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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Days of The Hobo

Posted by Picasa I'm sorry the picture is small. If you save it you can see it bigger. It has people with wings. Ok, you are listening to "Oriental Jazz Session", The pianist is called Ghazi Tashwali. I like the name Tashwali, it sounds very special. I don't know anything about him, I'm afraid. Tomorrow I will post about the Days of The Hobo. What's that? You'll be able to know real soon. (unless I die before writting the post, or change my mind, or, or, or, .....)

By the way, this Oriental Jazz isn't Jazz music. Its only oriental music played in a jazz kind of way, with jazz techniques, but its not jazz..I'm not saying its not good. I really find it great, both the melody and the interpretation are excellent, but its not really Jazz. Isn't it so fun hearing the people and the noise in the background, you can tell he's playing in a restaurant.

Now Michelle -not Jia Li but My Dream Analysit- asked me to do this post. She is leaving for a trip to Europe in 2 days so I want to do it before she leaves. It involves the strangest episode of my life.

Disappointing Turn...
This should be a monster post. So I have decided to prepare it more. If I can't post it before Michelle leaves, then it will be when she comes back. I'm sorry to disappoint you but if I am going to talk about the strangest episode in my life, I am not going to do it in a post written from 10 to 10:30 pm, its a matter of principle.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's It Like to Die?

I hope this question isn't too dramatic for an evening read. But I'm afraid it is. Some people say that you see a tunnel and a white light at the end, some say its blue. A lot of people say that about near death experiences, at least in TV shows. Actually, the other day I was reading Gelgamesh again. Gelgamesh had been one of my best posts ever, in my mythology series, last summer. I read the passage where Enkido is going to die and tells Gelgamesh about a dream he sees...

My Friend! I saw, tonight, a dreaam
The sky thundered
The earth echoed its cry
Between them I stood alone.

A man stood before me, with his face so dark
His face like the Zu*
His claws like an eagle

He caught me by my hair
He defeated me
He jumped into the sky
He plunged me with him into the earth
He changed my body

My arms became covered with feathers, like birds
He looked at me and lead me to the house of darkness
The house from where no one may return
The road that can not be travelled twice
The place where people do not see light

Earth is their food and clay their home
Feathers, like birds, their clothes
They see no light and walk about in darkness

In the house of dust where I entered
I saw kings without their crowns
the crowns that had ruled the earth

The scribe of the underworld
was reading to her godess
she looked at me and said:
"Who brought this man here?"

End of Dream

*Zu, a monster, with the head of a bird and the body of a man.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


In this post I will speak about two books I like. Both very funny and easy reads.The best thing in my post is the article I link to. With excerpts of Mozart's funny Letters to His cousine.

I like to write letters. Even to people whome I e-mail everyday, I always send hand-written letters. In letters I am much more sensible and also fun. So today boys and girls, its about letters. One of my mostest -to borrow an expression of Olivia's- favourite books is "Les Lettres Persanes" by Montesquieu -The Persian Letters.

The Persian Letters is fiction. Its about a Persian man, Usbek, who visits France at the time of Louis XIV. The book is made up of the letters Usbek writes to his friends, to his business partners, to his mother, to his numerous mistresses, etc. The Letters tell the story of his journey, not in chronological order but rather through randomely recounting its most important events. They also give his opinion about France in that time, where the king has "an 18 year old prime minister and an 80 year old mistress".

People will tell you about how great this book is, but why? They will say Montesquieu criticizes French society in a very insightful way and they will say how imaginative he was when he recreated Usbek's world in all its details -how he wrote, the people he wrote to, his life, their lives and how they all knew each other. I think this book is extremely enjoyable, its a book of fake trivia. You start knowing nothing about this guy and learn about him through little stories, non of them dramatic, non of them tragic, only some funny. Its like reality-tv on paper.

So, I like letters. Lately I have bought another Letter book. This time a real one, "Mozart's Letters". They are very surprising. Mozart writes very very freely. His style is childish, full of seemingly stupid rhymes and silly puns. He can also be very vulgar, not becuase he is mean but because its just the way he speaks. Here are some samples, in an article. (Very funny at places)

The craziest ones are to his cousine Anna Maria. Wolfgang and Anna Maria met when he was about 16 -I think. It was his very first trip outside Austria. His mother took him with her to get him away from his father, with whome he had been on very bad terms for some time.

Mozart's dad didn't like his musical direction and they argued all the time. His mom decided to take him with her on a trip to Italy and on the road they visited her sister. There he met his cousine Anna Maria and they exchanged a series of letters after that. These letters are extremely impolite and very funny, especially Mozart's.

Here is one that I have chosen, trying to avoid big words,

Mademoiselle, ma tres-chere cousine,—­
You perhaps think or believe that I must be dead? Not at all! I beg you will not think so, for how could I write so beautifully if I were dead? Could such a thing be possible? I do not attempt to make any excuses for my long silence, for you would not believe me if I did. But truth is truth; I have had so much to do that though I have had time to think of my cousin, I have had no time to write to her, so I was obliged to let it alone. But at last I have the honor to inquire how you are, and how you fare? If we soon shall have a talk? If you write with a lump of chalk? If I am sometimes in your mind? If to hang yourself you’re inclined? If you’re angry with me, poor fool? If your wrath begins to cool?—­Oh! you are laughing! VICTORIA! I knew you could not long resist me, and in your favor would enlist me. Yes! yes! I know well how this is, though I’m in ten days off to Paris. If you write to me from pity, do so soon from Augsburg city, so that I may get your letter, which to me would be far better.

Quoted from where I bought the book.

The book costs 5 dollars and it WILL make you laugh. I have bought sandwiches for more than 5 dollars, so its a good investment.

Morale of the story, writting letters are cool and these books are cool.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Little Band

I continued the post about Anton Webern, what I've written is about the 12 point method.

Doubri Vitcher..its me again. I am going to watch Kill Bill 2, und then go to sleep. Until I wake up, have a nice time. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dream no22

Last night I went to sleep with a headache. I didn't sleep well. While sleeping I hurt my shoulder very bad. It has been killing me all day long. Also since the only two things I do these day is work on my computer and practice the piano I have had a very painful day. Still, I worked really well today.

When my shoulder started hurting me I was asleep and saw a dream.....

There were these people walking inside my shoulder. I don't know if I was the giant or they the dwarfs, but to me they were tiny. They were tiny and hiding in my shoulder doing the worst things to it. For once the dream was associated with a real sensation, when they did something that hurt it hurt really. But then they disappeared.

I went and opened the TV and what I saw -we're still in the dream- was that every news channel in the world was accusing me of having eaten those tiny people.

--To be honest, in the dream, I didn't see how they got into my shoulder. So its not sure wether I ate them or not. But still, I found that extremely unfair.

So I was being assasinated in the media. The dream became totaly unbearable, so I woke up. It was very refreshing to find out that I was still an anonymous person, however my shoulder has been hurting me more and more since then.

2nd part on Anton Webern Tomorrow. Tell me how you have found the music allready. Bisous.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Anton Webern

This is the beginning of the Anton Webern theme. This is Herr Webern as a young student, looking good. You are listening to Vier Stucke fur Violin und Clavier. Forgive my bad spelling. The title is self explainatory. Please listen to it TO THE END. Its only 5 minutes long. (only!)

Anton Webern's website. Where you can play with dots that make music.

Doomed to total failure in a deaf world of ignorance and indifference, he inexorably kept on cutting out his diamonds, his dazzling diamonds, of whose mines he had a perfect knowledge. -- Igor Stravinsky Posted by Picasa

Anton Webern was a politically unengaged person in a very political era. He lead a quiet life while the world was changing dramatically, but he changed the world in his own way. Throughout his life he made decisions and stuck to them, even if they seemed strange.

He was born in Vienna in 1883. His mom was an amature pianist who tought him to play and he studied music theory and composition with Arnold Schoenberg, who was one of the inventors of the new 12 point method in music.

He married his first cousine, the daughter of his mom's sis, and since that was forbidden by the catholic churche they just lived together and had 4 kids and only then were they really allowed to marry.

His music is characterised by using ancient forms, such as canons and passacaglia. By being very intense, concentrating a lot of expression in few notes. By very short compositions (3 minutes one of them). Gy a great emphasis on how each note should be played , making it very technical. Allready in 1910 it had all the marks of his style, we are listening to a work composed in 1909.

Later he started using the 12 point method. Of which he is the most famous composer.

Like all experimental forms of art, his music was banned when the Nazis came to power :(

He had to stop working in music and take up a job as a proof reader with his publishers. When the war came closer to Austria he moved to the Salzburg, thinking he would be safer there. He was accidentally shot by allied troops as they entered his town.

Next part about the 12 point method..I was going to write this about the 12 point method now but I have a bad tomorrow, ok

Its not tomorrow but here it is

The 12 point mehod, or twelve tone method or dodecaphony was invented by Webern's teacher Arnold Schoenberg. It is based on the idea of composing music based only on a restricted set -called row- of notes.

12 is the number of notes in the chromatic scale. When you look at a piano count the white and black keys and they are twelve. So you start by choosing a row from these 12 notes. The only thing you have the right to play is this row.

You can play it in direct order or in retrograd order (from the end to the beginning). You can also invert it (ind of replacing the notions of low and high pitches), but that's all. All you can play and all you will hear is those 3 things.

So how come we don't die of boredome listening to them? Actually some of us do. But even they don't die of boredome as quickly as one would expect. 12 tone music is not as monotonous as I made is seem. How?

Actually this apparently very strickt set of rules allows a huge number of possibilities. The number of different ways the basic row and its two other versions can be played can be very big.

Many variations are possible. Adjascent notes can be played at the same time, so its twice as fast -getting it over with before you die of boredome. You have the right to play different parts of your row in different octaves. This produces a kind of modern art feel to the music and helps you survive when you are around other people, since you all pretend to like this. Also the dreary melody can be moved between instruments, the kind of sound playing it changing at different places.

Great attention can be given to the way every note is played, that is, the technique used by the players. The way each note is sounded becomes very important than the actual melody or succesion of notes. This reminds chinese music.

There you go, its magical. How can they come up with anything good with as much restrictions is amazing.....Music is a unique world full of secrets.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cities of The World

This weekend I will post about Anton Webern and Pointillisme in Music. Now, I take a break from work and from writting with a french keyboard and give you this link.

TV5 in France has a very nice show called 24 houres in.... The idea is that the channel spends 24 houres in a city or sometimes country. For a whole day all you can see on that channel is reports on that city. Thy always give a very very sincere image of the city and its culture. Its really like you had visited at the end.

What is also cool is they really concentrate on the music of the city they are visiting, giving a very accurate description very often. They have the time to do that you know.

On the site you don't have the whole 24 houres but the most important pictures, sounds and videos.

Unfortunately its only in French. When you follow the link click Geneva, the latest destination, and you will get a sliding list of all the cities they have done. You can choose anyone and see about it. Its really really fun.

My favourites, in order of appearance -I mean left to right on the site- are

Saint Petersbourg
Athens (yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Sanaa is very very strange and enchanting. You learn its the second oldest city in the world, after Damascus. There, people live in 1000 year old homes with satellite dishes on top. You will be amazed how people are fond of music there. In fact its everyones main activity to listen to music. Comes before work...I am speaking literally. You'll see that people there don't wake up to go to work they wake up to go and listen to music and they spend the greatest part of their day doing just that.

In Warsaw meet clubbers who were born after the fall of the berlin wall and veterans from the resistance in WWII. Meet Andrzej Smolik who composes some the coolest music ever. A sublte electro-lounge ambiance with a touch of esprit slave (slavic spirit, NT). Go to modern art museums and walk by Statues from the communist era. Don't forget the old city and its wonderful cathedrals, real jewels of medieval architecture. They tell the story of the middle ages with their kings and knights and epic adventures.

Un autre example....

In Damascus you can meet Miriam Antaki, a writter whose novels I really like. You can meet Geni Poche. Her house was the embassy of the republic of Venise. In fact they -Poche- are friends of my family...When She was a kid -she tells the guy presenting the show- Frederic Mitterand- she saw Queen Elizabeth waltz with the King of Sweden on the balcony of her house. Also Paolo D'allagio is a really interesting interview. In front of Sain't Annani's church one of the oldest churches in the world. That is where Saint Paul was blinded as you can read in the bible, and... and...The music is also excellent --Ok, you can see I like it :P

Ah Athens - May I humbly request a standing ovation

A big big report on the Bouzouki and different kinds of greek music. I didn't know the Bouzouki was outlawed until the 50s, because it was associated with criminals. Conservatories didn't have the right to teach it. The report even teaches you to play greek music, giving the accords and the scales used.....Visiting the Sigalas restaurant, Spiros will tell you "Cuisine, here, is a religion". Walk the noisy Sintagma square with its crazy traffic in front of the royal palace. Don't forget to visit the Agora, where many things from republics to geometry were invented by people seeking intellectual amusement.

p.s. you can also get music for your blog. THe new theme is by Ismael Lo, a composer from Dakar.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Crying Woman by Picasso

Posted by Picasa
Now I will tell you who the Crying Woman is?

But first some small talk...
To prove that I am a cool person -see last post, or please don't- I went to a Jazz concert. It was a local group playing in one of my favourite cafés, they were really good and their guitar player did an amazing solo with flamenco parts in it.

Afterwards I went for a walk under the rain. It was quite nice, except that now I am all wet. I like jazz because it has a lot of impros and uses its own musical scale and not usual ones. The Jazz scale is thought to be an evolution of african scales with 6 notes. Ok, hexatonal scales, here.

Now the painting

Dora Mar is a photographer who met picasso in 1935. She is French-Jugoslavian and had grown up in Argentina. Quando Pablo hablo con ella....when my man pablo spoke to her she answered in Spanish. And this was the start of a special relationship.

She inspired The Crying Woman and especiall Gernika. I don't know what does it feel like to know that you inspired a sad painting like Gernika.

Dora was very fond of hats, she always wore new and extravagant ones. Picasso had so much fun drawing her hats.

"I always painted Dora disfigured, not out of sadism nor pleasure, but because the only image I had of her was the one in my imagination of a crying woman"

Pablo Picasso

bye now

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


LinkLink is not a pokemon. It would have liked to be but its only a post where I link you to three things. Half of them uninteresting, although what's a half-link.

Bridging the Gap in Blogspace
First you can see there is a new button on my side bar. It links to a Dutch blog that is intended to group Blogs from all around the world who try to make different cultures understand each other. The blogs that link to it are rather serious, they do opinion pieces and stuff like that. So its a bit awkward for me because I don't write opinion posts, like about the news and stuff like that.

However I think if you want to read serious stuff this is very important. It will surely make you smarter. The dialogue of civilizations is the most noble ideal I have ever heard of, ask Alexander about it. Here are a few good reasons for you to visit this blog

1. You might get new readers for your blog and have more comments, which is kind of gratifying.

2. Read it, you have nothing to lose.

3. You speak Dutch and you want to show that to your friends.

4. You don't spea dutch, you can always start learning.

5.You like the color orange, you even find it psychedelic

6. If you want to laugh, leave an anonymous racist comment and see them get all worked up answering you. (I like to act like a creep from time to time, but I promise never to do that to you) -don't judge me because I have a bad sense of humour

7.As I said, we are all humans and we can learn from each other.

8. It is -in theory- possible that you meet the love of your life there. Good luck.

9. Ok, enough.

10. A round number.

Why I don't write opinions is becuase it makes it seem like I watch the news. That's a relatively uncool thing to do. If you watch the news it means that you were at home at 9 p.m. , this means you didn't go out that night. Also it makes it seem like you can be affected by the news, otherwise that you are not invincible and stronger that superman, I still try to think I am.

But Ok, I will write a post about bridgind the gap. Only this once. I really hope to contribute to this site by speaking about music and how different peoples all contributed in creating world music and art.

Laughing is good for you
I found this hillarious blog. It really beats any blog I ever saw, at least in humour. The Main page is here. And I really liked How To Fail an Exam.

I thought I should report on the very valuable conversation we had about winter olympics, french atheletes and the relation between sushi and budhisme. These are the minutes of the meeting.

Why are they called minutes. Is it like the minutes that make up the time of the meeting or does it mean they are minute? I think pataca minuta is something like a "small sin" in latin. A minute sin, like maybe stealing cable or downloading music from the internet. Do not, however, confound with patata minuta, that's just potatos.

Now, I am sure you are all thinking that to expostulate what beauty is, what majesty should be why day is day night and night and time is time is only a waste of day night and time, for breifity is the soul of witt and detail its outward limbs and flourish. I will report on our meeting.

Dr Michelle proposed that we examin the optimal condition for subjects wishing to succeed the freezing water contest. It was agreed after contributions from Dr K and Myself that Zen fat people are the best. Dr K then noted an interesting link to the subject of sushi and this allowed us to discuss Sushi cryogenization. Actually the idea is just like how they freeze people in movies and wake them up in a thousand years.

In the other seminar, Drs Jia Li and K talked about winter Olympics. The main conlculsion made my Dr Ponticos is that French atheletes are not that fairplay. Dr Blue ended by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine, how nice.

Aliens Really Are Watching us
I opened my mail box and found an e mail from Jaqueline. She is like the agent of this singer Chantal Chamandy. She said that she was looking for people who would like Chantal's singing and read my blog and thought I would like it. So she sent me the URL of her

Friday, February 10, 2006

Getting Cold

This was in Moscow last year. He broke the record for the longest stay in freezing water. I am very bored and tired. Its affecting my work and my mood very very bad. So, I will not blog until wednsday. On wednsday I will come back...yia soo I mean good bye and aurevoir hasta luego and mwaaaaaaaaaaah

Michelle posted a dream. I really enjoy Michelle's blog. I think its mainly because of her excellent style. I mean of her style which I find excellent.

Olivia asked me about the picture:

This is a competition in Russia every year. In Moscow, they break the ice over a river and people jump in. You have to be COMPLETELY naked. This guy holds the current record of 50 minutes...I will look for his name.
Posted by Picasa

Olympic Fever

Olympic fever, do you have it? You had better, since TV has just gotten invaded by the winter Olympics. Isn't it so fun to see people wearing colourful tights and gliding through and endless snowy landscape.

This picture represents my feelings about the Winter Olympics, except -maybe- for the skating competition. Posted by Picasa

A famous VL

This is one of Van Leo's most famous portraits...maybe I will wait for Blue to come and tell us who this is... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is Ziriab?

If you eat asparagus, or if you start your meal with soup and end with dessert, or if you use toothpaste, or if you wear your hair in bangs, you owe a lot to one of the greatest musicians in history.

--From "Flight of The Black Bird" by NOrman McDonald

Ziriab is an old Andalusian word meaning "Black bird". It was the common name of a very famous black musician who lived in 9th century Andalusia.

Ziriab's contribution to music is outstanding. If it weren't for him, modern music, both in Europe and in the Middle East, would not at all be the same. It is enough to mention that he invented the Oud as we know it today. He is also seen as the pre-inventor of Opera.

Ziriab was also a famous chef. Until his time, Spanish eating was mainly inherited from the Visigoths. He invented many new recepies, using all the resources of Spain's generous nature : Meat, fish, cheese, fuit, ... .

One of his most famous recepies was One of these dishes, consisting of meatballs and small triangular pieces of dough fried in coriander oil, came to be known as taqliyat Ziriab, or Ziriab's fried dish.

Ziriab developed a number of delectable desserts, including an unforgettable treat of walnuts and honey that is served to this day in the city of Zaragoza. In his adopted home, Córdoba, the musician-gourmet is remembered today in an old dish of roasted and salted broad beans called ziriabí. In Algeria, you can still eat an orange flavoures pastry called Zalabia, another of his inventions.

He was also his generation's arbiter of taste and style and manners, and he exerted enormous influence on medieval European society. How people dressed, what and how they ate, how they groomed themselves, what music they enjoyed—all were influenced by Ziriab.

He decreed that the dinners of the Andalusian court would be served in courses. Starting with soup, fish and meat, and ending with cheese, fruits, dessert, and finally different kinds of nuts. This idea met extreme popularity and became the norm throughout the world.

The English expression "from soup to nuts" is related to Ziriab's courses.

Concerning fashion, clothes and grooming, he developed Europe's first toothpaste. He popularized shaving among men and set new haircut trends. Before Ziryab, royalty and nobles washed their clothes with rose water; to improve the cleaning process, he introduced the use of salt.

For women, Blackbird opened a "beauty parlor/cosmetology school" not far from the Alcazar, the emir's palace. He created hairstyles that were daring for the time. The women of Spain traditionally wore their hair parted in the middle, covering their ears, with a long braid down the back. Ziryab introduced a shorter, shaped cut, with bangs on the forehead and the ears uncovered. He taught the shaping of eyebrows and the use of depilatories for removing body hair. He introduced new perfumes and cosmetics.

Many of these things became famous simply because Ziriab advocated them. He was a huge celebrity and people loved to emitate him.

Ziriab studied music in Baghdad. His teacher was the very famous musician Ishaq ( or Isaaq) al-moselli. Al-moselli is very well known for translating and improving Euclid's work on the Theory of music. He was also a very accomplished player of the Oud and a proliferal composer.

At first Ishaq was happy to have such a good student as Ziriab. But as Ziriab showed great understanding of Euclide and came with excellent ideas he started to be afraid of him. Then Ziriab started to compete with his master in singing and composing. He becmase very famous and the Caliph wanted to hear him.

When he was invited he refused to play his masters tunes nor even his Oud. Rather he introduced just for that occasion the modern Oud. He had added a 5th string and changed the material to make the sound brighter. Also he was playing the strings with a sharpened eagle's claw. This gives the sound even more additional sensitivity.

This was a total shock to Ishaq. He is known to have said " I would not forgive this to anyone, not to my own son ". He started campaigning against Ziriab and forced him to accept a big sum of money in exchange for leaving Baghdad for Spain. He went to Spain and never came back.

In spain he perfected the Oud and composed many songs. But the most important thing he did was mix the greek and persian traditions with arabic and spanish folk songs. He came up with a very new style of music.

The most important feature of his music was that the singing followed very precise rules and was governed by the composition. Very complex rythms were used and the singing had to follow them exactly.

Also he composed for different kinds of voices and classified his students according to their voices -Just like we have Alto's, Soprano's...- he also invented choires, using all these different voices in harmony.

This style of singing is though to be the base of modern Opera.

Ziriab's contribution changed music forever. The Oud carried his music to northern Europe and inspired the beginning of classical music. His style of singing evolved into Opera. We can safely say that if he hadn't been there, music today would be a completely different thing.

Monday, February 06, 2006

This Post Will Not Disappear

I had posted two things that disappeared, one on Comus and Comedy and the other On Bonnie & Clyde....

Today I started my masters project. I am working on geometric algebra, which sounds nice but is just math.

Comus, your friend -the first time i write my opinion really

The word comedy probably comes from the name of the greek demi-god comus. Comus was an unpretentious god of fertility. Unlike the allmighty Mesopotamian gods of fertility whose sex life regulated the whole universe, Comus was responsible for the success of daily life and the growth of plants, animals and men.

Leaving highly intellectual adventures to Apollo and Gigantic passions to Dionysos, Comus occupied himself in maintaining the commonplace conditions that are friendly to life.

Maintaining equilibrium and restoring it when it is lost were the special talents of Comus. They are shared by manu comic heroes.

Comedy describes the loss of equilibrium and the recovery of that equilibrium. In between, things are strange and make us laugh.

When we are frightened by something but for a very short time, our breathing stops and then restarts very quickly. This is called laughter :D

The comical solution to a plot involves no victory, no permanent conquest. Success is only temporary and consists in things returning to the normal. This is achieved using modest weapons, wit, luck,....

In comedy, things return to the normal and enemies are reconciled...this is how Comus solves problems. Comedy is muddling through, not progress.

To people disposed in favour of heroism and idealistic ethics, comedy seems trivial. It stresses the important of the common place and that it is worth maintaining. The Comic point of view is that it is important to live and encourage life, even if that is not necessarily meaningful.

If our survival and the values of peace and tolerance are trivial then cimedy is trivial.

Bonnie & Clyde

You can profile Bonnie and her friend here. If you are in that kind of mood, check out the crime library .

I was surprised by how refined both Bonnie and Clyde turn out to be-especially Bonnie. How could people like that rob or kill? Was it the depression? Were people so hungry and desparate that they would do anything?

I have heard that a majority of Americans, asked during the 30s, said they had seriously plotted to rob a bank. Many banks had the " Already Robbed " sign ready to hang on their doors.

Anyways, I know this wasn't such a deep analysis. Not, "inside the criminal mind" kind of stuff. Only my first thoughts.

I have a lot of work now but my program is goin on. Only I will post the easier things first. But all the promised posts will be made this week.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dream no21(edited)


Tomorrow, a very nasty virus is going to hit the internet. The virus is called Kama-Sutra. So, watch out. Personally, I will not go on the internet tomorrow.


This must have left a strange impression. I made this alert based on an article in the news paper. Now French news papers and especially Le Monde are known for technical and scientific mistakes. I'm not saying I should have known but I should have known.

My friends called me and the party is tonight. I suppose we all will just get drunk and say funny things. The party was really nice. It was only my very best friends from school and we had a lot of they are all gone except for two of them.

El Sueno

I was in a library, with Lorel & hardy. All three of us had guns. I don't know much about guns, but there were the James Bond fancy type guns, with mufflers, or whatever those things that make the gun shoot without making noise are called.

We were hiding behind bookshelves and even on top of them at times. It turns out we were snipers. --Now I am really ashamed of this, in a way. But ok we all have violent impulses.

So some people start coming in and we, being snipers, snipe them. When you snipe someone in this dream they make a very funny face and go to sleep. I suppose that is how they die. Each person makes a different funny face. --So the dream was really funny. I so like 10 different funny faces.

Well, the dream doesn't really have an end. I just go on sniping people and they go on making funny faces. The game of life, very simply.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

School is OVER!

Today was the last exam of my last year as an engineering student. I have no more school for 5 months. During those I will be doing a project to get a masters degree in Applied math. After that I have many projects, PhD , studying history of art, travelling, name it.

The SHIFT button on my keyboard isn't working. Well its working, but you have to hit it in a special way, right on the middle and sideways. To the left in fact, you need to hit it to the left.

I want to go on with my program..and other of tomorrow I will post everyday, promise.

On the program --but I will improvise other posts in between

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