull, he holds his head high
the power of his weapons is unmatched
To the sound of Drums he wakes his subjects
The people of Uruk are angry in their houses
Gilgamesh leaves not a son to his father
He deals his injustice day and night
yes he is the protector of strong Uruk
Our strong, beautiful and wise protector
Gilgamesh leaves not a virgin to her mother
not a daughter to a warrior, not a wife to a noble man
He is the protector of strong Uruk
He is their protector and their tyrant
strong beautiful and wise
Gilgamesh is the son of the godess Nensun, who is represented as a cow. In the extacy of his animal force he excercises his power over the people of his city, creating and destroying, creating only to destroy afterwards.
The people of Uruk pray to his mother, their mother Nensun. "You who have created Gilgamesh/Create now a match for him/Let them enter in eternal competition/and the heart of Uruk be in peace" . Nensun creates Enkidu, the Animal-Man, to the image of Inlil the father of the gods.
Enkidu lives in the wilde just like animals. At first he goes unnoticed, but then some hunters see him and are frightened by him. One hunter in particular tells his father "In your land has landed a man/stronger than the wilde, a great warrior/Steady as the shooting starts of Anu". The hunter's father advises him to go and speak to king Gilgamesh of this unique man. Gilgamesh tells the man to take a priestess of love that will teach Enkidu love and so make him into a human and not an animal.
The pristess suceedes, but Encidu is troubled. His animal frieds do not recognize him anymore and he has lost his strengh. But then the priestess tells him that life isn't in the wilde, its in Uruk. Uruk where the strongest of all men, Gelgamesh, rules. She encourages him to defy Gilgamesh.
This really happens and Gilgamesh and Enkidu find in each other the challenging force they needed to start thinking of a purpose for their lives. They soon agree on this purpose. They shal go to the forest where the monster Hawawa, the force of evil itself lives and kill it.
"Let us, you and I, kill him
let us wipe evil from the face of the earth
Enkidu opened his mouth
saying to Gilgamesh:
I have known my friend
when I was roaming with the animals of the wilderness
that the forst stretches for ten thousand double houres
who can penetrate into its depth
Hawawa inside it howls like the tempest of a flood
in his mouth is fire
in his breath is death
Why do you want to do this?
A blind force,
his charge has no motive"
It remains that they go into the forst and kill the monster. When they return to Uruk they gods are very angry and decide to kill one of them. Since Gilgamesh is the noble son of Nensun. They choose Enkido.
For the first time in his life, Gilgamesh asks himslef: What comes after. What is the meaning of life if even he can lose his best friend and one day will die himself.
ENkido before he dies despaires and starts cursing the priestess of love that brought him to life. But eh god of the sun Shemes, the closest god to humans, since he sees them everyday, appears to him and tells him that all the happiness he knew, he owes to the priestess. The last words of Enkidu are blessings for the Priestess of Love.
Gilgamesh is haunted by the idea of death. Not all the gold and women in his city can make up for his friend. He leaves his wealth behind him and goes into the wilde. He decides to find Utnapeshtim, the hero who saved the earth from a flood sent by the gods (A kind of Noah). Utnapeshtim, as a reward for him has been granted IMMORTALITY. Gilgamesh wants to become immortal himself.
He starts his journey by killing lions that he saw playing happily, after the death of his friend. And he dreasses in lion skin (Like Herculese). He then makes the long and unprecedented journey to the island of immortals, behind the river of death. He first passes under the mountains, taking the same path that the sun takes when it sets, and which is guarded by the scorpion men. Then he crosses the river of death in a bark he makes from a nearby forest. He paints the bark with tar, becuase it would have died if it was to touch the water.
Finally he reached Utonapeshtim and instead of finding a glorious hero sees an old man sitting with his wife. He is very disappointed but asks him for the plant that would make him immportal. Utonapeshtim imposes a test Gilgamesh must pass in order to winn the plant:
He has to stay awake for 12 days. Indeed sleep is only for mortals. Gilgamesh stays awake for the whole time and winns the plant. He is so tired that he decides to take a bath and while he is swimming a snake comes and eats the plant. This is the reason why snakes change their skinn, they get a new life.
Having went this far and lost everything because of a senseless accident. Gilgamesh understands that taking pleasure in the time he has been given to live is all he can do. He does not seek immortality anymore but simply happiness in life:
Go to the towers of Uruk, walk on their tops
Touch their bases, llok at their beautifull bricks
Seven wise men made for its foundation
one Shar for the city, One for the orchards
One for the flowers and the rest wilderness
THree Shars and Wilderness, that is the city of Uruk

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Guitar And Violin

Picasso painted this and said it was a guitar and a violin. How?

The idea is that a usual painting is just a side of a guitar. Maybe drawn from a facing or a side position..etc. This is a superposition of many paintings of a Guitar and a Violin from many different angles.

First you stand in front and paint. THen you move a bit to the side and paint over your first painting...etc...I really find this a bit stupid..maybe just my artistic taste isn't very developped. Posted by Hello

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More on Aphrodite

In connection with "The Birth of Aphrodite", here is a poem by Oscar Wilde:

Sur une gamme chromatique,
Le sein de perles ruisselant
La Venus de l'adriatique
Sort de l'eau son corps rose et blanc

Les Domes sur L'azure des Ondes
Suivant la phrase au pur contour
S'enflent comme des gorges rondes
qui soulevent un soupire d'amour

L'esquif aborde et me depose
Jetant son amarre au pilier
Devant une facade rose
sur le marbre d'un escalier

From The Picture Of Dorian Gray

More on Chinese Music

I found this other blogger, well actually she found me, who had made a very detailed post on chinese music. She quoted me, and I am quoting her:

Anyways..You People...the MAIN EVENT here is olivia's contribution to my blog on The Birth of Aphrodite do not miss that.


In our mythology series comes this second Greek Myth. It was contributed by Olivia (Efharisto, thank you Olivia itsa really good)

You can all become famous :) by contributing a myth from you culture or any other one. Just check the list I had given below in (Posts Better than Mine)


Look, look why shineThose floating bubbles with such light divine?
They break, and from their mist a lily form
Rises from out the wave, in beauty warm.
The wave is by the blue-veined feet scarce press'd,
Her silky ringlets float about her breast,
Veiling its fairy loveliness, while her eye
Is soft and deep as the heaven is high.
The Beautiful is born; sea and earth
May well revere the hour of that mysterious birth.
--- Percy Bysshe Shelley
She emerged from the cresting foam at Petra tou Romiou, a boulder that still stands majestically tothis day. The name Aphrodite actually means “foam-born”: Cronos cut off his brother Uranus’ genitals and threw them into the sea, which began to foam. Thus, daughter of an ancient Titan and Thalassa (the sea), she is the oldest goddess in the Olympian Pantheon, older even than Zeus, the son of Cronos. Her other name is Kypris, a synonym for the island. She is not the goddess of noble romantic love; rather, she embodies physical love or lust, that irrational human weakness. Once Zeus became the ruler of the Olympians, he arranged her marriage to the ugly blacksmithing god Hephaistos. Although he made her beautiful jewellery in his fiery forge, she did not love him. Rather ironically, he also made her the cestus, a girdle that made her even more irresistible to men.
Aphrodite sought solace in the arms of more pleasing deities such as Hermes the messenger god, but most frequently Ares, the god of war. Eros was Aphrodite’s son by Ares. One day he accidentally shot her bosom with one of his true love-arrows. To recover from the agony of her wound, she escaped to a mineral pool on the Akama Peninsula of Cyprus. These Baths of Aphrodite or Aphrodite Acidalia, were dubbed the Fontana Amorosa by the Roman poet Arioste. Even today, love may arise from one sip of these sacred waters. It is here our Aphrodite first set eyes on Adonis and embarked on the one, most tragic romance of her life…She fell in love with the beautiful Adonis, whose mother Myrrhis was turned into the eponymous tree fromwhich he sprang. Aphrodite’s heart was won by his sweetness. So the jealous and bellicose Ares,disguised as a boar, killed him while he was outhunting – goring him with his mighty tusks.Aphrodite heard her lover's cries and sped down from the heavens in her swan-drawn chariot to minister to him. She called on the nymph Menthe to pour her cooling nectar on his wounds, only to hear his last breath. From the mixture of mint and blood sprang thered anemone flower still so abundant on the island. The blood-red petals are scattered by the same wind(anemos) which opens their blossoms everyspring. She also had an affair with Anchises, by whom she bore Aeneas the Trojan hero. His sons Romulus and Remus founded Rome, which later adopted her as Venus. As we all know, Aphrodite won the golden apple in the Judgement of Paris for being the most beautiful goddess. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, offered him military skill. Hera, the queen of the gods, offered him an earthly kingdom. But being a man, he disdained them for Aphrodite’s bribe of the most beautiful womanon earth – Helen of Troy. Thus the Trojan War was started by vanity and the lust engendered by the goddess of the same.
Aphrodite’s allure made her a popular goddess with a large cult following. In the 12th century B.C., a sanctuary was built in her honour at Palaia Paphos (present-day Kouklia). It is not too far from the Syrian coast whereIshtar/Astarte, the counterpart Babylonian/Persian goddess of desire, was worshipped.Twelve other shrines to their patroness arose on Cyprus and she presided over the annual festival knownas Aphrodisiac. Many ceremonial bowls and amphorae survive today in the museum at Lefkosia (Nicosia), covered with depictions of exquisitely-dressed priestesses and erotic scenes which would have takenplace in the sacred temple gardens. The historian Herodotus, often prone to exaggeration,stated that every girl had to make a pilgrimage to the temple. It is not clear whether the process was viewed as a ritual sacrifice of virginity, or sacred prostitution.But each maiden would sit wearing a crown of rope until chosen by a passing stranger. The man would throw an offering at the feet of his chosen pilgrim, saying, “I invoke the goddess upon you.” She would then be required to consummate the sacred act. When Cyprus became the first island to convert to Christianity, worship of the goddes was outlawed inabout 390 A.D.
As you travel around Cyprus you will see how it is
touched by the spirit of Aphrodite - a spirit of
gentleness, beauty and love. The lissome wings of a
dove, a silky poppy, pungent myrtle and fragrant rose:
these are all sacred to the goddess. The apple, the
dolphin, the lime tree, the shell, and the swan...and
the planet Venus, the mystical powers of which reach
their peak in that loveliest of months, May.
Note from Steliano: Adonis, in Phenician/Babylonian, mythology is Domozi or Tamooz. This name means July. In the Babylonian legend Adonis (Tamooz) is killed by the boar but Aphrodite(Ishtar) frees him from the underworld. She frees him starting July and their love brings Summer to the world, every year. He dies again in the winter.

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Dramatic Moment

Posted by Hello

2 Indian Storys

Piano is back from india and with him these two interesting parbales. They are about destiny or maybe simply Luck.

The Blind Man: A blind old man woke up one day and decided to go sit on the side of the street in the sun. It was a very beautiful day and he was really enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sounds of the street.

As people passed him by he heard many of them tripping on a stone in the street and cursing that silly stone that was there for no reason in the middle of the street, barring their passage.

At the end of the day, when the street was empty, the blind man went to see what that stone that caused so much trouble was. So he carefully approached it and when he lift it he found a bag full of gold.

The Old Man and The King: A very old man was planting papayas. This is, you might know, quite a strange thing to do. Papayas take years and years to grow and such an old man would certainly die before that.

A king and his court were passing by the old man's field and they saw what was happening. "What a stupid old man", they all thought. The king was so amused that he approached the man and asked him why he was going through all this trouble for nothing.

The old man thought: "This is my chance". He invented this great speach about how he was planting for his children, just like his parents had done for him and theirs before. So the king bought it and rewarded the man in a treasure of gold.

As the court moved away from the field the old man thought to himself: This is why I went through all the trouble.

Chinese Music

I had promised blue to do something about chinese music. I went down to the library and what I found was not much but here it is:

Chinese notes are:





Just like in western classical music chinese music has equal temperament. The modes can be transposed to anywhere. Modes are made up of six notes and they are still used.

In fact the chinese invented equal temperament before the greeks.

One more singing the sound is nasal -frontal resonance- and it should be produced with the side of the mouth...Now you try.

Better Posts than Mine

Rami has made this great post on the Baron Hotel, one of the most important places in modern history. Read it here

The Baron Hotel was where the royalties, spys and politicians from all countries involved in WWI met and intrigued against each other. The outcome of WWI was decided there. That is amazing, but it is just a small part of its amazing history. I cam only advise you to click on the linck.

Note that Baron is not a nobility title. Baron in Armenian means Sir, just a respectuous way of calling someone.

If you wish to get your mind blown by an amazing 3-D animation and by the pure beauty of Persian architecture. See the link "Isphahan" on Olivia's Blog

Anyways...To rival with all this I have decided to post mythology from all around the world:

My first episode was Zeus And Europa

The following will be

Two Parables from India


A story from 1001 nights

A russian story for children

If anyone knows a good one send me an e-mail please.

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Zeus and Europa in Impressionism

I have a lot of work today, so I will only follow up on my post about the legend of Zeus and Europa. See below...Posted by Hello

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And The Winner Is

Olivia won the "why" contest. In honour of her cool answers is this post.

Posted by Hello

The World's Oldest Alphabet

The gift of Cadmos to Europe....if you can't understand read the post below.Posted by Hello

Europa and Zeus

The legend of Zeus and Europa is about the relationship between Europe and Asia. In this sense it is completed by other epics, especially the war of troy in the illiade.

Europa was the Phenecian princess of Sidon (Modern Sida in Lebanon). She was the daughter of Agenor the son of Poseidon, god of the seas and brother of Zeus.

Zeus, the god of gods, saw the beauty of Europa as she played on the shores of Sidon with other girls and was immediately overcome by her charm. He decided to make her live him.

Zeus diguised himself as a beautiful white bull and swam to the shores of Phenecia. When Europa and her playmates saw the beautiful animal they really liked it and started petting it and playing with it. Euroopa got the most comfortable and climbed on the back of the bull.

As soon as she was there the bull, zeus, swam away to the island of crete and transformed back into Zeus. There he and Europa became lovers. In honour of this love the name of this asian princess was given to the continent of europe.

I should stop to say that the bull and its whiteness are very symbolic. Eastern peoples as the phenecians worshiped the bull's fertility, so when Zeus came to europa he came as her god not as a greek god - it would be very important that some europeans understand this - also the white bull could have been the origin of the tradition of the groom carrying the bride on a white horse.

Finally the Taurus constellation (I am a taurus personally) represents the white bull of the story. The pleiade in Taurus represents all the loves of Zeus. (The Pleiade is also Thuraya -in Arabic- and this name is now that of the constellation of sattelites that runs world telecommunications)

The father of Europa was not at all happy. He sent her brother Cadmos to look for her. But Zeus kept tranfsorming her into different shapes and Cadmos never found her.

Cadmos had brought with him to Europe the phenecian alphabet of he city of Ugarit. This is the oldest alphabet in the world. (Ugarit was to become the aramean Rametta and then the greek Lattakia, it has kept this name until now and is actually the most important sea port in Syria)

When he didn't find his sister he left the alphabet to the people of her new continent. And this is how the phenicians tought the europeans how to read and write.

I wrote this story because Olivia mentioned it..anyway there can be many versions but this is my favourite.

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Door To a Parallel World

I think this is one of Van Leo's geatest photos. Who is Van Leo, he is the photographer whose work I have often stolen here. I think I should make a post about him. Posted by Hello

Life of Khayyam4

So Hassan fled to egypte. There he devices the idea of creating a sect. He first recruted a few followers and as soon as the number became interesting he organised them. The different followers were gradually initiated to the sect's beleifs. Their teaching would depend on the task they were destined for: The least important are simple followers. They had no job except contributing to the treasury and keeping safe. Then there are Assasins, they have very rude military traininng and are also trained in medecine and probably also given regular doses of Hashish. This brought the sect to be calles the assasins. FInally there are recruiters and they were taught philosophy and trained to convince people of joining the new religion.

Hassan Finally installed his followers in the mountain of Alamout. This is a some 8000 foot high mountain surrounded by very low valleys and steep cliffs. The top of Alamout is almost flat and there a city was built, this city was not at all visible from the ground given the fact that it was surrounded by fogg all the time. Hassan also made a very big compound inside the mountain, with a huge and very valuable library and also the world's first swimming pools. (that emptyed as they were filled!)

And from this mountain top where only eagles could enter, the Assasins started their operations. No one was safe. Kings would sleep in high towers surrounded by three rings of men only to find a note above their heads: We can kill you. When an Assasin was found out he would be tortured to death in public but the Assasins went to their deaths smiling and bore the torture without a single sigh. Was it the Hashish or their faith?

Hassan and Omar Khayyam would meet again when Hassan decided to strike in Isphahan..see you next time.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Dream no10(edited)

Modification: In a comment on this dream, my dearest friend Piano-3 said she would go to Denmark and India to search for the cow that saved me. I asked her to bring back stories from India and I will post them soon.

I find myself at a train station. A foggy atmosphere cripples my emotions and I am waitting for some sign through the fog and avoiding my own thoughts. Its like a numbness I want to ignore.

A train arrives and I take it. Its rails embrace the curves of a hill in the middle of a beautiful plane made of a puzzle of coulours. Rectangular patches of violet, green, yellow, red and green with violet dots in it. The scene is beautiful but the train is so closed and it feels really annoying being in such a closed place. I open the window and breath fresh air.

The scenery changes as we descend the hill. Now its grean plains with cows sitting in them. Three cows are close together like they are talking and as I watch them a shadow stands behind me and it gets stronger and stronger and dominates me and when I finally surrender to it it tells me to go down and watch the cows, and so I do.

Funny thing as soon as I get down the train leaves. I am stranded, lost, and worst of all defeated. But then I get a great idea, I ride a cow and run and the cow is faster than any horse train or anything and it brings me back home.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


I promise a prize to any satisfying answers:

Why is the sky blue and not any other colour?

Why do zebras have stripes?

Why do girrafes have spots?

Why do we dream?

Why do we have to wake up?

Why do we have one sun and one moon only?

Why is it that 1+1=2?


Oh love, could thou and I with fate conspire,
to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire.
Would not we tear it all apart and then
rebuild it nearer to the heart's desire?

Dream no9

The first dream where I fight with someone.

In this dream I am walking just outside my place. I pass by one of my favourite restaurants, a chinese. The waitress approaches me and with her funny accent tells me they are having a problem putting tables out in the street.

I really did not understand what she meant, but I felt I exactly knew what I should do. I stood in front of the door jumped very high up in the air and when I reached second floor I pulled the curtains down and they streched like gum and made an umbrella in front of the restaurant.

Now although this worked out nice I really felt suffocated under this umbrella and I start having visions of this I guy I really realy really hate at school. I even hate him more because I am often jealouse of him. . .in these visions I fought with him. He would disapeare and reappeare right next to me to hit me but I really got mad and started throwing cicks in all directions and fighting with the air so that whenever he came near me he couldn't hit me..finally the suffocating feeling left and I continued my sleep for a long time.