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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Birthday Boy

Also, my lat post has been edited with cool stuff. Please read... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bonnie & clyde(Edited)

I am making good progress on my Brahms' theme -I was learning yesterday instead of studying- my neighbors like it a lot. I played it for them around midnight :P They didn't ask me to, but I know some people can be shy :P

Kevin Sites who is touring the middle east to report on ME society for Yahoo! has done a subject on Syrian bloggers. My direct friends, Dina and Rami, were not mentioned. But there are two blogs that I read often, Cocktail, by Ghalia and Rollercoster Journey by Sara that were showcased in this report.

I told you I knew famous people! And wait until Jia Li wins an olympic gold medal in skating...Olivia becomes director of the Louvres...and Blue invents a new technology, then I will know 3 world famous girls.

I wanted to do a Happy Birthday Wolfe post, like Olivia did, but I couldn't resist this picture of Bonnie and clyde.

You are now listening to Mozart's Symphony No 40 in Sol Minor, interpreted by Marc Patterson. Mozart finished this symphony in 3 weeks, along with 2 other symphonies. It was the most productive time of his life, 3 symphonies in 3 weeks.

mozart was sensible to his audience. He would write dramatic works and have them played in Prague and more joyful themes for Vienna. This symphony was for an intended trip to England. Eventually, he never went to England, although he had initially wrote this symphony to be played in England.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dream no20/New Muzik/Holiday

Ok, this is a national holiday in DayDreams: Jia Li got accepted in University. This is great. I think she will be able to teach her proffs many things they don't know ;) Go JL

Addition (New Music)
I changed my music twice. So there is one part that some of you missed. I'm guessing that's not a big deal. You are now listening to Julien Weiss and Al-Kindi Ensemble. I will be speaking about them soon. Well not soon, but when I come to Ziriab in my program.

Read about Weiss in particular.

I didn't want to at first, but I want to speak about this music

First the Oud and percussions introduce. They establish the mode - something that is only part of oriental music - but they do that in a very western way, by playing accords. This is probably Julien Weiss' idea. I am already standing up and shouting this is so great. Mixing modes and harmony.

The flutist comes in, Ziad Amin. He improvises for 3 minutes. How can you improvise for this long? I mean that guy's imagination.

Also, listen to how clearly he plays each note. Giving it very nice volume and passing very smoothly between notes. He is also very expressive. Its already hard to learn a complicated partition or to improvise a nice melody. But a lot of good musician's do that. But being able to interact with his instrument so delicately and tenderly. You can see the guy puts his mind and soul into the flute.

Probably the best thing I played so far. As playing at least.

A wiered dream that started as a nightmare...

In this dream I am sitting with a whole bunch of people, feeling really good with them. Like I knew them for a long time. We were sitting on black chairs around a marble table. The scene is nice but it keeps changing irrationally. People disappear and reappear and the decore changes by itself. It is GREATELY distressing. I was litterally chocking in my sleep when this was happening. (But I'm ok now, and it was nothing just un do you say that.)

All this is very frightening as I said. I am afraid the good things I have gotten used to are going away.

The thing is, the change soon arrives at me, and I disapear but continue to see the scene. What's great is that I am not scared at all after that. I disappear and its over, luckily.


now bye you wait. Today I read a poem by TS Elliot that I really didn't like/ I might go to Australia next year, for a long time with a scolarship. I am not sure I want to, though. I am hoping for England. Anywhooooooooooooooooooo I am going to sleep.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Etat d'Esprit

I am almost as exhausted as this guy. I thank Olivia for sending a link to Tristan and Isolde in art. You can see it in the comments on the last psot. Also, there is Jia Li's guessing game. Be sure to check it out along with the very very funny story Olivia, JiaLi & BabyBlue wrote at Jia Li's blog.

I should be back in great force on the second of Feb. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 20, 2006


I left out the goriest detail, the most horrible one. In french Isolde is called Iseut. How do you pronounce that? ee-zu , approximately.

This painting is a more classical account of the two lovers Tristan et ee-zu.

This is the last thing I say about them. Bye Tristan and what's your name.

There is something I find particularly not appealing in the painting. The way the light from the window and Isolde's (ee-zu's) face are drawn together. And oh my god, the background is hurting my eyes. What is that path doing there.

The Real Tristan --this part isn't by me and if you can tell me what pictish means, I would be very obliged

Olivia told me. You can see this in live action:
Comment by Olivia
The Picts were the early Scottish tribes.They painted themselves blue, and were such barbarians that the Romans built Hadrian's wall to keep them in. Finally someone they couldn't be bothered to conquer!About the pic, it looks like someone trying to be a Pre-Raphaelite. Thank you for showing us the painting, even if you don't like it. +)


Comment by ME
Thank you for explaining what the picts are. I had all sorst of strange hypotheses set up really
:{) also thank you for your very interesting comment on the picture

The Real Tristan
The real Tristan may have been the Pictish prince, named Drust, the son of Talorc. Drust was believed to have lived in Scotland, in c. 780. Here, the story of Morholt, originated, with Drust saving a princess from pirates.

In scotland Tristan is Drust and in Wales Drystan. Also in other stories Isolde (in Wales Essylt) is already Mark's wife when Tristan arrives. There isn't the whole Morholt thing. He just loves his uncle's wife. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13, 2006

Tristan und Isolde by Dali(edited)

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You are now listening to a part of Wagner's very passionate Opera version of Tristan and Isolde. At least I hope you are.

I am sorry I can't write this post. I am falling asleep on the keyboard. You can read the othwe one and I will do this one tomorrow.


The story --with all the gore details.

Tristan is the son of king Meliadus of Leonois and Elyabel, sister of king Mark of Cornwall. Elyabel died while giving birth to Tristan and Meliadus remarried, wedding the daughter of the king of Brittany.

At first, Tristan's step mother was good to him but when she had a child of her own she tried to get rid of him. She conpired with a made that would have tristan play until he was thirsty and then ask for water. The made would give himpoisoned water.

The nurse makes the mistake of taking the new queen's son to play, instead of Tristan. The other prince died poisoned and all the court is alarmed. King Maliadus arrives at the scene and, wants to drink from the same water. The queen starts and tells him not to.

So the king deduces that she was trying to poison someone. He decides to kill her. Surprisingly, Tristan chivalrously interferes on behalf of his stepmother. The king is very touched and restores the queen. He does not trust her anymore, however.

Later in the story, the king is assasined and his counsellors send tristan away to France, and then secretly to Cornwall, to seve his uncle king Mark.

king Mark sends Tristan to fight Morholt, a Irish knight of the round table and the uncle of the Fair Isolde. This is in order for Tristan to woo Isolde for king Mark.

Tristan succeeds in killing Morholt, and Isolde wants to revenge her uncle by killing Tristan. She wants to kill Tristan while he is in his bath. However she forgives him because she decides she decides it is better to marry king Mark rather than an older prince her father wanted to marry her to.

So Isolde wants to marry king Mark, but she and Tristan drink a love potion and can not help betraying mark and falling in love with each other. They have an affair.

Mark finds out and decides to kill them both. He imprisons the two. Tristan escapes but returns to save Isolde whome the king had given to a band of lepers who want to rape her. Tristan saves Isolde and they escape to Wales. There Tristan becomes a friend of Lancelot of the round table.

Tristan and Isolde find refuge in Joyeuse Guarde, Lancelot's castle.



I haven't slept in 30 houres. No, I am not is Australia now, nor would I want to be. I had two projects to finish at school and had to stay up.

I miss sleeping but its not that bad. I wanted to blog this was because the post would be different.

I am looking all around myself and yawning...trying to find something to say. Oh yes, my exams are in a week. I have thought about my choice of wether to work or study for a PhD. I have decided to go for a few more years of studying. Reasons:

I don't want to work
I want to do something interesting

I want to change my music. I will do that tomorrow. . . . . .

Its really strange because I do not at all feel sleepy, but I know that if now I close my eyes, I will fal asleep immediately. Also, I don't feel tired and I can think but I forget my thoughts...and I can speak but my choice of words is totally different from the usual. What I need is a pizza.

My program is the following

Anton Weburn: The founder of pointilliste music
Our Musical Signatures
The 12th night.

I know the last word is strange. Ziriab is a person, was a person. An 9th century musician in Andalucia. He is the inventor of Opera and of Etiquette. Yes he is the guy who invented modern good manners -big exagerration here, I know-. Now is that a good thing?

What else, what now, I am hesitating on wether to go out or not. I think I will for a little bit. A walk would do me good before all the sleeping I am going to do.

Have you seen the movie Tristan and Isolde. Here is France, people are totally obsessed with this story: They all have the book and speak about it all the time. Its an important part of the heroic-romantic false impression some people like to produce. The movie is also really bad. Bad actors and everything. I am going to post about this story after this.

Ok, I am going to walk now. So bye and never spend a sleepless night unless you are partying.

* A very beautiful girl.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Talent Hunter

Long ago, I had presented Blue's drawing talent to you. Now here is a drawing by Jia Li. I really like it, It makes me want to imagine a story. In fact you can imagine one too. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Van Leo Strikes Again(edited)

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I have a lot of work to do, but will be back friday. My exams are really soon and I will be back to posting everyday then, I promise.

My new music is not that good, I think. Still, it is light and cheerful. The goal was "Strong, Cheerful, Optimistic". We have the strong part with the fast rythme -although not that much - and its cheerful with its bright sounds and melodic line. It could have been more optimisitc I think, if it changed to a higher mode or something.

Here's how good I did


Friday, January 06, 2006

What's The Time?(2)

A problem with my computer is preventing me from changing the music. I will solve it tomorrow (sunday) make it up to you I am going to post a picture (there is a new one under this post too)

I have a new picture for you under this post. A light at the end the tunnel ;) I hadn't posted a bride for sometime so I posted a new picture of a bride. I hope you like.

Today I was tired of work. I went for a walk. I bought 2 books. The first is Mrs Dalloway, by Virginia Wolf. THe second is a spanish book about the civil war in Spain. Its supposed to be a kind of academic account of the Spanish civil war. I think I will use it before sleeping.

Back to time and dreams.

I asked my mom who knows all about this stuff. The answer really surprised me. It has nothing to do with the nature of time in dreams I was trying to explore. My mom said...

The "speed" of your dreams can measure the shape you are in. If you are in good health, in a good mood with no sidethoughts worrying you, and if you are feeling well in general then your dreams are probably very quick: You can have 10 minute dreams that go over 3 days.

On the contrary, if you are tired, worried, thinking about the future, not sleeping dream for houres and only see five minutes of dreams.

It also depends on food! yes. According to what you might have eaten in the few days before, your dream can be more or less quick.

Thank you Mrs Ponticos.

Now I want to continue my little topic on time in art

So I was saying how psychological time is related to our need to schedualize our interaction with the environment and also to language. I also spoke about art and how it could change the way we experience time and even stop us from experiencing it. Now I will speak about time in litterature.

An author who touched on how we feel time, in all his works, and was rewarded the 1988 Nobel prize in litterature is Egyptian Novelist Naguib Mahfooz. I want to speak about one of his works that presents a very interesting vision of time: Miramar.

Miramar is set in Alexandia in the late 50s. A once very fancy hotel owned by a Greek lady, Hotel Miramar, is now a small pension where people visiting Alexandria for a long time rent rooms.

The customers are an old journalist, a landlord who used to be very rich but who lost all his money, a radio speaker, a government employee...there is also a girl working at the hotel (they are supposed to be six but I can't remember everyone)

Anyway. There is a murder in the hotel and we don't know who did it.

So What?

The story is told 6 times from the point of view of each of the 6 guests of hotel Miramar. We find out that the murder was not a murder but a misunderstanding that everyone thought was a murder. Each of the 6 characters had decided someone else had did it and developed its own theory.

In this book each character has its own linear timeline, made up of her thoughts and daily actions. The real more dramatic events only evolve when these timelines interact. This interaction is, almost always due to the difference in ideas the characters make of some situation.

This book explores anothers kind of time. A collective time emerging from the interaction of personal times....I do not want to draw any conclusion. Only I think it is interesting to think of this collective time versus the personal one explained in the first post.

Wait for Me

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dream No19

before I start. If you do not feel like reading I have a very nice picture in the post before. I also want to ask you if you want me to keep the Jingle Bells Music theme. I could change it to a non-christmas related something or to another version of jingle bells.

El Sueno

I dreamed that I was a baby. I was dressed very strange. I had a black bonnet and black and white overalls. Looked like a checker board.

My father -my father in the dream is not my real father- is singing for me. Then all of a sudden, this guy -supposed to be our neighbor- rushes into the picture and starts accusing us of stealig from his house.

Well, I can't speak since I am a baby. However my dad can but he doesn't. Instead the guy keeps shouting and calling us theives all the dream.

This wasn't a very good dream. It annoyed me more that anything else. But I found baby me very funny, especially his clothes.

Merci de Votre Attention.

Little Party

I chose this picture today -I don't know why. Omar Sharif is with his date. The party seems nice. I was going to tell a joke about how I was sitting across the table from them but naa.

Enjoy the pic while I post a new dream. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I can't say I am happy they are over. But they are. Now I am back to school and have exams in three weeks. And I have an important decision to make, work for Renault and make this the end of my studies or do a PhD.

When I visited Renault, I was impressed by how fancy everything was. Its really tempting to see a Formula 1 car every time you go to work. Its also very attractive to work in a big office and meet people from all over the world, all dressed formally and speaking business english with a funny accent...But is that what I really want.

If I go on to do a PhD, my work as a researcher and teacher should be much more interesting. Also I will be able to study other things. I am thinking History of Art. My office will be smaller and I will share it with someone but it will have a nice view of the mountain.

My great sister offered my a great keyboard synthesizer. Now I need to work on my playing and recover my old good level. But that should be easy.

I have already chosen something to play for you. I hope I will learn how to post it soon.

my present to her was a Fabergé Egg.


I asked my mom about time in dreams. Maybe I have already said she is a doctor. The answer is quite surprising.

The Future
This evening I will watch an argentine movie with my argentine friend. Its called Las Nuevas Reinas.

Now how about the dilemma.

My best wishes for the new year to everyone Blue, Olivia, Jia Li, Rami, Michelle, Free Soul..and all my friends and readers.

Funny Thing
I was speaking with a violinist friend of mine. I asked her if she had noticed that often the same person always starts speaking on the same note. Like for instance whenever she starts a sentence, the first syllable is a Mi. She said yes, but she didn't know why. That is interesting, its like we all have a musical signature.

Now I should go study.