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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Question & Other Things

This post is not very well written. The main thing here is still The Carpenter's Pencil. I will blog about it soon.

I have a question. If you read someone's blog and think they are a total asshole -I'm sorry- and there are so many mistakes on their blog it makes you want to tell them how stupid they are. Do you

a)Ignore, because you can't change the world
b)Ignore, because he's stupid and you can't change that
c)Argue in the hope of convoncing him.
d)Non of the above.

I decided to press "next blog" on my blog and continue pressing "next blog" until I am bored with that. I saw like 10 different blogs. Many of them were in portuguese and spanish. Its easy to read portuguese, if you read spanish.

I had an Italian friend and I could speak with him (!) I would speak spanish and he italian and we understood each other perfectly. In general, many people say that. They say that you can speak in italian and spanish at the same time. How strange?

Something "very funny" is happening when I type. I am making the same mistake over and over. That is, I am typing instead of every letter te one next to it on the keyboard. (I'm correcting as you can see) Why?

In fact yesterday I was playing some music. Its in C major. Today I am playing "the same thing" in C minor. So my finger positions are slightly to the side. I am stuck like this.

Here is some uncorrected writting

hrllp, hpw are yoi

Tonight's poem
Io! pagan! Io! sing,
To the finny people's king.
Not a mightier whale than this,
In the whole atlantic is.
Not a fatter fish than he,
Flounders round the polar sea.

--whaling song.

I am loving the singer's voice. It's so expressive. Some people say that the voice is an instrument and the singer a musician != other people who say singing should above all create a "sound map" of the meaning of the words.

As you have noticed, I used the symbol "!=" in C language this means "diffenret".

24 Houre blogger

As you know, I am not sleeping. I have blogged for 24 houres. I have spoken to people from England, Canada, Egypt, France, Japan, and the US. I spanned the globe today.

Galician Fable

I like to write fables. This is all the more important now, sicne I am not sleeping and not seeing dreams.

This story comes from Galicia in Spain. Its about life and death.

Vida Y Muerte

In a big house on the ocean, lived two sisters. Vida (life) and Muerte (death). The sisters had inherited the house from their parents. They were rich and both very beautiful. They had a very nice life together and had a lot of suitors.

The two sisters decided to take an oath. They were allowed to have as much adventures with men as they wanted but never to marry and leave home. They wanted to live together forever, since their life was so beautiful.

Vida and Muerte would go dancing in a ballroom in their village. The ballroom was separated from the village by marshes. Vida and Muerte, like all the girls, would wear boots to cross the marshes. They would hold their dancing shoes in their hands - Muetre's shoes were white and Vida's black - so that they would stay clean. And they would change in front of the ballroom. Thus, there would be a pile of boots in front of the ballroom.

The men, on the other hand, came on horses. So they didn't have to worry about the shoes and things like that. They came on horses and tried to impress the girls with their riding.

Vida and Muerte had as much fun as they wanted dancing and meeting their boyfriends. Then, they always went back home. That was their oath.

One day, a ship drowned in the ocean by their house. There was nothing strange about that. That part of the ocean is very very hard to navigate and many hsips failed to pass it. So ok, just a ship that drowned. But this ship was special. It was transporting accordeons. Thousands and thousands of accordeons. The accordeons floated on the ocean and the waves and the winde played on them all night.

During that night. The whole village stayed up, listening to the music of the ocean, playing the accordeons.

Vida fell in love with that music. She woke up and went down to the beatch, stood facing the ocean and listened to the music in transe.

The next day all the accordeons ended up on the beatch, all broken. All broken but one. A shepherd boy found that accordeon in a cave and decided he would learn to play. He did and after a while started playing it.

Vida heard the music again and she could not resist it. She followed in and found the shepherd. She decided to give up her oath. She could never find anything better in life, she thought. And she ran away with th shepherd.

Muerte was furious. She looked for Vida everywhere. She swore she would find her and punish her for leaving her alone. Ever since that day, Muerte roams every street of every village or town, she asks the people she sees "have you seen a young man and that bitch Vida". If they don't know, she takes them with her.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

El Lapiz Del Carpintero

My post is going to be a bit Spanish. El Lapiz Del Carpintero == The Carpenter's Pencil is one of my best books. Whenever I finish it, I read it over. The picture is from the movie version.

In the pic, Doctor Da Barka is being transported to a jail on the ocean and his fiancée Marisa has come to see him in the train.

I want to write about it....

Tonight's poem is translated from Spanish

In the trunck of a tree, a girl
carved her name, filled with pleasure
the tree, feeling her pleasure in his heart
let a flower fall for her

Buenas noches.
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Friday, April 28, 2006

The Nibelung Ring

Finally found a nice Valkyrie drawing. The Nibelung ring is Wagner's trilogy of operas. It is about a ring that gives the power to rule the world and how people fight over it. The king of gods Wotan develops a plot to make the hero Siegfrid capture the ring, Siegfrid does but he dies and Brunhilde the Valkyrie in love with him throws the ring back in the rhine causing the destruction of the gods. Does that remind you of a movie you have seen recently. The Nibelung ring is inspired from German and Icelandic pagan myth.

Ok I added a few things to my last post, also May's answer to the tag is ready

Rambilngs of another sleepless night

I studied a bit today. I haven't been able to do much during the last few days. I was feeling too irritable. So, I guess this is allready better. Another good sign is I played music, I hadn't done that in like a week. This also means I am feeling more calm and concentrated. Role on Ponticos!

What to say, its 4 a.m. . The music I played is by Bach. Its amazing how long it takes to learn music. I mean how long it takes ME. I have just spent 10 minutes learning a line (and Bach is easy). The thing is, at first you have to read it carefully and synchronise your two hands, etc...that takes some time. Then you start playing a tune well but then you want to interpret it in other ways and you spend even more time. This is a great subject for a Haiku, which I refrain from writting. So I am feeling requoting another poem.

Many dreams we have built around ourselves

Many roads we have walked in the moon lighte

With joy jumping ahead of us

And laughed like two children together

And ran faster than our shadows

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flight Of The Valkyries(Edited)

The Music has changed. I mean I changed it, into Richard Wagner's Most Famous Flight Of The Valkyries. You probably know this opening from Apocalypse Now. Maybe I will write more about Wagner, he was interesting. Anways, if you like your Wagner served lyrical, here is some music for you.

Well I have also edited "Hardy". Nothing, just free associations from a sleepless night. I want to write about Wagner too, ok. I mean Wagner The Tolkein Of Classical Music -looooooooooooool, rotlf how funny is that

In German, Flight Of The Valkyries is called Valkurenritt (ritt meaning ride), I know I made a msitake. My german is really bad.

I wanted to find a drawing or picture about Wagner. I thought of some art representing Valkyries, but all I could find were drawings where the Valkyries looked like Sailor moon. Then I looked for a picture of helicopters like in the movie Apocalypse Now, but didn' find. The painting you are seeing is Thought-form of the music of Richard Wagner.

Oh yes I tagged May...who has answered and answered with vigour

Maybe something Wagner now...

Wagner's contribution to opera and music is seminal. In opera, he is the inventor of the idea of Musical Drama. Thanks to him an opera is not just a set of songs but a dramatic work where the singing and the music are also acting. I mean they are at the service of highliting the story and the drama. He wrote the words for his operas too. Mostly he used folk stories from northern europe. He realllly liked them.

Also Wagner is one of the first composers to experiment away from classical harmony. He invented a chord which is somewhat different from usual tonal music, called the Tristan Chord. And in a way he is the founder of the music of Anton Webern which I spoke about.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I like Hardy's pictures. Hardy was a mathematician from like the 20s in England.

I'm back, I want to write more. Hardy was a special kind of nerd. I will not talk about him. Do you know that some times I write things and then I am so worried about what you will think of them. Its like I tell myself "what are they going to say, what are they going to say" all the time. That's strange.

I feel like drifting a little bit. The past three days have been horrible. With the weather changing and a lot of boredome at work I had this kind of nervous breakdown, like extremely bad mood for 3 days and feeling tired and very very tense. I'm sure its the weather. Right now I can't sleep. I am going to have yet another sleepless night. I sleep very little, half of the time I don't sleep at all at night and catch a bit of sleep during the day. Maybe I should check and see if I can enter the guiness book for greatest number of houres without sleep.

This reminds me of Gelgamesh. Like there is this place in the story where he crosses the water of death and goes to meet an immportal hero. He asks him to help him become an immortal and one of the things Gelgi has to do is stay without sleep for 12 days and nights. He does that but things still go wrong.

Did you know Alexander also didn't like to sleep much. He used to say that sex and sleeping are for mortal people, so a god like him should not have sex nor sleep.

Let me reassure you, my reasons for not sleeping are not in anyway close to those of my two colleagues I have mentioned. I don't sleep because I do nothing all day long so I'm not tired.

By the way, Hardy -from the picture- was gay.

Its 5 a.m. . The thing is, when you don't sleep all night you should drink a lot of tea and have a very big breakfast at like 6 or 7 a.m. then you can go on with your day naturally.

I end with this poem -which I freely translate from Arabic

If I had known the road was so long I would not have travelled
If I had known the sea was so deep I would not have sailed
If I had known my ending I would not have started

But look! I am breathing underwater!
No, I'm drowning.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Proud to be Wiered

Olivia, The Classy Blogeress, tagged me to write the 6 wierdest things about me...let me get the numbers in place and write this tomorrow :D

Now I'm going to buy a chair instead of the one that broke the other day.

1. Let me start with the origins thing. My grandfather traveled from Greece to Syria. There he worked with Austrian associates mainly in commerce. Remember Prussia and the Ottoman empire were allies. So my father was born there; and my mom is Armenian from there. They lived in Syria and Egypt and then France. As for captains, my cousin is a captain -now.

-not wiered. But I hope you appreciate the fact that I used a ";"-

2. I eat with chopsticks all the time. I just like it better this way.

3. When I was a baby I had an incredible number of accidents. All very dangrous -like a library fell on me or my chariot fell down the stairs- but I was never harmed, not the least bit. For instance, I hapened to be right where an empty shelf of the library fell and just went through it. Like in cartoons.

4. I broke my right leg 4 times at the same place, back when I played footie. Back then, I only wore sports clothes. Very very different from my current look. Also all my 10 fingers are broken.

5. I was a sailor for a whole summer. Working on a ship is the best job in the world. You work for 4 houres a day and play ping pong or watch TV for the rest. Also they pay you well. Another time, I was a diver for the summer.

6. Finally, I once stayed for 10 days without talking.

Monday, April 24, 2006

French Cancan

Today's music is the French Cancan. Originally this melody is from a fantastic opera : Orpheus in the underworld by Jaques Offenbach. I think this part is called La Descente Aux Enfers = The Descent To The Inferno. Although I am probably way wrong. Jaques Offenbach is a German composer who became French and marked French classical music in a special way (personal opinion).

Anyways, this theme from an opera about greek myth became the French Cancan..which is probably better. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Strange Day

Here's a small post. Emmm. I can't blog during the week end so see you on monday.

So I wake up. As usual, I go to my desk and do some work on my computer. I started doing that, I sat on the chair bhind the desk and turned the computer on. 5 minutes later the chair collapsed under me. It was broken in 3 pieces and I ended up on the floor. Great, I got up and went to work. At least there they have chairs.

I worked a little bit. I had a presentation to do, so I dooed it. Then I went back to my now seatless place*. Now I'm sitting on the floor. On the way back I met one of my friends, M.K. M.K studied engineering with me. He is also an actor in his free time. He is in this theatre troop. He told me they were playing tonight. I can't remember what but some contemporarty theatre de l'absurde playwrite. We took the tramway together.

While we were talking -in the tramway- this girl sat next to me. She had a Japanese sword with her. I mean what the...imagine a person gets on the tram with you, sits there very calmly, with her big sharp japanese sword. Very normal!

I was very curious about the sword so I started asking her where she got it and if she knew how to use it and and...It turns out she is a professional! She has been learning to use the Japanese sword for a long time and she participates in competitions. Anways we got of the tram before her, so I said goodbye to the Sword girl.

So first I have the chair accident, then I meet a girl who is a professional Japanese swordsman. That was just by 7 p.m.

After that, I came home and found a message from my mom. She is back from Pakistan. This on the other hand is not strange. She travels all the time and she had some work there. The rest of the day was just routine.

*I still have a sofa but there are so many clothes on it that I can't use it. Maybe I will throw them on the bed.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Olivia mentioned that she didn't like 19th century orientalist themes. I also really hate this a la Delacroix atmosphere. So I thought I would treat us both to a painting we should find horrible. Which brings us to the word of the day.

Also, I want to choose an example to illustrate my post about Verdi. Its a bit hard to link to classical music. A link to an houre-long symphony is way too big and I don't know how to edit audio files and just put an interesting part. Anyway, I chose this serenade.

Its very interesting for its very complete but also very whispered and etheric harmony. It shifts very nicely between using an orchestra and using only solists, which is interesting -as I mentioned about Verdui's influence. Its made up of subtle and extensive variations on a simple and very romantic basic melody.

Its 6 minutes long. My best part is kythera/violin duett at 3 minutes.

Finally I am sorry there is singing. All the musicians I know say that the human voice is the best musical instrument. I really don't think so. Often I prefer music alone. I mean unless I really like the words.

Try to enjoy

I saw this nice blog too, its fun
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Adventurous Verdi

I am writting about Verdi's Visit to Egypt and its effect on Oriental music. It was really very important...see the post below which is just a beginning. Posted by Picasa

Verdi In Egypt


I want to talk about one of the major events in the modern history of music. Verdi's visit to Egypt. Verdi visited Egypt in 1871 to present Aida at the Cairo Opera House. This was in celebration of the opening of the Suez canal. This visit and presentation had an everlasting effect on oriental music. Classical oriental composers came in direct contact with western classical music. Since then they increasingly worked to combine their music with western music.

This single event was a main element in the Golden Age of classical oriental music from the 40s to the 70s of the 20th century (what other century could it be ;D )

Situation of 19th Century Oriental Music
When Aida was presented in Egypt, oriental music had been under development in a new and academic way for some 30 years or more. As you can see, there was an Opera House already. The main concern at that time was returning to a strong theoretical formulation of oriental music.

In the middle ages and under the influence of great musicians, like Ziriab and Isaac al-Moselli, who studied greek music theory and developed it, oriental music became governed by a set of precise rules. In other words there was musical theory and musicology as independant studies. This is of course the basis of classical music. But in the late 19th century most of that work had been completely lost and Oriental music existed as folklore only. No Rules and no notation at all.

When Verdi arrived, a new generation of musician was working hard on recovering the old music theory. Their work was to study the folklore and find the general musical rules behind it and generalize them. In This way they created a musical theory and the possibility of notation and so of making new and independant compositions.

What was the music like
Their works were not very long. They were characterized by the presence of many ideas and difficulties in a short composition. You can think of 6-15 minute compositions with as much different rythmic sections and an amazing variety of new idea and melodies. So the work was very condensed.

Another characteristic was using small ensembles. There were no orchestras, but small troops known as Takhts. These were made of 5 solists playing the main instruments. Oud, Violin, Kythera, Flute and percussions. One of each instrument was enough. And there was one singer.

The fact that there was only one of each instrument meant that there was no possibility of using harmony or arrangement. It was on the other hand more adapted to technically very difficult music.


The king of Egypt invited all the kings and queens of europe and all the best musicians in the middle east to watch Aida in celebration of the opening of the Suez Canal. To oriental musicians there were many many surprises.

1)The music was not played by a solist for each instrument but by a BIG ORCHESTRA. This was very well received and the sound of the orchestra was thought to be much nicer than the sound of only one violin for instance. Gradually, they started using orchestras and thinking of using elaborate arangements. This became the genral rule by the 40s (of the 20th century :P )

2)Also it was THEATRE. This means there were many singers and composing for different voices. This was totally new and people liked it a lot.

These two ideas changed many things. There was a real row on using orchestra and on writting operas not just monologues like Arias and stuff like that -which were generally the norm.

3)Probably the most important thing was reinforcing the idea of classical music. Just exploration of musical forms and not "making songs" in this or that style.

What is important to understand is that these two changes. 1)Using an orchestra and 2)Making musical theatre meant an immense change. Music made for a group of 5 musicians and a singer can not in any way be the same as music made for 60 musicians and 10 singers. So this very short event can be said to have made a radical change in oriental music. It is so strange to think that all this change was probably part unintentional.


So in this part I will speak about how this developed in the next 30 years. And examples of music will be given. Which is probably the better than reading all this...and oh at the end I will give references if you want to read more.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Cover Of Vanity Fair Magazine

Cover of Vantiy Fair magazine of the Ottoman Statesman Midhat Pasha, dated June 30 1877 and tiled "The Turkish Constitution". "A man of charming manners, of much dignity, and with a fine sense of the real meaning of things" Vanity Fair 1877.

I will write something about old magazines, if I get enough info. But I wish to make a very small rant. TOmorrow I am invited for lunch with people I really don't like. THey keep inviting me and I can not refuse their invitations but I don't like them that much. So I always end up wasting half a day on their silly lunches. Thank you and Happy Easter my little friends. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My new music is percussions. I really like percussions and think they can be music all by themselves. They don't have to be subordinate to a melody. I know many people would disagree. This reminds me of once I was I was on a plane and had this discussion with a man that was sitting next to me. He asked me what music I liked and I said percussions. So he was percussions are not music and all that. ..

But....rythm is a universal phenomenon. First its everywhere in our lives. Our heartbeat, our movement, like walking are all very regular rythms. Also, when you ride a horse, a ship a car, you experience new rythms.

In poetry, the metric defines a sort of rythm and when we read a poem, this rythm is very important to the way we interpret it. And THEATRE, theatre completely depends on the timing and rythm of repliques....that's everything.

So percussions are not just the metronome next to the "real" music. They can be meaningful. Also, they are very nuanced, since they are never exact. This small change from cycle to cycle can introduce very enjoyable surprises...its the difference between a machine and an artist.

Look, its simple, percussions are good.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dream no25

I wanted to find a Happy Birthday music, since today is international birthday day. The one that's all over the internet is Marylin Monroe singing for JFK. I had allready used that for my birthday, so I have another version now. Now I want to tell you about this dream I have had 4 times recently....when I come back

See when you've worked all day and you just want to shout, that's me...aaaaaaaaaaaaah

How about that dream....its very complicated, I can't yet find a way of telling it. I mean I've seen it four times but its not like something you tell in real language, its very abstract. I will take a shot at it tonight. OK.

Let me try. I am at my grandma's. My two youngest counsins S and her brother R are there. Everyone, not only us, but everyone is so afraid. A war might start you see. But, it is possible to stop it, we just have to solve a riddle. Its not really a riddle like in the usual sense but a "problem" in general.

So I start thinking about it. The first time I solve it, I do that not using a pen and paper but using "myself". I know this is very strange, this is why I said the dream is hard to explain. I use myself like I am a computer and I use myself to solve the problem.

This is very hard, I mean using myself. Becuase I go through strange phases. I don't remember them all, but one of them is screaming very loud. Anyway, everything works finally. THe problem is solved and the war is stopped.

Then I solve the problem another time, using a pen and paper. This time its just easy, I write it.

3 very recurrent things in my dreams are war, robberys and riddles or problems I have to solve. So that's natural. In this sense its a normal dream. But maybe the middle part makes no sense. The thing is, the dream is very strong. Its very strong sensations and ideas, so its a dream that I remembered very well, becuase it felt very true. However, these sensation and ideas are not from our life, and I don't think I can explain better. Lame dream, forget about it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Goalie Post

I wrote the post about my philosophy for failure, my philosophy in life. Its just below, you might want to read it. It has been quoted on Olivia's London Dispatches, oficially elected the coolest blog on the planet.

This picture is of Lev Yashine, goalie of Dinamo Kiev and the CCCP -soviestsky soyuz of sosialistski republica- teams in the 50 and 60s. Lev yashine is considered the best goalie ever. He is the only one to have stopped a penalty by soccer legend Pele. To the western press, he was known as "The Black octopus". He always dressed in black and had very long arms. WHat made his style unique is that he nearly never dived, he was always at the right place and just caught the ball easily. Finally Lev Yashine is the only goalie to have won the Ballon D'or, the golden football. Which is the prize for best footballer in the world. No other goalie has every won this. Only Oliver Kahn of Germany was silver football once.

Ok fellow goalies, JiaLi and Olive. Now you know who you have to beat. You can't be too ambitious. I want you to become as good as him ;) Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 07, 2006

By The Way

I found this article in The Guardian. Its about the Bible of Judas, which has recently been found in Koptic language. It tells Judas' version of the story. So this is my "Oddly Enough" section for this week.

Decision Tree

After a certain time, all levels are the same. Part of my philosphy for failure. My philosophy is in 4 points, scroll down and read them, or enjoy the whole post. I really enjoyed writting it. I don't know if that meakes it -I mean makes it not meaks it- an enjoyable read. It was anjoyable to write it. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ma Philosophie

I have slept for 9 houres in 3 days and become addicted to coffee, which I never drank before. I want to tell you about my philosophy. I thought that was the only thing missing to make this blog certifiably deranged, I mean surrealist.

But now I am tired, I leave you with the BEST POST IN THE WORLD

Now to my philosophy in life. First of all, don't do this at home. I am not telling you to follow my philosophy, it is a ticket to failure land. It might have worked for me but that was just sporadic -yeah, I said sporadic again. My philosophy in life is : We should not interfere with our own life!!!

wtf, you are thinking. Rest assured. It's very sophisticated, at least.

Think of life as a series of choices. There are big choices that we make and that affect our lives, but there are also "small" choices. In fact, a day is made up of small choices that we make, houre after houre and that define our day. We choose to wake up or not, to dress in a certain way, to stop on our way to work or to try and arrive early, we choose to work especially hard that day, or just to blog, we might choose to quit.....until we finally choose to sleep. Even on a smaller scale, our life is just a seires of choices, minute by minute.

When I say choices, I don't necessarily mean we choose consciously. What I mean is at any moment in your day, month or year, many possibilities are open to you, so many that some of them are unthinkable. You can't do two at a time. You have to do a particular one, and so you do not do any of the others.

An image of this could be a decision tree, or a random walk. A decision tree is a tree, it has a root and many levels, each level is a choice and its branches the possibilities. The figure shows that clearly (although its not a very nice figure). A binary tree is fractal, it looks the same at every level. So life has a fractal structure. Every second is a fresh start, just lik the day you were born. At every second you can make a new choice and still change everything. Life has no memory, why should we? I say we shouldn't. We shouldn't let our bad memories be a burden to us. -I wish I followed this advise :D

A random walk is you, standing in the middle of a long road. Every minute you flip a coin. If its heads you take a step forward. If tails you walk in the other direction. Then you wait for a minute and flip your coin again. Every minute you have a chance of moving forward or backward. After a very long time, you can end up at many places. It is a mathematical fact that at the end you are very probably within a precisely given distance of where you were at the start. I find this example important. Don't try too hard, is my second advise. I mean don't try too hard all the time. That doesn't count and it only gets you tired and stops you from enjoying yourself and having fun.

Instead of stressing about how you take every decision, just take it. Don't ask yourself too many questions. That gives you more time to do funnier things. -This, on the other hand, is an advise that I usually follow.

The heart of my philosophy - Disclaimer : I am not responsible for the results of following it, not even in my case. But that is part of the philosphy - is that life is made up of choises. It might seem important to concentrate on every one of them. But we should remember that in the breif moment of hesitation before a decision all the choices exist together. In that crazy and stressed moment, where all the choices exist together, we are taking them all at the same time. We are living life to the fullest and being creative and we are rising above the elusive notion of luck and the stupid notion of competition, we are just drifting along, enjoying the ride, recording the beauty of it. And when the time comes to choose, just take a guess. Trust yourself.

I think this is very important. Trust yourself. We are all talented and special, not in a new agy silly meaning, but in a renaissance kind of humanist meaning. We are complicated and have hidden resources and deep treasures inside us. We should explore them. So trust yourself and don't think and don't count on common sense, take guesses and be adventurous. The final lesson is intuition is a very important tool, maybe the most important.

The 4 truths of steli's filosofia para el fracaso -(philo for failure lol)

1.Every second is a fresh start, try to get rid of bad memories and live the present.
2.Don't try too hard, enjoy the ride.
3.Common sense is bad for you, trust yourself and take guesses.
4.Intuition, the hidden part of us in general : Cherish that. "Mystery is the origin of all true art and science" -Alberto Einstein. I advise you to be a surrealist.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fayoum Portrait(Edited)

Hey JL and O. I am using my computer for a Monte Carlo simulation. That's going to be running for at least 24 more houres. During all that time I can't use the computer. Let's hope the results are good and sorry about all this. I should have two computers, one for work and one for me. Maybe in September.....

Check out my last post about this painting. The Fayoum portraits are funerary arts from Egypt in the 3rd century BC. I find it a bit post-impressionist :D Posted by Picasa

Icons and Stuff

Decidedly, I am not a very inspired blogger these days. I saw this vrey nice black and white picture at this blog . So check it out, since I am your official black and white picture supplyer. Actually all the pictures at the blog are excellent, it is really worth it to scroll down and watch them all...A very nice one is with the girl taking a photo of a greek mosaic with her new nokia mobile phone...

Now that I have written something, I feel like writting more. L'apetit vient en mangeant, as they say. I don't know if there is a similar proverb in English. Litterally its "appetite comes with eating" it means that the more you do something the more you want to do it.

I'm going to change my music soon, I have something in mind. However, if you have a request please ask me.

Speaking of mosaics, I went to this expo on iconic art the other day. There was this whole section about Saint Ann. Saint Ann is supposed to be the mother of the Virgin Mary. Actually she was invented in England in the 13th century..let me tell you why

People in England at that time used to pray to St Mary a lot. Hoping that she would talk to her son (Jesus) and tell him about their prayers and he would answer them. With time, St Mary's profile became too high. So people invented a mother for her. Now they could pray to St Mary's mother hoping she would tell her daughter who would in turn tell her son. The name Ann is quite strange, someone living in Nazareth in the first century B.C. would never have been called Ann. Of course, as I said, the whole story is from 13th century England.

There are actually more details. I saw many icons depicting the "Mystical Kiss". You see St Ann gave birth to St Mary by kissing her husband, only kissing. So, according to this legend, St Mary was concieved from a kiss and she went on to do even better, having her son without even a kiss.

So that was the iconic art exposition. The other icons were ok, I knew most of them and most of them came from Romania. That's very interesting because they have a somewhat different style in painting them there.

Since I'm talking about icons, I should mention the Fayoum Portraits. These are paintings from Fayoum in egypte from the 3rd century BC. Here an article in english . Its from Al Ahram weekly. Al Ahram is a big Egyptian news paper, it means The Pyramydes. And a website .

The Fayoum portraits are funerary portraits from the roman era in Egypt. They are the descendants of older pharaonic funeral art. Now instead of having a magnivicent gold statue for a coffin, you have a coffin with a portrait of you on it. These portraits are outstanding, given the time when they were painted. They are way way ahead of their time in the techniques they use. They even have this sort of exagerrated perspective. I thought perpective was invented in Italy during the renaissance, they have it here in 300 BC.

Now the Fayoum portraits are thought to be the historical origin of Icons...that's what I wanted to say.....

WHat should I say. I am going to play some music now. Rayan gave me a partition that he said was really hard, so I'll see. I don't even know what it is. I don't know if I will work or play music, and maybe I will go out. I don't know.

Bye and thanks.