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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Ok, I want to say I am sorry I could not do the two posts I said I will do before my holiday. For the Anton Weburn One -since its independant- that's ok. For the one on time in dreams its a bit more difficult this way, but...

Anyways. This is just a quick post. Saying really good bye. I will go change my music to Jingle Bells and wish you all the best christmass and the coolest and most successful year :)

I chose the Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters version of Jingle Bells.

p.s. I can't think of a title for this post. I will just call it post. How original!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Two Smiles

Tomorrow and after tomorrow are my last two days before I go on a vacation from the 22 to the 3 for christmass. I will finish my program during these two days. Today I don't feel like writting a lot so I chose a pic. This picture is among the 3 best black and white pics for the year 2005, which is about to be over. So happy new year you bloggers!

Right now I am watching Bravveheart in greek. I thought I had seen it like a 100 times so why not in greek this time. I am still waitting for the fighting to begin. Btw: DO you like Sauphie Marceau?

I had an ok day. In fact it was quite special since we had a course tought by the CEO of HP in France. It was cool meeting a millionnaire. I did not feel like killing him and taking his money at any time. Probably I was too sleepy and probably I am not experienced enough yet.

bla bla bla....

Wait for me tomorrow and also on anton weburn. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 17, 2005

What's The Time? (1)

We Wellcome Miss Blue to the Boredom club. She will be in the club's garden studying tomorrow. You can meet her there, but please be quiet. She has exams.

On my programm were the pointillisme and fractals, Time In dreams, and Anton Weburn. I did the first one. Here is the second. THese will be my last few posts before a 10 day holliday for christmas. I will not blog between the 23 and the 3. WHen I come back I will speak about visiting Cyprus and other stuff.

La Musique

Before I start, and since Olive asked me, the music playing now is called a sirto. A sirto -pronounce seer-TO - is a greek dance. The music is played on a mode called Nikriz, which is common in turkish and greek music and probably has byzantine origins. I think Nikriz could mean "unnerving" or something that makes you tense.

Time in dreams -part one

Sometimes our dreams -in the dream- are like 5 minutes long, but we see them in 3 or 4 houres. Sometimes we dream for an houre but our dream takes place over 3 days. Why? I will speak about this in two posts.

Clearly we need to make a difference between physical time and psychological time. Physical time is just physical ok. Usually you can measure it with your watch. What is psychological time, why does it exist. The answer has to do with evolution, art and psychology.

Why Time?

A comparison of the brain and computers:

Today most computers are sequencial: They do one and only one thing at a time. However computers create the illusion of being parallel: That is of being able to do more than one thing at a time. They create this illusion by switching very quickly between tasks.

For example when you run more than one program on your computer (music and your blog) the computer continually switches between the two very quickly. So we think it is running them both but its only running on at a time.

The brain is the opposite.

The brain is parallel: It does many things at once (processing images/sounds/ideas). But it creates an illusion of being sequencial(we can't think of two things at once). This illusion is the origin of our notion of time and of language. But why should we have the illusion that our brain is not parallel?


We need to communicate and we need to react to events around us. Gradually our brains adapted to these needs by creating the notion of time. If we did not have the illusion that our brains are sequential we could not talk to each other and we could not plan our lives.

The canaque tribes in New Caledonia do not have the future tense in their language. Before coming in contact with other cultures they did not have the notion of future. This means they didn't need it. So clearly, we developped the notion of time to be able to manage our lives better.


So the human brain is parallel but creates the illusion of being sequential. But sometimes this illusion is broken. Typically artistic experiences break it. We will see that this is almost a definition of art.


When many people talk at the same time, we hear noise and we don't understand anything. This is because we want to take in information in a linear way, one bit at a time. There is a scene in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro where one singer is on stage, then another one comes and starts singing at the same time but a different song and this goes on until there are 20 people on stage singing 20 different songs...but it all sounds very nice.

The experience of art does this to you. You lose the sequencial illusion and use all your brain's powers.

Another example would be mystical experiences. Yogis, Soufis and Fakirs say that language can not describe there experiences and that they take place outside time, etc. Possibly they are experiencing the same thing as listening to a song.

In the next episode I will explain possibly why time is distorted in dreams. But this is already long.

Friday, December 16, 2005

My Mood(update)

My mood changed quickly. So the girl is now happy. At least she is smiling. Now I have to say something very important:

By the powers invested in me by Miss Jia Li, I hereby declare officially open the Boredome Club. The founding members are -in the order in which they joined

Jia Li... ... ... President
Steliano Ponticos... ... ... Secretary General (why?)
Free Soul... ... ...Looking at the sky
Olivia... ... ... Cheer-up Expert

Any blogger or human being who provides substancial evidence of his/her boredome is wellcome to owr club.


p.s. Tenue Correcte Exigée.

Olivia could you translate the p.s. what is it that you say when people have to dress up when they come to the club. Posted by Picasa

My Mood

Well this is my mood after the dream I saw and a boring day. To make it up to you I will post a happy picture tomorrow. I also changed the music, to a more grave piece, also a bit angry = My mood.Posted by Picasa

Dream No18

In advance I am really sorry. This dream is not at all pleasant.

I am sitting alone in a cafe. There are many tables. On some tables there are my friends, but they are far and I just wave to them and they cheerfully wave back. But on a closer table there are two men, one has a beard and is wearing a bonnet and the other one looking very girlish and dressed really bad. The second one also had this very strange voice, like a young boy's but very unnatural.

Anyway, I am sitting alone and my friends are far and these two freaks start saying all sorts of mean things -to each other- about me right next to me. THey obviously wanted me to hear them, or so I thought.

I spend the most horrid 5 minutes in my life pretending I didn't here them. To forget about them, I start looking out the window, but I see people fighting and its even worse. This makes me give up on trying to escape this bad atmosphere, I just sit there waitting for better times to come.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Here we are, everyone can hear the tango. This short composition is called Tango li Oyoun Habeebati == Tango for The Eyes of My Sweetheart. It is by Marcel Khalifa who is a composer known for trying to import western classical norms into oriental music and often suceeding in that.

I will be using his music for my themes for a while. When I will run out of his compositions, I will try a new composer. You can of course suggest your favourite singers/bands/composers. I would be happy to play them for you, after this guy's turn is over.

I really like this tango because its simple. By this I mean that it uses few notes. All the first part in made up of three notes.

I do not want to be mean, but I find this to be a total rip-off of north- african folklore. I don't know if you ever spent you vacations in morocco/algeria/tunisia or listened to music from there: This first part is SO like their music it makes you wonder.

In fact I was being mean. Its just that this composition might be a bit inspired from north african tradition, that's all.


I think this kind of simplicity is very important in music for three reasons:

1)A simple melody always stays in your head when you listen to it. You can go on whisteling it for days and this is real music for people to hear, not only for people to admire and clap their hands.

2)A simple melody gives a more important role to other instruments in a band. This is very important. The composer can more easily work on arrangement and on harmony and the result is even better. Not only is the melody easy and nice, the band sounds really nice together.

3) A simple melody allows a good player to improvise all he wants. I love improvisations.

I like to think of a composer as a person who has a sentence(melodic line) to say. He can say it in more or less words(notes). I like it when he says the sentence with the least words possible. But the whole sentence...and this is the real difficulty. Saying the most while using the least number of words.

I do not seem to hear any quart-de-tones in this tango. This makes it easier for him to introduce harmony -along with the melody, you can here des accords (I don't know the english word) that make it sound better. There is no rule for harmony when quart-de-tones are used.

In a very old post I had mentioned that quart-de-tones characterize modal music such as you can hear in oriental music/flamenco/greek music/salsa.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Un Cadeau(Edited)

This is un cadeau -a present- from Olivia. She gave it to me after the firebird post. I am waitting for the real one, not only the picture. I could really use a Firebird lacquer box. As you can see this is a comical version of the garden scene. My advise is don't show it to the grey wolf, he might not take it very comically.

You can see my post about fractals/pointilliste painting/pointilliste music under this one. Future posts will be
  1. Time in dreams
  2. The twelphth night -I am not going to post the play, but wou'll see.
  3. A post about Anton Webern -see my last post. But this can take me some time. It is not easy to explain.

Thank you and have a nice day

Another Cadeau

I have succeeded in following blue's instructions and adding a musical theme to Day Dreams. Unfortunately, Olivia can't here it. I hope we fix this. I thought of listening and writting down the notes for you - a musical dictation - but I can't do this without trying a little bit on a piano and I don't have a piano. It would be lame to "describe" the music when you can't here it, so I am stuck. I will however have a synthesizer-- see it here -- as of the new year $$$. It is a present from a person we call after a musical instrument.

Anyways..the above program is still on. stay tuned.

I was thinking of doing more musical posts. It would be nice because you will listen to a new song or music with every post. Tell me what you think.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Same Only Smaller

I was reading one of Olivia's posts, The Interview. She wrote about how she was copmaring an abstractionist scene and a sclaed down version of it during her Christie's interview. I said that she didn't need to compare them. The small one is the same only smaller. Wrong.

Things are not at all the same when they are sclaed bigger or smaller, this has inspires some interesting thoughts in art and science.

On the program, fractals/pointilliste painting/pointilliste music...with plenty of pictures

One of the first people to note this was Galelio. In a typically renaissance kind of argument, he proved that if a dog were 8 times bigger it wouldn't support its own weight. It couldn't exist.

You're hoping I am not going to speak about this, I am not.

Let's think the same way about figures (paintings) and then music...


What is a figure that remains the same when it is scaled up or down?

Such figures are known as fractals. They were discovered by Benoît Mandelbrojt, a french-polish mathematician working for IBM. His work was not at all appreciated in France at first, but IBM loved the cool computer graphics it made.

Fractals are all over nature. They can be seen in trees, animals, clouds, coast-lines... They are also common in urban life, for instance in the way cities grow with no planning....

Here is a fractal

Fractal Leaves

Fractal Animal Shell


As we scale down a painting we will get to a size where it is impossible to paint. The painting can't be smaller than the tip of a brush. A French neo-impressionist painter named Georges Seurat came up with the idea of paintings made up os small points.

In fact these paintings are much closer to the way the eye works:

When our eyes take in a scene they can see only one color at a given point. A point can be red/green/blue. Other colors are not created by micing these three colors at a given point -like in painting- but by having diffenret combinations of the three basic colors at nearby points.


orange is red and yellow and yellow is - maybe I am wrong- green and red. So to paint something orange you use two red points for every green point in a small region.

Here are some examples of Seurat's works

Sunday Afternoon On The Island of La Grande Jatte

Detail from La Parade


And another painting not by him


Much less known than pointilliste painting is pointilliste music. It was invented by a Viennese composer Anton Webern and he thought in the same way of making up his compositions from small units that are different but that when juxtaposed will sound right. In fact he was looking for a systematic way to creat music. Using his ideas a computer can -I think- compose music.... this is one of my dearest projects.

Webern's work couldn't be known during his lifetime because the nazi government in austria condemned it and he had to stop composing. But he is really famous among musicians and even has a fancy website. I will probably make a special post explaining his music.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Back to Van Leo

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Friday, December 09, 2005


I changed the title to Zhar Pticha, the russian name of the story. It means Ember Bird. Blue made a remark that reminded me that this story is also in the 1001 nights. It in fact also part of Persian folklore, with different names and places.

жар-птица: (We had this story in a story book, my sister and I, when we were kids. It was one of our favourites)

In a far away land, a thief was stealing golden apples, which had the power of bestowing youth and beauty, from Tsar Berendey`s magic Garden. The guards of the Tsar were unable to stop this, for as hard as they tried, the thief always got away. None of the guards had even seen this thief. The Tsar was frustrated, for he needed the golden apples for himself, as he was married to a very beautiful young Queen.

The Tsar decided to ask his three sons, the youngest of whome was Tsareivich Ivan, to guard his garden. Each of the two older brothers would stay in the garden all day, and as long as he could at night. But he would fall asleep and find more apples missing when he woke up.

When Ivan's turn came, he went t the garden. Stayed all day and at night, whenever he started to feel sleepy he washed his face with the dew from the flowers. So he managed to stay up all night.

Just before dawn, a magical being broke the silence of the garden. It was a majestic bird with golden and read feathers glowing like a thousand fires. It stopped near the Apple tree and was going to take an apple. Ivan approached it silently and wanted to catch it, but the firebird sensed his presence and flew away. He only caught a feather of the bird.

The next day. He showed it to his father. "It is the firebird stealing my apples", the Tsar told him, "It lives in a golden cage in Tsar Afron's palace". The Tsar called his three sons and told them to go on separate quests to catch the firebird and bring it to him.

The three brothers left together and after a few days parted on different roads. After a long ride, Ivan fell asleep. When he woke up he didn;t find his horse. He started looking for it in the woods. While he was looking a Grey Wolf appeared to him. The wolf admitted he had eaten his horse and offered Ivan to ride on his back instead.

He took him to Tsar Afron's palace and said: "The firebird sleeps here in its golden cage. You can go in and take it but do not touch the cage. It is attached to small bells that will ring and wake the guards."

Ivan went in, he took the bird and noone noticed him. But then he was fascinated by the golden cage and couldn't resist trying to take it. As soon as he touched it, Tsar Afron's guards caught him.

"Shame on you a Tsar's son trying to steal like a theif." Tsar Afron scolded Ivan. "I will only forgive you if you bring me Tsar Kusman's Horse of the Golden Mane ". Ivan went back to the grey wolf and told him what had happened. "I told you not to touch the cage, but I will help you bring the horse".

They got to Tsar Kusman's palace. And the wolfe warned Ivan, "Take the horse, but if you touch its bridle you will wake the guards and they will catch you". Ivan went in and again was tempted by the gold and diamond in the bridle. And Tsar Kusman caught him.

"Shame on you a Tsar's son trying to steal like a theif." Tsar Kusman scolded Ivan. "I will only forgive you if you bring me Princess Elena who lives in Tsar Dalmat's palace "

When the Wolf saw Ivan coming back empty handed he told him. "I will do the work myself this time, for you are too weak." And they went to Tsar Dalmat's palace.

The wolf seized Elena and brought her back to Ivan. But Ivan was charmed by her beauty and fell in love with her. So the wolf said he will help him. When they went back to Tsar Kusman's palace the wolf assumed the form of the Princess. Ivan let Kusman have the princess who is really the wolf and left with Elena.

Now Tsar Kusman found himself in bed next to a Grey Wolf and realised that he had been tricked, but the wolf had already escaped and joined Ivan in Tsar Afron's territory. Again they played the same trick and the wolf assumed the form of the horse of the golden mane and Ivan left with the horse, Elena and the firebird.

When he arrived to his father, Tsar Berendey's lands, his brothers saw him coming back with the bird, the princess and the horse. They were very jealouse and ambushed him and killed him.

Again the grey wolf interfered, he attacked Ivan't brothers and killed them. Then he travelled to bring his the waters of life and death and bring him back to life.

Ivan went back to his father and told him hiss tragic story. He gave his father the fire bird and the horse of the golden mane and married Princess Elena. FIN

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Look Who's Back!(Edited)

Before, I wanted to tell you go to Lasto Adri's (Blue's) blog at the link I have here and listen to the music she has. I really love it. Just go to her blog (under Blogs I like) and wait a little bit and the music will start.

Its me. I am back and here to stay for quite a long time too, I hope. I am back with a new dream and a post about La Tia Julia which is a fun book I read. I wanted to post them like two houres ago but then I had a very nice surprise. My beautiful Vietnamese neighbor proposed that we go holiday shopping :)

In addition to spending two houres with a very beautiful girl I had the best time. First we went to a library and I bought presents for Christmas and she showed me a novel which they learn at school in Vietnam, so I bought it. Then we went to another shop and at alot of chocolate. In fact we bought this big Liendt arrangement and eliminated it in no time...then we walked in an old neighborhood and bought Clementines and ate them -again- and then we went to this small Christmass fair where they were selling these very big Matrioshkas. I saw one with a beautiful icone on it and also another one with the fire bird. I don't know if you know the russian fable of the fire bird...I can tell it in another post. She bought one and then we went to a pizzeria in the Italian neighborhood and well ate -again- pizzas....

Today is the world cup draw....ssssssssssss

OK, I hope you enjoy all this and bye

Dream no17

I couldn't come back without a dream....

I dreamt I was sitting in a purple tent with dimm light. I was sitting on a wooden chair and in front of a round wooden table. Across the table there was this kind of fortuneteller lady. She didn't look all that dark and exotic, just a nice 50ish lady. So I drink my coffee and give her the cup so that she can read my future in it.

The moment she opens her mouth she starts to speak what I thought was chinese, so I can't understand...she is more and more alarmed and starts to shout, so I stand up and leave.

Actually I had this dream right before waking up. I woke up at 7 and fell asleep again until 12 and I saw this dream like just before 12...of course you know time is distorted in dreams, so it might have been houres long...voila

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Aunt Julia

If you are not so mad at me that you want me dead, you can read this. If you are so mad at me you want me dead, you still can read it and them kill me, or just wish me death. This can get pretty intricate, but since -like old Antonius says- brifity is the sould of wit. I will get to my subject: La Tia Julia y El Escribidor

This is the title of a novel I just finished reading. It is by the famous peruvian writter Mario Vargas Llosa. La Tia Julia would have been a good post on a blog like Day Dreams, if it wasn't for the fact that it is very long, and in spanish.

This is the story of young Mario -18 years old-, who studies law and works as a reporter for a local radio. There are two radio stations in Lima, both owned by the same man. One of them is rock n' roll and very american and the other is al salsa and very latin. Mario works for the latin one.

Supposedly, mario is a reporter. His real work is reading the local news papers and changing a few sentences in their news reports and then broadcasting them as fresh news that he covered.

He is helped by Pasqual, who just loves disasters. When Mario doesn't go to work the news looks like this

Earthquack kills 100 in Iran
Ship sinks and 100 people dead
Train Derails in the Italian Alps and kills 200

Also his radio station broadcasts radio-plays. These are soap-operas but only on the radio. THey are written by this brilliant guy - I forgot his name, let's just call him Steliano ;) - who is very short and dresses like a person in a baroque painting and speaks like he was Hamlet especially in the To Be Or Not To Be monologue. Still these radio plays are THE thing in Lima and all his aunts spend all their days watching, I mean listening to them.

Mario leads his silly little life until Aunt Julia -his sister in law's sister- arrives at her sisters after getting divorced from her husband.

Mario falls in love with Aunt Julia....she doesn't really see that right away since she is being courted by all the men in town. In fact she is really mean to him at first. But finally she loves him too and they decide they want to get married.

Now Mario is too young to get married, so they have to run away and fake the marriage certificate in some far away border pueblo...but they do get married. The marriage lasts 8 years and then they divorce.

Only at the end of the book do we find out that THIS IS A TRUE STORY AND MARIO IS THE WRITTER who really married Julia who was 20 years older than him.

Usually, I hate vargas llosa. I think all he does is glorify Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But this book really made me laugh all the time. So if you ever decide to read a peruvian book, Aunt Julia is nice.