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Saturday, July 30, 2005


My work is OVER. In fact the lab closed down, so even if I wanted (!?) to work, I can't. I am officially on holiday. Tomorrow morning I am on a plane let me surprise you with the places I will visit OK. I won't say now. Probably I will only report once or twice a week, since I will be travelling and all...I wish you all the best best best holidays ever :)

I forgot to say that Dina, at speaker's corner -see my links- has a very funny post about a waky reform of english proposed by the EU for administrative communication..

Friday, July 29, 2005

Late Night Walk

Olivia Suggested that I go on another late night walk and come back to write about it. Se here I ame prepared and wearing my wings...No, this is one of three pictures that were chosen the best black and whote pics in 2005 in a competition in Prague..I really think Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe, by the way.

I am Leaving for my walk now...Ok I'm back

I took the elevator down, in the mirror I really wasn't looking good. First of all this mirror makes things lok flat and plus its about 40 degrees centegrade here and you really don't look good when you are suffering this heat. In the hall of the building this siren was whistling for no reason. I went out and was playing a salsa rythm with my hands and the fence on the building next to mine was giving a nice (heterophonic) acompamiement. I got to the street and walked on with my salsa but the noise of a white car made me stop I looked up at the uggly red brick buildings in the street, they made me think I had really gained too much weight recently and I need to excercice more. At the corner behind those building a very tall guy wearing a dark blue t-shirt was walking and waving his hands in the air, a blond girl was sitting at the tram station. A block later the tram blazed by me but it was empty. Then I started playing a new rythm, a Turkish march, like in beethoven and like in bouzouki solos...this very lame music was coming out from a bar and the Restaurant du Palais was closing down, so was the London Pub. A boy and a girl who looked like veteran clubbers were waling very fast, going to some night club I guess.

A girl on a wheel chair was behind me. I got to this crossroad and a fabulous sports car was following a beautiful girl riding a bike.

I passed under a train bridge. It smelled unspeakably bad down there. The homeless people were sleeping on the other side of the road. I would have done the same thing.

I emerged from under the bridge to a fancy neighborhood, an old couple was walking hand in hand. I passed by a few restaurants, Italian moroccan and indian. I started drifting and relpaying a discussion I had had today with my aunt. In fact she had said something annoying to me and I had ignored I was replaying the conversation but telling her how annoying she was :) I woke up thanks to a car again and I was right next to The Indian Bazar -in english- which is an indian shop, recently he has started selling bollywood DVDs, pretty cool.

I turned back and passed by Pronuptia, a shop that sells bride's gowns. There were a few very nice red dresses, not that I am interested in dresses but they were really nice. Well, in fact, I do really like clothes and fashion...

now there was this other couple, the guy trying to hold the girl's hand but she was mad at him and walking really fast...

I drifted again but when I lift my head the same couple was way down the road, she still didn't wan to hold his hand.

I passed under the brisge again and the same very lame music was coming from the bar. Some people in a car stopped me to ask about "The Leader" night club which I had never heard of. Then I got to my place and to my astonishement the girl that was behind me on a wheel chair was there. Now there is no other way than the one I walked and this means she went like twince as fast as me on her wheel chair.

And here I am writting "this" and putting it between quotes.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

...Girl By Van Leo

I have heard all sorts of theories about the origin of this famous actress in egypte. My father asserts that she is part greek.

I posted a new dream by my sister and a report on my trip to Versailles..I really don't like the report..I could have done better..Since I am posting a picture YOU REALLY HAVE TO check Rami's post on another very important photographer...Yousuf Karsh..he has photographed everyone from Einstein to Audrey Hepburn...ITS SO SAD that Rami is leaving but I think the stuff he left on his blog are already exceptional..check out the Baron Hotel and Villa Rosa if you don't know them... Posted by Picasa

Dream No16

My sister sent me this

Dear Bro, I want to tell about a dream I saw. I saw that I worked for an advertising company. Some people asked me to create an add for them. They told me that it was very important that I take the idea from a movie. So they brought the movie and I sat down to watch it.

Actually I sit in a chaise longue behind a big white villa and the movie is being projected on the wall, I al wearing my pygeamas. The film is about drug dealers and stuff like that...

The first thing I think of is that I am so embarrased to be stting in my pygeamas in the I take one of my covers that are in my bed - I don't know how it appeared - and I cover myself with it.

As soon as I do that, I start getting the sensation that this movie is for real. There are real people behind the screen doing this and I get scared, I have nothing to do with this drug dealing stuff...

The people behind the screen start to feel that I am onto them and they carry my chaise longue and take me away from the Villa...FIN

Grand Canal

This is Le Grand Canal as you see it from the Terrace of the Chateau de pictures there should come real soon...ooooooooooooh Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 25, 2005

Versaille Like You Never Saw It

I was sad to see that Rami was leaving his blog for an indefinite time. If you don't know his blog I really advise you to visit it. Looking at all the archives is worthwhile. Do not miss the posts on the Baron Hotel, The Villa Rosa, Saint Paul, Saint Simeon's Cathedral, The Aleppo Castle.....I have really enjoyed following his blog closely.

I want to speak about my trip to Versaille, the pictures are to come soon. It was a very strange journey. I had all different sorts of bus and train problems.

I took the train on friday. Got to the Gare de Lyon in Paris at about 5:30. I remained above the ground for about 10 minutes. Many people where wearing Tour de France T-Shirts. Lance Armstrong and his last run were pretty much on everyone's mind. It was the last day of the Tour de France.

I took the RER-A to La Defense. A modern Arch-Shaped building where the defense ministry now sits. Its a very very beautiful peice of architecture. I had lived in that neighborhood in 1994.

Then I took another train, this time not an underground, to Versailles. There are two Versailles stations, one of the Left side of the river and one on the right side. If you get them mixed up then you are lost for good. Like Dante says "Lasciate ogni'speranza I don't know what...meaning "Give up all hope, you who enter this place."...this is pretty much the sensation some of the dark metro stations gave me.

The train I took to Versailles, Rive Droite- the right side of the river- was great. It went around Paris and was on a higher level. The Eiffel tower was entirely visible and the train seemed to be rotating around it. .like some kind of satellite. The foreign people on the train found that great, so did I. Of course all the Parisians pretended it wasn't there. A true Parisian has never visited the Eiffel tower, comme ils disent parfois.

I finally got there, I mean to my friends place. Their little son is very funny, he has invented a language like of baby talk and intervenes in conversations, even with strangers, on the same tone as the grown ups to say things in his baby talk.

We spent the evening listening to music. Then the bad news from Egypt dropped in. Thankfully I checked on my favourite egyptian bloggers and they were OK. Sometimes it really feals like the whole world is boiling, but Naah.

The next morning, that meaning 2 in the afternoon, we headed to the gardens of Versailles.

Usually you would start your visit to the Jardins de Versailles from the terrace of the chateaude versailles. Like the king used to do, but that's 3 euros. You can enter from the opposite door, which people use during the annual concerts in the gardens. As it was this time, we started from the Terrace.

THe visit is exactly like Louis XIV used to take his guests throught the gardens. You start from the terrace and admire the canal. Then you go gown to the two fountains below and you take the stairs to the left, known as Les Cent Marches, the 100 steps. As you descend them you can watch L'Orangerie, an orchard of Orange trees. There were people selling oranges and orange juice from the king's garden..oh la la.

I don't know what's after but we walked around a little and then we saw the sculpture L'enlevement de Persephone par Pluton...its Pluto, the god of the underworld stealing Persephone one of the most beautiful godesses of the heavens to make her his queen in the world of the dead. Doesn't saying that make you feel so happy.....

Right near the statue is the Hameau de La Reine, or The Queen's Hamlet...this is a little austrian village that Marie Antoinette had built because she liked to play little farm she would pretend she was really a farmer and take care of the animals and the plants herself...ah mon dieu quelle barbarie!

That was a realy fun part of the visit because of all the animals. THe children who were getting bored all through the baroque taste gardens finally found themselves playing with dogs and sheep and watching ducks and goats and all sorts of farm animals.....some of them were really strange I mean I didn't know about Poule Naine..this is like a very little hen..a dwarf hen in fact that is black and golden and that can fly..there were also these very small goats actually smaller than a see there was a duck and a few goats and the duck was really bigger than any of them...

Now, to continue the visit one should have visited the Trianon but it was already raining and I was hungry...We had lunch in a chinese restaurant not far from the gardens. Funny thing is the two restaurants where you can eat when you visit the gardens of Versailles are a Mcdonalds and a chinese...the chinese is excellent..

The next day it war stayed inside and had breakfast three times and lunch three times and then I took the TGV back again to Grenoble...

Now after two houres the train stopped completely and the lights went nice..then they announced that there was an accident ahead of us and that they have to go back to paris and take another route through the north of was like going from london to paris via iceland exactly we went all the way up to the north and went back down again...arriving at 2 a.m where I checked you comments here and went to sleep :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Another Diplomatic Trip

I am away for the week-end again. This time visiting people in Paris. The good part is they live near the Chateau de Versailles.

I am preparing my Versailles post. Only I have a lot of work to finish on my last week...see you as soon as I can finish.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Armenian Girl By Van Leo(Edited)

If you followed my Van Leo posts, you know he was Armenian too.

The more courageous readers can attack my lengthy description of my room yesterday night.

OK now I'm begging you. Leave a comment about my room, somebody...

Dream 16 coming up. And many interesting revelations... Posted by Picasa

Reporting from My Room

Its been a few weeks since I last arranged my room and its a complete mess. There are so many books on the floor. Here are some of them...

As you enter the room, the door hits a big hard-cover book, The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Take two steps, jump over my bag full of laundry that should have been done 3 weeks ago and you will land vertically on a pile of math books..An Introduction To Symetry and Dynamics, which I stole from a library is on top of MATLAB guide book...since the pile is quite high, you will fall down. Lieing on your back after the fall you will see a table with a very very big Greek-French dictionary, under the dictionary is Jules Verne's Around The World in 80 Days.

Right behind them, on the table and against the wall, is a beautiful Damascene mosaic, with Arabic callygraphy. Mosaic was introduced to Syria in the hellenic age and remains a very important and beautiful part of everyday life there. Not a house I know doesn't have a few objects in Mosaic. Maybe the most famous Mosaic from Syria is the big Mosaic representing Socrates and his deciples, from Aphamia.

Enough of that. Then, on the table there are DVDs. They are a bit further so you will only see them as you get up from the fall you just took:The Modern Times, Fight Club, and La Vita E Bella. This reminds me of when I was a kid and my older cousin always took me with him to the movies to see Charlie Chaplin.

Now you have completely recovered from the fall and continue towards the big window, occupying the whole wall. You will easily pass above two new piles of books. One of them is a math book, by Kolmogorov. The other one is "Remember Palmyra", by Miriam Antaki, a writter that comes from Rami's city, Aleppo. It is about Queen Zenobia. (I did three posts about her a few weeks ago.)

Now you can safely procede to the window. Right next to you, on my desk, is an old plane ticket from ALITALIA, has a lemon tree on it, and a calendar with greek mosaics from various places, it is turned to "March...The Muses". This page is a mosaic from Turkey, 400B.C. it represents the muses playing different instruments. Now that I look, there is a strange keyboard like instrumen!!!!

If you turn around there is my library. Full of CDs, my classical music collection is on the ground. On top of it are Ravel's Bolero and a Wagner CD. My newest DVD is The Terminal.

Now you're tired and you want to go to the bed. You will pass the book section in my library. A Biography of Alexander the Great, The Persian Letters, The Verses of Forgiveness -again Miriam Antaki- and two books in Spanish, including the all time greatest A Hundred Years of Lonliness. I forgot, there is also Mobydick.

You can sit on the bed, the English-French dictionary is very comfortable. Right next to you is a volume from the complete works of Naguib Mahfooz, Egyptian Nobel Prize winning novelist. It includes his short stories and his very funny "In Front of The Throne". In this book, all the governors of egypt, from the pharaons to modern presidents are being judged in front of Izis and Oziris. In fact the novel is like this: The day of judgement comes and all the kings of egypte pass in front of the gods, Thot, Horus, Izis and Ozoris and they talk to them and send them to paradise or to hell :)

Then there is my musicology books. My favourite, right under the bed: The Voice of Egypt, by Virginia Danielson from Harvard University.

By now you are really tired. You have been falling down and stubling on thigs for 10 minutes. So you want to rest and you can fall asleep on the mountain of clothes at the head of my bed. Several weeks' worth of untidyness.

Monday, July 18, 2005

English Girl By Van Leo

I just remembered, if you want to say "I'm English" in Japanese - I learned Japanese for two months this year, I left because I really didn't like the teacher- I was saying,

"I am English"="watachi wa egirisu jin deska"

We were two groups learning Japanese. The other group had a 24 year old teacher that showed them new Mangas and Comic books everyday. Our teacher just did dictations. MMM


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dream No15

Olivia's Dream:

I want to thank Olive' for remembering her dream and sending it to me. I also want to ask you all, if you remember any of your dreams, to think of sending them to me. You can become very famous :)

The Dream, By Olivia:

I dreamed I was close with a French-German family -now I'm beginning to think, rather like the von Trapps. They were unbelievably wealthy, and I went to their large country estate - I don't know what country it was in. We had a great picnic in the garden with all the members of the family. At the end the father had to drive me home in one of their cars, a small convertible coupe - a vintage model, which was funny because he looked like a person right out of the 1940s any way, with wire-rimmed glasses and a fedora. Throughout the dream, I felt like a special, honoured person. FINI

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I had posted this picture a long time ago, but then I only had a small version. Now I found this bigger one. Hope you like.

And ooh, I wanted to tell you to catch a fun post at rami's.

If you haven't yet listened to my Oud and Bouzouki samples in the two last posts. Go ahead, they are for free and I would like to read your opinion. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


After my last post about the Oud. Here is another middle eastern and very very greek instrument. The Bouzouki. Actually Olivia gave me this idea yesterday.

The Bouzouki is, in many ways, a cross between the Oud and the Guitare. For instance it conserves the pear-like shape of the Oud, but it is fretted, like a Guitare --the meaning of fretted is explained in the last post-- and it has metalic strings, which give it a brighter sound than the Oud.

Basically it is a taller Oud with guitar strings and arm. Freak instrument :D

see how they both look, at

Enjoy this great duett between (two!) Bouzoukis. Olivia told me about it yesterday (thanks Olivia).

Or just go to

and choose the ones you like.

The Bouzouki is mainly a solo instrument. Accompanied by a 2/4 rythm -two times. Such a solo is known as a Longa.

ALthough the bouzouki is fretted, it conserves som of the liberty the Oud allows. Its not only fretted at usual notes but also at quart-de-tones, which are the notes unique to modal, or Maqam, music.

Finally I might add the the word Bouzouki is a turkish word. I don't know what it means. Oud means wood, logically.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Before you read, I want to tell you that you can see what kind of nut you are at Jia Li's Diary (See below)

The Lute (or Oud) is perhaps one of the most important instruments in the history of music. For instance, it was the instrument that carried the influence of andalusian music into Europe. It is this precise influence that marked the start of European classical music. Like all the symphonies and stuff like that..... (some history book by Roland Rice)

What makes the Lute special is the fact that it is not "Fretted". When you look at the arm of a guitare, you can see notches (so its Fretted) marking usual notes. There are no notches on a Lute and you can invnent any notes you want and play any musical scale from any culture. This is why the Lute has been a great messenger between civilisations.

To learn about this instrument check out

Now the mode or maqam, performed by lutanists, that is most typical to greek music is called maqam Ussak Masri. Litterally this means the mode of "Egyptian Lovers" but it's very greek. You can listen to Yorgos Bacanos, greek Lute master, playing an imporvisation or Takaseem on this mode at:

And listen to a clip from an egyptian song on this same mode by great egyptian composer Abdelwahab at: --this guy is Mozart reincarnated and what you are going to hear now is just a silly little demo.

(try and hear the fact that he is singing the same kind of mode as the one Bacanos was playing, same intonation or something)

and a small article about Bacanos

There it was, some strange greek music from me, Enjoy.


When I saw that Jia Li had declared us as different Nuts. I felt like posting this guy's picture. Who has an apple and not a nut in front of his head. Posted by Picasa

What Nut Are you?

This is not a new personality test. Well maybe its a test without questions. But you can see what kind of nut you are at Jia Li's Diary

Monday, July 11, 2005

Feeling Smart?

Please start by enlarging the picture and looking closely at a few faces. Choose some in the second and third row.

First Impression: A bunch of nerds. But look at this picture, two out of three of these people are Nobel prize winners. I was feeling intelligent and then I came across this picture. Now how do I feel? I feel happy I don't dress like some of them really.

What's the average IQ of the people in this picture..who is the most stupid/least intelligent one of them. And does even that guy -its a guy b/c Maria Curie is not the least talented- beat me any day of the week?

Let me name the ones I know:

First row, on the right: Sir Lawrence Bragg, in the middle there is Einstein, Lorentz, Madame Curie and Max planck...look I can name many others but franckly look at some of there faces. I don't like calling people this but they look so uggly for some of them...anyways I would love to see your reactions to this pic.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mezze Manicheism and Hamlet

I was telling you about Palmyra and Zenobia and how she stood up against all the Roman army and beat it so many times. So what was her secret for beating the Romans and occupying Egypt and Asia Minor. Obelix and Asterix had a magic potion. What did the queen of Palmyra have?

One of the secrets to her strenght was the religion of her city, Manicheism. Manicheism is a religion that allows its followers to have any other religion at the same time. For instance you can be a Manichean and a Christian at the same time. Moreover, to be a manichean, you must cultivate some kind of artistic talent. You have to paint, play music, write poems, tell jokes - ok this one I made up- etc...

This particularly tolerant religion meant that Palmyra boasted the best Greek politicians, Egyptian architects, Syrian merchants and nomade warriors. Since all those people could freely practice their religion, they had no problem in coming to Palmyra. So Palmyra had everything from around the ancient world. A model of integration really.

Manicheism was founded in the second century by Mani, a persian prophet, who was at first a Christian. He is also one of the greatest painters in antiquity.

Today Manicheism is a mildly bad word, meaning someone who sees everything as black or white and accepts no grey areas. This is because this religion was very strongly persecuted by both Romans and Persians, and is effectively extinct now.

The other day, I was enjoing some Mezze and RTB -real time blogging- with Olivia and Jia Li. Now if your name is Piano, Olivia, Rami or Dina you know exactly what Mezze is. I will explain it breifly:

Mezze are greek dishes -well they are not only greek- that are usually used as entrees or with some drinks -like Spanish Tapas. Here are some of them:

Houmos: These are mashed chickpeas with spices and olive oil
Ktipiti:Youghurt with green pepper
Tzatziki:Youghurt with cucumber
Melizana:Mashed Eggplant with spices and olive oil

I will let Rami fill us in with the Arabic names of these dishes.

Now Hamlet. Did Hamlet Kill His Father? Hamlet says the ghost of his father told him his uncle killed him. Do you beleive in ghosts? If you don't you can't beleive this. So who dooed it ?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Greek Lady by Van Leo

Hello, as piano remarked this lady looks so uch like her. Now this reminded me to tell you how I looked. Since we had brought this up and you were guessing about it...

I am pretty tall but not like very very tall, I'm tall. And I am athletic but not like body builder athletic, not that athletic but athletic really. Skin Color:Just like Olivia (see her picture in her profile) only a very little bit darker from playing football and swimming all the summer. Eyes: light brown/some slight green shades/ when you can see them from behind the glasses. Hair:Dark, not curly at all...So all your guesses where close in fact. This worries me a little bit :S

Still, there is a rumor I would like to deny. I don't look like this +)
Posted by Picasa

Dream No14

My day was ruined today when I learned about the blasts in London. I think there is no place for philosophy here, since many people got hurt. I only want to say that I hope and pray nothing like this ever happens again and as many people as possible are saved.

While Piano, Olivia and Jia Li are having their nice little chatt in the comments to the last post I had this dream.

Piano is waitting for me in a big forest with many ponds all over it, bright silver coloured water is in those ponds. I arrive and say hello and we start talking and then another girl we know comes and we talk for a whole and then piano and I decide to sing. Now the truth is we have horrible voices both of us. But still we sing and really do good ust because we do it in a funny way.

We then leave the forst to a like spanish style garden, overlooking, through a golden fence, a white river. Then a guy joins us and he is a real singer, a pro. But we say huh, we are going to teach you how to sing and we set out in an amazing duetto that has all the garden applauding us.

At the end of the dream I am blaming my father for not letting us become singers because we are exceptional really --in fact we are horrible-- but then I turn to the guy and I tell him a joke.

Something very strange happened then I started laughing while I was asleep. I don't know if this ever happened to you guys but I really was sleeping and really laughing, but then I laughed so strong that it woke me up.

The rest of the day was not as good as the dream. As you know. But I really like us all and we are cool people.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Van Leo playing Zorro

If you've ever wondered I think Zorro means fox in espanol

Bored..and my fave film(Edited)

I have added some line from the film in arabic, everyone can check them out, they are really short. THey are in bold letters.

Its so hot, but that's normal. Its summer. I really gave quitting blogging a thought these last few days...I was thinking that it really leads to nothing. You just right things and forget about them...but I think I am already too much in the habbit of doing it. So NO! You are not saved....

How do you think I look? Did you ever ask yourself this question?

Does reading someone's blog lead you to form a mental image of them?

I read this question somewhere..I can't remember where..In fact I can but it feels irrelevant to say it.

Well..I thought of something I can tell you about. My favourite movie. Many of you probably don't know it. Its called Fatma & Marika & Rachel

If you've never heard of it , its an Egyptian black and white movie. It takes place in Alexandria if I'm not mistaken..... its actually a romantic comedy and not at all a difficult movie, not even faintly intellectual, just a good laugh and cool actors and a lot of funny scenes

The main character is a young man, called Youssef. He has inherited a lot of money and doesn't know what to do with it, he's really into dancing and girls and having fun and nothing useful in fact. So he leaves his parents' farm in upper egypt and goes to alexandria...

There he meets three girls, Rachel who is jewish. He tells her that his name is Youssef Ezequiel and is a jew and they get engaged. Then he meets Marika, a greek girl. He tells her that his name is Joseph Kiriako and he is greek, and they are engaged. Oh I forgot, Marika is actually Rachel's taylor.

So now he is engaged to be married with two different girls, and has to play so many tricks on both of them to avoid that they know about each other. This leads to a lot of funny scenes.

Then he meets Fatma, an arabic girl, he tells her that his name is Youssef Mahmood, but she doesn't want to get engaged to him because she likes her dance teacher.

Anyways, he follows her all around the place and this leads to so many funny sketches where she sneaks out of her house at night to meet the dance teacher but Youssef is waitting just under the window in his car..there are like 4 very funny scenes like this.

Now there is this one time where he is dancing with Fatma at a night club --salsa:The 40s were very salsa-- and he goes to sit down and sees Marika right next to him, he follows her trying to explain that its a mistake and as soon as he achieves that he runs into Rachel and they both discover he is cheating on them and dump him. the end he Marries Fatma but actually by accident. His parents tell him they have chosen a girl for him and he says no way, I won't have an arranged marriage. The same happens to Fatma, she refuses an arranged marriage her parents suggest...actually they don't know that the arranged marraige is them.

Some really funny things in the movie are a song, that Youssef sings:

Fatm, Marika and Rachel...Inside my heart...they are a cocktail

(fatma w marika w rachel dol gowa albi cocktail)

And there is this very funny scene where Marika is very surprised he is greek and called Joseph Kiriako but speaks excellent arabic, se he tells her I am a home-made greek (ana greegi baladi)..this is really funny when you watch it, because its totally absurde.

Well here it is...I am so bored so bored so bored....

Saturday, July 02, 2005

SLOing down

Right under this post is my last really good subject, some paintings and sculptures about Zenobia, queen of Palmyra and a great picture of a little girl by Van Leo, otherwise read a poem here.

I am slowing down the rythme at my blog for now. I promise you to come back into full one-post-a-day action within three or four days. I leave you with one of my favourite English poems,
its really dark, so read it when you are in a good mood, otherwise it might afftect your temper. That's something I don't want to do to you,

Yet each man kills the thing he loves
by each let this be heard
some do it with a bitter look
some with a flattering word
the coward does it with a kiss
the brave man with a sword
Some kill their love when they are young
and some when they are old
some strangle with the hands of lust
and some with hands of gold
the kindest use a knife because
the dead so soon grow cold
---Oscar Wilde