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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dream no24

I was in my bead, but my bed was not in my room. It was in a big, calm and very beautiful garden. Behind me there was a tree with bright red flowers, a pommegrenade tree. On the left were some flowers and the rest was very fresh green grass. It was night and there was the most gentle breese.

A carriage drove by my bed. Out of the window a reptile-person looked out. A WHAT, you will ask? It was like a person but with the head and skin of a snake, ok. It had very bright eyes. They were blue. It was a girl, I thought. It looked at me with its bright eyes and drove away.

I sat in my bed, looking around at the garden. I could hear birds singing and I saw a little black bird fly into the pommegrenade tree. I wanted to catch it. I got out of my bed and went to the tree, the bird didn't move and just kept singing. I caught it in my hand and went back to my bed.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Taking the Train

Hello, I was doing a post about my train trip to Paris. It turned out to be very very crappy. So I prefer to leave my meme post first and just tell you that I am now in Paris and will be back on Monday. I have some work here but I will try to post at least once in these 3 days. Enjoy the memes and everything else and don't forget your friend Steliano.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Before I start, I've added many very new pics at the VL blog.

There is an idea that's very important to me. Its knowing new things and trends and following them. Like blogs, I think people should get blogs because that's on of the newest means of communication and it just might change so many things. The same goes in anything, music, clothes, etc, I like to know about new things and to participate in them.

There is a new idea that's making a lot of buzz in biology and history and philosophy and....Its memes, the plural of meme. Its pronounces meems, rhymes with dreams. So, since I like new things, I will speak about memes. They are not that new, since many books have been written about them. They were invented by Richard Dawkins, in his book The Selfish Gene.

Memetics, the science of memes, is a theory about the history of human culture. Many such theories have been proposed. Hegel advanced a theory using the notion of dialectic, marx material dialectic, etc...

The question they were trying to answer is how do ideas evolve in history?. Why is it that the ideas that dominate our culture are different from the ideas the dominated culture in antiquity or in the middle ages? How can we predict this evolution?

For instance Hegel said that every idea that occurs in culture is a thesis, it then provokes the creation of an anti-thesis, and then a syn-thesis is achieved. The synthesis in its own turn is a thesis. For instance in art, impressionism can be seen as the anti-thesis of realism, and post-ompressionism -with its return to more geometric representations - a syn-thesis of the two. We can also take the example of philosophy, we can think that kant is the syn-thesis of the english materialism and european idealism of the 17th century.

So this is the old theory...what about memes

Memetics is the theory about the evolution of human culture. It is based on an analogy with genetics and evolution. Darwinian evolution is based on the copying of genes from generation to generation, the genes can mutate to become new genes which either survive or disappeare, according to there fitness. As Darwin put it : Struggle for survival and survival of the fittest.

Memes are the units of cultural information just like genes are the units of biological information. They are relplicable ideas. You can think of the meme of religion, the meme of being a hippie, the meme of liking football, the meme of thinking memes are real....

Just like genes, memes are copied from one person to the other. They can mutate. Mutation occur when a meme is not copied precisely. So new memes are created. New memes can also be invented by people.

All the memes of all the ideas in human culture are in competition with each other. The fittest memes suvive and become generally accepted ideas. For instance, the meme of religion is very very fit : People have been religious for thousands of years. The meme of being a hippie is not very fit, it has almost disappeared...The meme of thinking memes are such a great idea is right now rather fit, there is a lot of interest in them.

So memetics is a theory of the history of culture based on an analogy with Darwinian evolution. Memes are the genes of culture, they compete and the fittest survive.

Of course now the real questions are what is the mechanism of competition between memes, how do we measure the fitness of a meme....

You can think of many applications to memetics. For instance, predicting future trends in fashion or art, predicting public opinion,...

To sum up: Different species (genes) compete in nature, the ones that are most adapted and fit survive, the others disappear. In culture, different memes compete in world culture, the ones that are fittest survive and become famous ideas, the others disappear.

Memtastic indeed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

101 Things

This is not Gabi making an appearance here. I am going to write 101 things about me. That's ont promise I will have kept.

You are now listening to a composition known as 1001 nights. Originally its for an orchestra. Here it is beig played by a Kithera (or Qanun) and a Bouzouki. I ofnte choose the music based on the quality of the playing. I mean I choose music where the musicians are more important than the melody. For instance, they might be using very difficult techniques or interepreting the music in a very expressive way. This one I think combines the great melody and the excelent, nay genius playing by both the Kythera and Bouzouki players.

Let me go get a pizza and come back ... I'm back. I had a Spanish pizza. Some of you might think the music is too loud. It is. You see the players are Turkish. In Turkey that's how they play. They play very loud.

1.My room is a complete mess.
2.I have these phases where I don't take care of it at all.
3.I've had this place for 3 years. Its 23 square meters. Its where I live.
4.It has the uggliest curains in the world.
5.I never smoked, ever.
6.I like rain.
7.It makes my hair look good.
8.I like my hair.
9.Not my nose.
10.My favourite season is winter.
11.Especially sea storms. When the sea is very high.
12.I also like to swim when its like that.
13.But I hate swimming in general.
14.I like the accordeon.
15.I don't have a favourite instrument.
16.I can never make a choice.
17.Only in games. I can, in games.
18.I don't like card games and I hate chess. Too hard.
19.I really don't like to concentrate, you see.
20.Know yourself: Socrates.
21.The No8 in Brazil's team in the 80s was called Socrates.
22.One of the greatest players ever.
23.Much better than his brother.
24.I am afraid of fires, floods, etc...
26.I am afraid...
27.I only know one Finish person.
28.I don't drink coffee.
30.I like to stay up very late.
31.I have just aligned 6 Is.
32.I really like myself.
33.I have visited 6 countries.
34.My mom has visited like 30 countries.
35.The other people at my work are stupid.
36. 26 is a special number, kind of.
37. Its the product of two primes. In cryptography that's important.
38.I never ask why. Not about anything.
39.Do you think I should?
40.When I wake up, I have to spend 2 houres in bed before getting up.
41.Often I spend them day dreaming.
42. A quote: Laziness is waking up at 6 a.m. in order to spend more time doing nothing.
43.I love to take the train.
44.Tomorrow I am going to Paris by train.
45. I hate waiting.
46.I speak very fast and can not stand people speaking slowly.
47.I do things very slowly. One big step at a time.
48.I hate waiting so much that I once ran up 11 floors becuase I didn't want to wait for the elevator.
49.Square of a prime number.
50.I am never late for an appointment. Always for work.
51.I don't like to be late when someone is waitting. But if noone is waiting, its ok.
52.Metalica is good music.
53.I like eating at Mcdz.
54.I don't like calculators. Using them is harder than calculating by yourself.
55.I am not good at mental calculations. I don't see the point of doing them.
56.I don't like sculpture.
57.I like some painting. I like surrealism, some abstrac ...
58.Picasso and Einstein were friends.
59.I don't have a dog, I wouldn't like to have a pet.
60.It would stress me all the time.
61.I like music more than singing.
62.I have just aligned like 9 Is. I really need to see a doctor.
63.That's not true. It's supposed to be sentences about Me.
64. I love Spanish. Almost my favourite language.
65.But I don't have a really favourite language. (see 16, or whichever it was)
66.I like to read about WWII. I don't know why.
67.I would like to visit Russia.
68.I like indian food.
69.In hindi thank you mean shokreya
70.I have read the bible the Koran and the book of Krishna.
71.In the book of Krishna there are aliens and a sea of milk.
72.The other religions don't have aliens.
73.Wouldn't it be cool to meet an alien, if he/she aren't violent.
74.I would marry an alien, why not?
75.I have so many yellow books.
76.There are a lot of yellow things in my room.
77.Maybe we never meet aliens because they live in an underwater world. They are fish.
78.I once counted to 500, I think.
79.I have a polaroid camera that I never used.
80.I have 3 video casettes but no VCR.
81.I really really like the simpsons.
82.I have a simpsons mug and T-shirt.
83.I speak to myself a lot.
84.People who think that's bad are just stupid.
85.I just discovered 2 more yellow things: Kill Bill 1 and a yellow CD.
86.I like to write with a pencil more that a pen.
87.I like to write by hand more than to type.
88.T is the second most occuring letter at the beginning of these sentences.
89.Which reminds me of principal components. I have to program that soon.
90.One day, I would like to be able to compose music. THat's an important goal for me.
91.Last 10. I like endings.
92.An ending means no more waiting, no more nothing in fact.
93.Just like when you just wake up.
94.The most occuring color in my room is yellow followed by green and blue.
95.How very tasteless.
96.I son't like to hang things on the walls.
97.My phone is black with blue buttons.
98.Chinese proverb:To have an idea is to make a choice, to have an opinion is to forget a part of the truth.
99.The truestest thing, don't you think.
100.There are approximately 22 prime numbers under 100. (I missed by3, there are 25)
101.If you read this 3 times a day, you'll go to heaven. ( lol )

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blog Creating Spree

I am on a blog creating spree. One for Van Leo, one for all my dreams, there will be one last one: The Best of Steli. After that, I think the most valuable parts of Day Dreams will be documented or something like that. Then I can like clean up Day Dreams and have a fresh start. I want to be inspired again. Please inspire me. Its for a good cause.

Hello, Blogger is giving me some trouble with my new blogs. It dosn't want to let me upload any pictures and my new supersteli blog is so slow.

JL asked me about Demonstrations and what I thought about the Job Law. Here was my answer

I am taking part in the demonstrations. Except when they are early in the morning, like at 2 p.m. I could still be sleeping. Let me tell you a story that happened at Saturday's demonstrations. There were some people among the demonstrators who were only there becuase they wanted to fight the riot police. So they would throw bottles and stuff like that and hide behind us. So the police gor angry and wanted to shoot us all with paint balls.

But then, there were these people demosntrating and wearing Teddy Bear costumes and like cartoon costumes like smurfes, etc...they got between the police and the other people and started shouting "Des Calins, Des Bisous" = "something like Kisses, Kisses" so the Police didn't shoot.

Now what I think....

This new job law will get unemployment numbers down. But that's just that, numbers. In fact it ends young people's chances of starting a career of their choice. See there is a difference between a career and a job.

Now that bosses can fire us whenever they want, we will get plenty of jobs. But we will never stay long enough in any place to improve our skills and to start building a real career. Forget about building a career, it will be impossible to like settle down and have a permanent job.

There is no use getting a job if all the jobs you will ever get are going to be factory jobs where you will get layed off in 5 months. And in fact, we don't need the law for that.

The trick is now much less people will be registered as unemployed and the government can say it got unemployment numbers down.

Gosh now I am sounding like the french rebel without a cause, lol.

I want to add that this government courts the extreme right too much, its very racist and agressive towards immigrants and its very intrusive in social life -like moral-order kind of intrusive. This is very stupid in a country like france. In fact the racism part is stupid anywhere. If the minister of the interior invariably calls french people whose parents are immigrants scum and names like that, what has he left for the usual racists. So I think this government deserves all the embarrasement it gets. Go Teddy Bears.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Not Tired Girl

Hello, well today I created a Van Leo blog. Which was my first project -see what the other are in the post below. You can see the VL blog in my sidebar. Have an ice day. (pun intended)

Musical Update....

My friend Rayan came by today. He plays the piano. So we spent the afternoon playing and improvising. I don't know why, whenever me and him play together, we forget all the classical and sophisticated music and just go completely piano bar. He sat down and played Bessa Me Mucho, I was rolling on the floor from laughing at his choice. Then I played Strangers in the Night, not at all better....Then we did something funny. We improvised together, at the same time. That's really fun, because you have to guess what the other player is thinking, in order for you to sound nice toghether. Often, one of the two has more ideas and end up leading, but that only lasts for a while, etc....Its fun to improvise in a group of players.

Finally, we did some parts of The New World, by Dvorak.

Now Rayan is speaking of going to the Conservatory next year. I'm ok with that. But I have so many projects for next year. So its like now I am telling him yeah I'll go with you, but I think I won't.

I might not be able to blog tomorrow. I have a presentation to prepare at work, so you are warned.

Have an ice day (No pun intended)

Check out the Dessert Blog which I found while surfing

Tired Guy

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I have a few projects, I don't know what you will think of them... ....

1)A Van Leo blog. Putting all my Van Leo posts in one blog dedicated to Van Leo.

2)I want to create some kind of link to the best posts I ever made. There are like at least 300 posts on Day Dreams. So why not choose the best and keep them where I can find them.

3)Today I have the project of resting and doing nothing but I have to start by cleaning my place und then reading, I have a lot of reading to do. Then I will certainly be out of my lazy mood. Oh cruel world....

Why is it that when we have to read something we hate reading and when we are reading just like this we like it?

You might have noticed a new link in my sidebar. I've just found May's blog. I really like it. I think it is a mix of Olivia's, Blue's and Michelle's blogs. Kind of.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Books and Functor

My room is a mess again. Behind me, on the floor, are some books, a box of tea and some articles I printed out to read. The tea is Twinnings Vanilla flavour. Which is like "fancier" by the way Earl Gray or Twinnings. I guess they are both the same: Fake fancy tea. The books are

Complete works of Anton Chekhov. 19th century litterature at its best, or worst. Long descriptions and usual plots.Gras

A few math books. Two of them are very rare ones. Translated from russian in the 70s. That's the Mir edition. The Mir edition is often how people in the west read Soviet books. Mir means world, or peace. So Mirsky Mir means world peace, or is it peacely world :D And while I am saying all the russian I know Soyuz mean union. So Sovietsky Soyuz is Soviet Union. Dubri Utra is good morning and Dubri Vitcher is afternoon,...

Now I put points like this "..." but you shouldn't think the list goes on.

The Man Who Lost His Memory Twice. By Naguib Mahfooz. There's this guy who loses his memory, he is found by a hotel manager and his daughter. They take care of him and become his family. He marries the girl. Then loses his memory again. He gets lost again and re-finds the same family. It turns out some mysterious person is playing with him, making him lose his memory and things like that. At the end he decides to leave him alone: He has played with him enough. I love this writter.

Reformation: Europes House devided. I will never read a book like this again. I thought I would learn so much. It turned out to be a compilation of names and dates. Sure the names are funny Italian and Latin names, but the exhaustive list of all the Italian priests who went crazy or founded their own religious orders is not very interesting. This book was a waste of my money. I could have went to McDonalds instead.

Category Theory. Something I am learning in math. In this book, you learn the word Functor. I find this word very very funny. I can't stop saying Functor.

I have to clean my room up. Especially that my friends are coming this W-E.


The post below is kind of prosaic and it might seem embarassing. I count on your sense of proportion to understand what it really represnts. This is something that happened a "long time ago" and that I can speak about normally. Without emotional intensity. Its just an old story, even if it is a strange one.


I have promised michelle to poste about this period when she comes back. Here, its not fun. As I say, its the hardest and worst experience I ever had. Enjoy it. You can, its really is a distant memory.

Two years ago. Just after being accepted to my current school -one of the best in its field, in europe- I took a decision that I later spent a lot of time regretting. A very strange decision. I decided to quit school and just roam the streets, be a kind of hobo.

I wanted to run away from stress. Also, I wanted to obey my sense of adventure. Why don't we follow our caprices? Why don't we at least try to give them a chance? A caprice is often a refleion of our real taste. There was a lot of sense of adventure involved, taking a decision and just not looking back. But there was runnning away from stress. I was preparing 2 diplomas in the same year, very different and both hard.

So, I closed my door and went out. I just lived like some kind of city bee. Walking around all the time, around my favourite 19th century neighborhoods. Spending the day admiring architecture, or in a meuseum -when it was free- or just sitting down in a parc. Spending the night in parcs, not sleeping. Watching the dawn behind the Alpes, between the trees. There is a great parc with very very old trees here.

I slept very little. It was amazing how I could spend straight sleepless nights. I am sure there was something pathological about what I did. I was trying to get away from stress, I think. But never could, I only got more stressed and hyperactive by the moment. I could walk for 5 houres, like crazy. I could stay wthout sleep for 3 days. I became more stressed the more I ran away from things and lived the bohemian life. I had no rest, no rest at all.

Then there were the trains. I did jump on trains and go to other cities just like that. But often I would scare myself by going too far. So I never wondered really far away.

Anyway...I said that all this made me more stressful instead of "free". The stress built up to a point where it was really too much. I had been away for more than a month. I called my parents and told them everything, I said I wanted to go back to school and preparing my 2 diplomas.

My mom, who is a doctor, helped me get a fake medical report. The report said I was very ill and could not in any way go to school and bla bla bla. I took it to school and pretended it was true. They let me go back -partly because we cost them s much money, they can't let us leave. And I did get the 2 degrees that year.

That was by far the hardest time in my life. I felt so lost, so alone, I was convinced that all my future and my life were lost. I was surely not normal. Later, my psy told me many things about it. It appears I was having a depression and a really good one. What a waste, It could have been a real adventure.

Now details, what details. I was like in a constant transe, the future and what will happen and and....after I came back was another kind of crisis. Regret. Regret was eating me. All I could think about was how could I do that. But it worked just like with the stress. I let it arrive to a point where it was bigger than my ability to grasp it. Then it kind of had to go away.

I spent the whole summer going to the psy. It was necessary I think. Now I think this experience has left positive effects. I mean, when comes to handling stress, workload, whatever, I am very very confident. Now I am working and studying, with deadlines on both ends and I just don't care and just do it. I work all night and all and its ok. Also having been that far in a psychological problem, I think I know myself better and I know how to be rational about myself -I mean, I really can't exagerrate emotional events, having known real ones that blew me away completely.

Now I don't want you to get the impression I am unstable. I am not. In fact I am very very calm, always. Even during that time I was calm, in the sense that I didn't ask for help and in a way knew things would get big before they got small.

Well, I could say much more. I hope you don't mind this strange post. It was an important one in a way.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quick One

Before going to work. I felt like writting something. I'm still singing with guantanamera, really nice song. What to say....

So I really like the Sopranos. The TV series, I mean. On Sunday's first episode of the last season, Tony Soprano was shot by his uncle Junior. Something very big is supposed to happen, people were saying.

Maybe this post will be completely empty. The ones before it are great. They really are.

I should have left now, but let me be late. Here are all the words of, that would be silly. I don't want to. My head is really empty. Quite a shame, I really felt I could say something good this morning. Well, good morning everyone. Have a nice day.

Dream no23

You are currently listening to Guantanamera. So this is a kind of song called Guajira and its from Guantanamo. Jia Li's comment on my (blue's) tag made me think of putting it.

Wait. Actually thank you JiaLi. THat comment could have been a post on your blog but you made it a comment here. Et merci Olive, pareil. You can tag peopl with it if you want.

Yo Soy Un hombre Sincero
de donde crecen las palmas
y ante de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma


I am an honset man
from where the palm trees grow
and before I die I want to
let out the poems of my souls


I was in a blue room. Every thing was blue. Even I was dressed in blue. Not the blue I like but a rather oily blue. It was cool, I just walked around the room. Lap after lap. I was not bored. In fact I seemed to forget every lap at the end and rediscover the room again.

There was this one time, where I looked behind me and saw a horse running around the room with me. I jumped on the horse -which was red by the way- and went on around the room.

It was like the room was made of sand and collapsed suddenly. First a big part of it fell down, then it kind of trickled away. I asked myself "What?" and the horse looked back at me and said "What?"...and just ran away

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tag by Blue

Let me interrupt the autoportrait series to do this tag from blue's arabic blog lasto adri = je ne sais pas = yo no se = I don't know = ... feel free to participate

oh wait. These are my last black and white pics of VL. After him I have other people. I like Kaiser Wilhelm II, that guy did even sillier disguises than VL...the tag (I know that was very wiered) ...I answered very quickly. So I reserve the right of changing some of the answers. Enjoy it, please! my idea of perfect happiness?
A: Being surrounded by people I like your greatest fear?
A: I am afraid of violence

Q: What...historical character do you most identify with?
A: G.H.Hardy (I really like Alexander, you all know. But I would be conceited to identify with him. I am conceited, but not on such matters.) person do you most admire?
A: Elvis (he is alive) the the thing you most deplore in your self?
A: Irresponsibility, shyness the thing you most deplore in others?
A: Agressivity, being serious but not open minded

Q: your greatest extravagance?
A: I am a big big spender, especially on clothes.

Q: When do you lie?
A: All the time. I lie a lot.

Q: you dislike the most about your appearance?
A: Many things. Above all my nose.

Q: What...words or expressions do you most use?
A: I don't overuse any words. I am very articulate. the single thing you would like to change in yourself?
A: Being reserved

Q: your greatest achievement?
A: My first math research paper, soon to appear. And having played football at a very high level.(back when I was fit)

Q: What...person or thing would you come back is, if you were to die and come back?
A: I would like to be a cow, or bull for the matter.

Q: Who are your favourite writters?
A: Oscar Wilde, Naguib Mahfooz, Nicolai Gogol.

Q:Who is your favourite fiction hero?
A: Achilles (I like invincible people) you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
A: Gosh, there are many examples on the news. Let's not go there. the ideal place where you would like to live?
A: On a ship, preferably on the medeterranean. your most marked characteristic?
A: Restlessness

Q:What is the quality you most like in a woman?
A: Being adventurous, knowing the importance of friendship. (Things I really like in both guys and girls, in fact. I don't know if I can choose a quality only for girls. I think I can't.)

Q:Who is the living person you most dislike?
A: Public person: John Bolton. He is rude, uneducated, has a very very bad haircut. In real life (As opposed to inside the TV) I dislike many people. So it is not worth mentioning anyone. I don't hate anyone, never. I pretend to forget them.

Q: Who is the greatest love in your life?
A: There has been one.Let's call her Miss #. As I said, has been. So hopefully, there will be.

Q:How would you like to die?
A: Any painless way and knowing my sis is ok.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

VL by VL


The wacky pilot

Friday, March 10, 2006

VL by VL

Note the legendary signature: Van Leo/Cairo.

VL by VL

I have a big report to type this WE. So I might keep a low profile. I will still change to some U2 music before I go to sleep today. Have switched to U2, Can go to sleep.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

VL by VL

Van Leo does a happy picture of himself

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On The Phone

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Soad*: Hello...
Steliano: Yes.
Steliano:Yes Soad, what is it?
Soad:What are you doing?
Steliano:Jia Li wants to play a game.
Soad:a game? what is it?
Steliano:Everone gets a strange word and they have to use it in a sentence.
Soad:Sounds great, can I play.
Steliano:Well my dear, you are dead, and I am making this conversation up.
Steliano:If you want you can still play, I want to play the game anyway.
Soad:Cool! See ya.
Steliano:I don't like dead people to tell me that.
Soad:Even if they are very pretty?!
Steliano:Even if they are you.
Soad:Well goodbye then.
Steliano:Bye Soad.(hangs up)
Steliano:(To himself) She really is pretty!

*Soad Hosni = the girl in the picture, an actress.

That was saying lets play the game Jia Li said. And how about inventing a story game, where veryone tells a part on the story and the others continue...I would really love to play a game.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Like The Pic-Dos

read my last post first

Wellcome to the second part of this. (That was a meta-sentence, to those who like mathematical logic). In the first part of this. I told the story, so that was the fun part.

The Twelfth night is a play about love. Love is the central theme and all the events are affected by it, in some way or the other.

However, the play questions love a lot:

We see at the beginning that Orsino is in love with Olivia whome he can not see at all. Then Olivia is in love with a girl disguised as a boy and Orsino is in love with that same boy, but probably because he guesses something feminen in him. Then Olivia is in love with a real boy just because he looks exactly like the boy who is really a girl she was in love with before. (see last post)

How can people fall in love with people or even things that don't exist or that are merely ideas?

Is love more related to the person who is loved or to the lover's imagination?

You meet such situations throughout the this post there is a bit of the point of view of psychology on this subject...

-let me put what I have just written online now, and get back to you with the rest-

I kind of disappeared for a day. Sorry. Its only I am working very late and after work I don't feel like blogging. This is a real threat to my blog. But we shall prevail, as some people say.

So love and psychology. Well there are many types of psychological theories. The ones which are really scientific and will help you in life are cognitive and behavioral ones. There are also the fun esoteric ones, which I will be using. Jungian psychology.

While behavioral and cognitive theories suppose that we are born with no pre-programmed behaviors, and that we learn everything. Carl Jung thought that we had pre-programmed patterns in our brains. But who is that guy so that you should beleive him? He is one of Freud's students. I guess that totally destroys his credibility.

The pre-programmed patterns in our brains are called Archetypes. Archetypes are models of behavior and of people. They are different from stereotypes, like the stereotype of an evil person is sitting in the dark playing with his moustache and devicing an evil plan. Archetypes are more like zodiac types, like the the type of a person who is a taurus or a virgo or...

Jung says we never see archetypes but they influece our behavior. (Excellent way of shutting up your critics) It means that you meet the archetypes in certain situations in your life.

The Shadow...the shadow is the other you. He/She is preprogrammed in you. You meet them when you dream, or when you explore your unconscious.

The Child....when you are starting something new, going to a new job or meeting new people or going to a new school or neighborhood, the child manifests itsself. The way you act when you are new to something and don't know it.

Anima or Animus...anima is a feminen model. It represents women in your brain, the archetype of women in fact. The animus is the archetype of men. This is where the play is related to psychology.....

Falling in love with someone isn't really a choice, is not completely blind either. As I said and as we can see in the play. Sometimes people fall in love with an imaginary person, or a fake person or they imagine how a person they don't know is and fall in love with that. Jung said that we only fall in love with our anima or animus. A model that is in our head. The real person only attracts our attention in a way that makes us see that model in him, or project it on him. It doesn't really have to be there.

So in Jung's mind. All the strange things happening in the play are very logical and can happen very naturally.

In fact Shakespear in known to have adopted a very psychological apprach even before the invention of psychology, so this whole theory is probably built on Jung reading the play and coming up with a fre metaphores about it.

Conclusion, Jung and Freud are not imposters, its unkind to say that. We don't need to be mean to them. Its only that from their point of view love is explained by finding a model that is programmed in us. This is the tricky part, becuase as you can see in the play the person who helps us find that model might not at all be the model.

-next episode: a few more thoughts-
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Like The Pic-Uno

Now here are some thoughts about the 12th night. I read it a while ago, and it was for a class so I had to think about it, not only read it before sleeping. Let me now share what I learned and thought with you. It would be a shame not to, since I rarely think about a book I read!

Now some important facts before I start. This play features the invention of the name Olivia. Also I am not a litterary critic, so this isn't professional its just thoughts.

-so the post starts now-

Reminder on the Story....


If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it, that,surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.
That strain again! it had a dying fall:
O, it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound,
That breathes upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odour!
Enough; no more:
'Tis not so sweet now as it was before.
O spirit of love! how quick and fresh art thou,
That, notwithstanding thy capacity
Receiveth as the sea, nought enters there,
Of what validity and pitch soe'er,
But falls into abatement and low price,
Even in a minute: so full of shapes is fancy
That it alone is high fantastical.

Is Pretty important

That was Duke Orsino of Illyria describing his love. At that point he is in love with Olivia. Olivia does not return his love, moreover she is mourning for her brother and wears a black veil all the time. So he's in love with a girl he doesn't see.

At the same time, at sea near Illyria a brother and a sister have been shipwrecked. The Sister Viola is saved by the crew of another ship, but her brother Sebastian is nowhere to be found. Viola thinks her brother is dead and starts thinking of a way to support herself.

The captain tells her about the Duke Orsino, she goes like "Hey, isn't that guy a rich and noble bachelor". The captain then tells her about Olivia and how she lost her brother and cut herself off from the world. So Viola expresses a wish to serve Olivia and mourne her brother in the same way.....but Surprise Surprise

Viola disguises herself as a young man, Cesario. And enters the service of Duke Orsino, who only hires men since he is in love with Olivia. Orsino thinks that since Cesario is such a beautiful and delicate boy he would be the perfect messenger of his love to Olivia. So He sends Cesario (Viola) to Olivia's palace as often as possible....but Surprise Surprise

Olivia falls in love with Cesario. So she is on love with a girl disguised as a boy. Meanwhile, Orsino is very happy with Cesario's services and takes a real liking to him. In fact Orsino develops strong feelings for Cesario. So Viola's plan is starting to work. Orsino would really be in love with Cesario if he were a girl, we could say that he finds his feminen ideal in Cesario!

Now everything is so mixed up....but Surprise Surprise

Sebastian, Viola's brother, shows up. He actually defends Cesario in a duell and shows great courage. The important thing is Sebastian -Viola's brother- looks exactly like Cesario, and he IS a real guy. So Sebastian and Olivia are in love.

This frees Viola from her role as Cesario. She can show up as a girl in Orsino's court. Orsino is allready very much under the effect of Cesario and when he sees Viola -dressed as a girl- he falls in love with her immediately.

So at the end its Viola with Orsino and Sebastian with Olivia.

-ok I finished this part so I will post it and the rest, which is what I thunk, is coming - (One of my friends in the US used to say thunk and brung instead of thought and brought)

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sorry(allready edited)

Who better to say it than the late and last king of egypt, King Farook. Who was deposed in 1952, after a huge scandal where he gave his army fake weapons that fired back at them -literally, you would fire your gun and shoot yourself.
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At Jia Li's blog we were talking about how she had to take a math class and how we didn't like truth tables. It made me want to write about me and maths, since I am probably going to study maths for the next 4 (or even 6) years of my life and have allready wasted 5 years of my life on maths and engineering. So, I need to justify wasting what will finally be 9 (and maybe 11) years of my life on this subject :D

I really don't like math at school. I hate doing long calculations and I hate "rigorous" thinking. But I think much unjustice is done to math in teaching. I really think maths is a creative art, like music or painting.

Art's aim is to create beautiful things, at least that's one of its aims. Every artforme uses a different material to create beautiful things. Painters use colors, sculptures use stone or wood or bronze, musicians use sounds. Maths uses ideas.

A painter makes paintings and a musician makes music by arranging their material into patterns and that's what mathematicians do, they create patterns of ideas. When looking at different patterns we can find beauty in them.

All this of course raises the question of what constitutes beauty, which is the subject of Aesthetics. Which brings me to a list of things about beauty

The Return Of Beauty
Aesthetics is the study of Beauty...mainly an effort to define it...What is Beauty? is the main question of Aesthetics.

Most people will say, they know it when they see it. But here are some aspects of the way we experience beauty that seem to be common to all humans.

The experience of beauty makes us search for antecedants : Whenever we see a beautiful thing, we try to think of something even more beautiful, and so on...

Beauty endures : Whenever we see beautiful things, we want to copy them. We gaze at beatiful things to create a mental copy of them. In a museum, there are always people copying the greatest paintings. When you see a beautiful person you are attracted to them because you want to make copies of their beauty (children..dah). Leonardo Da Vinci was obsessed with this. If he saw a beautiful person he would follow them and paint them. And paint copies of the paintings and copies of the copies.

Beauty is life saving : Saint Augustine says, "like a planck amid the waves of sea". Seeing beautiful things helps us go on. If you feel down and you see an authentically beautiful thing, this really improves your state of mind.

A contract with beauty: Because we are indebted to beautiful things, we want to preserve them. We are more affected by the lose of things we find beautiful (someone ruins youre best shirt, your beautiful car....)

You can listen to the radio show The Return of Beauty if you want. Nothing prevents you from that.

After this interlude, let me continue. In addition to the fact that it has an artistic side, maths provides us with a whole world of objects and relations between these objects. Its like being a fan of a TV show, like Stargate SG1. There is a huge amount of trivia you can know and share with other people. This is really fun.

I have often said that I wanted to study litterature in the first place. I have take many litterature classes and I will take a degree in the history of art. But I have to admit I never hated maths, I hate all the work, but the subject is fascinating. The real pity is that there are very very funny and beautiful things but they are hidden beneath layers and layers of learning and work and teachers.

There is a good book about aesthetics and math called A Mathematician's Apology.

Anyways, that was a display of nerdiness and courage on my part, I think. For which I deserve some ice cream which I am going to have.