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Wednesday, May 31, 2006



So this is evariste Galois on a French stamp, so that we might stamp things with it. Galois is a mysterious, becuase contradictory and original person.
Some people think he was a romantically dashing boy genius and others think he was talented but very erratic and arrogant. BTW, I use erratic as meaning unfaithfully moody. Is that its meaning. The second hypothesis is that he was a di**head in modern terms.
In general, most girls beleive the first hypothesis and most boys the second. Of course I am saying most and not all. And there is another clarification. Some people beleive the second hypothesis not because they are jealous of him but because they identify with him that way. (The talent part being exagerrated)
Its like its a good justification for my, whoops, there arrogance to say "but that great person was also a Di**head."
I do not know that you want to know more about Evariste Galois. If you do I will write about him and I might just write about him anyway. The thingy is My high school is lycee Evariste Galois.
Now I leave Galois for a while. Today I spent a long time. I mean like ten minutes. That's very long for an internet addict. Trying to analyse how leaves, on trees, oscillate in the wind. That time was not wasted as I was sitting across an old lady in the train. I wrote more about what I did today in the other post.
I have a quote...and in my continual tradition of plagiarism it is very long. One day I might go to prison. Because of plagiarism or something else. Then my life would change. The quote,
"But it appeared to Dorian Gray that the true nature of the senses had never been understood, and that they have remained savage and animal merely because the world had sought to starve them into submission or kill them by pain, instead of aiming at making them elements of a new spirituality, of which a fine instinct for beauty [sic] would be characteristic. As he looked back upon man moving through history he was overcome by a feeling of loss. So much had been surrendered! And to such little purpose! the way this is going no where. I could copy the whole book.
I think I am speaking about Dorian Gray because I saw a picture of me in the dream. Like he has a picture of himself. Now, tonight, I will have compared myself to Dorian and Galois. Two big Di**heads. And it is a very precise comparison. Of course, there are many aspects to anything.

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Dream no28

Hello. First I have to say twinings chocolate and mint flavoured tea is absolutely delicious. It is like drinking tea, hot chocolate, and having a mint ice cream in one sensation. The dream comes tonight.
Dream 28 is a shorty
I saw a dream where I was walking on my hands. Walking normally on the street but on my hands. Some people in the street walked on hands and others just like we do. The street is full of people and shops on both sides. The shops have a very square architecture. They are like boxes. I walked to one of them and opened the door...
All I saw inside was a picture of me. Standing on my feet, and not on my hands. I looked at it more. It was just a picture, looking at me like a piece of paper. I walked out of the shop. Decided to tour the streets some more and see new things. But walking on my hands all I could see was really the ground. Still, in a while, the novelty of the situation got to me and I felt better.
I walked back to the shop, opened the door, and the picture was gone.
Today I had lunch with a professor visiting our uni. He is from an Australian university. It was I think the first time I had a "work" lunch. In as much as academic people work. How ever we had a great discussion. Also today, I finished a novel I was reading in Spanish which is ever worse or ever better, depending on my mood. There was a wonderful sentence "life always ends up acting like bad litterature". Of course I am not saying this is true or false. Like oscar wilde would say, there are no true and false things. Only fun and boring things. Ok, Oscar would say tedious not boring. This sentence was quite fun at the time. Like Oscar wilde would say, the things that have most charm in life are caprices. This sentence was a caprice, I liked it when I read it and maybe I will change my mind tomorrow. Also, I am thinking of a topic for my PhD. Do you have a topic. I mean the thing is to invent a resonating title. Suggestions are wellcome. Also about that ipod. I really might win it and if I do, I will ask an easy question and the winner will have the ipod I promise.
Tomorrow I have to say it is utterly unoriginal for me to put today and then tomorrow. But as Toni Soprano would say, what do you got to do. Maybe I am not getting enough iodine in my food lately and so I am less original. Now before I speak about tomorrow, I have a question. Do you feel that the way you look constantly changes? Like you look in the mirror in the morning and you look a certain way but after work you look different. And I do mean different face, note like more tired or something. Of course I would continue quoting Soprano but he is less of a consistent thinker that Oscar. So quoting him regularly is not good, I mean not fun.
How about tomorrow, well it is allready here. I mean 3 a.m. now. I forgot to pay my taxes so I am feeling a bit anxious. So I will go and pay them when its the morning and the birds have woken up.
Do you know who was Evariste Galois?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Existenial Question

Who are you for?

I will be rooting for Brazil becuase they are my favourite team and Argentina is probably the country I like most so I am for them too. Argentina...Argentina...

Do you sometimes hate blogging because it makes you show too much of yourself. Sometimes I write the first thing that comes to my mind and then think "people will take me for an idiot". But we have allready been throught this, haven't we?


Just now. A few seconds ago I read this sentence. It is very nice. "Eating without restraint had always been her only way of crying." --GGM.


Bonus question: Construct a 4 element field. Use your imagination. Btw I have hust taken a sleeping pill so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz now I have woken up. Look I know its a hard question but you can win a prize.


Ok, the last prize was only moral so noone would have won it anyway. Construct a 9 element field and you will win a color ipod. Courtesy of Lasto-Adri Blue.


Just bought: Twinings tea. Mint and Chocolate flavour? First time I try this one. Anyone going to win that ipod?


I am going to sleep. Tomorrow, or net time, I will post dream no28. In this dream I was friends with an octopus. Yes yes. Also, I want to ask you something. What is you favourite fruit?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Gosh I loath work, I do. I mean right now. What do I want to write about. There was the history of numerals but I am not finding the good figures to illustrate. Ok, I remember, hinduism. Hinduism it will be. But not now. In fact, I don't have the energy to reach for my book. I don't want to get up nor to reach. waaaaaaaaaaah. I would like to sleep and wake up next month at the world cup and then sleep and wake up during my summer vacation.

The skinny on Hindu cosmology

The universe is made up of planets. These planets stand on the heads of a big -I suppose its big- snake. The snake is called ananta and it is an appearance of Sri Krisna the supreme being. Maya, the exterior power of Krisna is one of his other appearances. Krisna is also Visnu, who lives on a planet where there is an ocean of milk. Visnu exists swimming on the milk. Every planet has a deva-master. The deva of the earth in Bhumi. He sometimes takes the form of a cow. The deva-master of every planet can go see brahma, if there is great trouble on his planet. Brahma is himself a deva-master. He is the lord of the material world and his planet is the most advanced planet in the universe, Brahmaloka. The devas take their problems to Brahma who alone can approach visnu. He can not talk to him directly but rather stands on the shore of the milk ocean and has a telepathy session with visnu. He receives his messages by telepathy and transmits them to the devas who can transmit them to their planets. The devas are actually normal people or aliens who do very well during their life. Brahma is one. However, Visnu is a god.

My Friend --a personal note.

Some people are talented but not ambitious. Or maybe they do not want to work. My friend has an amazing voice, she also knows enough about music to teach it in a university. But, she doesn't care. She doesn't excercise and lives a normal life. She does all the things that harm a singer's voice, staying up late, smoking,.... Of course, when someone is talented, that doesn't mean they have the duty towards the rest of the world to fulfuill their talent. They don't choose to be talented, they are born this way. If they don't think they will be happy pursuing a career in that domain -for her, singing- then even if it will be a waste, that is their right. We can't make her. On the other hand, its very strange. Its like wanting to destroy something very special that you have. Or even yourself. Probably the main thing is to not make a big deal out of things.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Remember this?

Do you remember the palmyra lion that protects the oryx? I had wondered what does the lion eat if he protects animals. I think I know the answer. See, lions don't hunt. Its the lionesses that hunt, normally. So its perfectly logical for the lion to protect the oryx. But if it were a lioness she might have not protected it.

I wanted to say something...there is a french word, une planque. Literally it means a hideout. The word means a job where you do nothing and never get fired. For instance many school teachers have a planque for a job. I had thought an office job was a planque. I had in the past thought that at my job I would just sit at my office and read a book or blog. But my dreams did not come true. They keep giving me assignements and I have to do them. I mean why? Can't you just sit in your office and I will sit in mine and we'll phone home and e-mail our friends and things like that. Why work. Anyways, holidays are nearrrrr. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Me(final version now)

It is impossible to beleive how fat I have become. I mean I have a two-layer belly. Not a one layer one, a two layer one. It actually folds. Like 3 years ago I was just about to become an international level football player. Now I am phat. Do I look cooler, maybe. And I am still good at foottie. Very good. Also, I might have a very nice job now. Research is easier than training everyday. But. But, It is so tiring to carry a big belly around with you everywhere. I wish I could leave it home sometimes.

Do you notice there are some people whose only reaction to anything is laughter. Especially girls. If they are happy they laugh, if they are supised they laugh, if they are angry they laugh. I mean didn't they learn any other facial expressions. And what is more annoying, the laugh is like either a short giggle or a shrieking laugh. Yes you have either the hyena or the eagle. Some things seem elementary but sometimes people can drive you mad.
I am very intrigued by the "next blog" button. What happens if you keep pressing it again and again. How are the blogs chained together. All these are questions I will never try to answer. I will never be that bored. I am only bored enough to start imagining myself so bored that I would do that. Boredome does stimulate you imagination, but only towards more boredome. No, strike this last one. It was not thought.
A famous blog once wrote 10 reasons why people don't read your blog. Now I don't want to imagine the extent of his/her intelligence. However one of the reasons was good, or at least well said; "your 8th grade teacher convinced you that truth and beauty are important. That's wong people want powe and money". I guess he is saying don't be too intellectual, be like me.
People are romantic (I mean lofty about things in general) when they are tired. Have ever been romantic when you were feeling like, euphoria? Today I was very very tired and had many romantic thoughts.
Today I met a girl, named like a canadian singer, I really liked her. It's a shame we will never meet again.
How does a flash memory work? If its electric, where is the battery and if it is magnetic then how? And did you know our brain can be described using the ising model which describes magnetic materials.
Now I can officially confirm to you. Senegalese food is so hot, you need to go on drinking water 4 days after your meal.
But now I am drinking tea. Upcoming post:A short history of numerals. I have to do something about my r key. I sound like the cartoon character whatsisname who wants to hunt buggs bunny. I mean before I corrected it this was a shot histoy of numeals. Elmer something? Elmer fudge? Fudge, lol...
Olivia is writting her dreams and they are amazing. Now we are two dream writters. This is the re-birth of the surrealist movement by the way. We are the neo-surrealists. Who are you?
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I don't mean to show off the presents I got for my birthday, but. But there is something quite strange I found out. One of my presents is the 12 cds containing the 1956 Bayreuth festival. Every year, at Bayreuth, the works of Wagner are played and that year it was the 3 day long ring tetralogy. You might remember this is the opera that goes very much like the lord of the rings. It has a ring of power and people fight over it and the heroes succeed in destroying it at the end.

The ring is not an opera, it is more. Lik Wagner said, it is total art. But this is not my subject. What I want to say is that I read that that year the ochestra used an instrument called a trautonium. I googled that and fell on the site . Obsolete indeed. The trautonium, called after its inventor the crazy Dr Trautwein, is the first electronic instrument. It was used to make sound effects in the play. Like the hammers of the nibelung. What are the hammers of the nibelung. Its like when Saruman is making all the weapons and stuff like that. So, the trautonium, now you know what it is and to quote another famous blogger, I am not going to be googled about this.

The trautonium still exists in some way. The mixers used in house music are its descendants. I mean they are kinds of trautoniums and people know that. Well, now I am enjoying cd1. Other presents include clothes, books, music scores, sports equipment and heartfelt congratulations. There are also some not heartfelt congratulations.

Now, I want to sleep. Ahhhhh.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Dream no27

Random picture because I couldn't wait to post anything. I am so happy and thank you Olive and JL du fond du coeur. The best way to come back is a dream. New music too, please listen to the whole piece. As I said before, I am choosing very old recordings, from the 30s and 40s, beacuse old taste is simply different and so, to us now, new.

I dreamed this a week ago. I was with my class from last year in a skyscraper. There was water on the ground everywhere. A very small pond on the floor that kept getting bigger, expanding in all directions. To avoid getting wet, I took the elevato to the 123 floor. That was the exact number in the dream. There the water had even climbed the starts, very slowly, still looking like a shadow creeping on the floor.

My friend Clement waned me. The water has electricity in it. If you touch it, you will be shocked and it will soon fill the building. Very calmly, like Sherlock holmes calmly, I opened a window and started scaling the wall down to the ground. Must have been a really really long rope I used, it went down 123 floors. I arrived at the ground and 2 of my friends followed me, Clement still begin one.

We wee in the middle of nowhere outside the building. Like in the middle of the french countryside, very deep in the french countryside. What should we do? Where should we go. I looked back at the skyscraper and it was still standing there, its glass walls shining in the sun. But where should we go? Nowhere, we just waited....
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Quote On The Run

Hello, I am back. At least technically. On the menu is a dream I had tonight, very nice. And the post I had been thinking about. This will be dream no27, I think. Hey, today I am going to play foottie. My work has a team :) so here we go. Do you remember who Lev Yashin was?

Does anyone know what is the origin of the question mark "?" ? Please tell me. Now bye.

Just a quick quote...

People do not admit that their opinions about the world are confessions about their own character

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

But Where Is Steli?


I am here. I have to finish a thousand things together at work this week. I might not blog a lot. During work, to rest, I am reading a novel. In fact when I bought "A Year In The Merde" I bought another book with it, "Cronicas De Una Muerte Anunciada" = "Tales Of An Announced Death". It is my Columbian Nobel winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or as his fans know him GGM.

The cover said this was "the least surrealist" book by GGM but it is about the last day of the life of Santiago Nasar who doesn't know he is going to die but everybody does. People know he is going to die but they all think its so evident they forget to tell him -everyone thinks the others told him- to not go to where he is going to be killed. And this is "the least" surrealist book. Don't ask me about the others.

Although I like GGM, there is something I really hate about him. People are so flatly admiring of him, it is crazy to read the praises the critics write of him, you would think he is their god or something. I mean look at this "the dialectic between reality and myth is intense and powerful, and once more, a prose so charged with fascination that it elevates us to the frontiers of legend".

I mean it does not "take us" it "elevates us" and what the heck are "the frontiers of legend"?! And what's the difference between intense and powerful writting. And people only speak of him as "The Ginius".................I think they should take it easy.

I want to play a lot of music from the 30s and 40s, to see how taste has changed. Tomorrow I will put a new one.

I am very very busy but I promise that next week will be better. THis doesn't mean I will not blog this week. But I will not post. As of tomorrow I will come and visit your blogs everyday. Kisses and bye.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Year In The Merde

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The Truth About France

I have just read Stephen Clarke's "A Year In The Merde". It is a nice little novel with a silly little intrigue that makes you want to read it in one day. It is also full of truths about France. When I first bought this book it was out of boredome. Let us not debate the concept of buying books out of boredome now. It was out of boredome and I thought I would go slumming, in a litterary way. No dense experimental novel, just a bestseller diary book about an Englishman discovering - what is to him - the perversion on Parisian life.

I told myself, sure it would be full with clich├ęs about France and French people, like how bad they smell -supposedly- and how they are bad losers and hypocritical about politics. To my positive surprise -to use a French expression "positive"- there was none of that. In addition to being a fun story this book reflects in a very vivid and lifelike way the quirkyness of Paris life.

I think there are some quotes that are just so incredibly true. This is the very best one...

"I saw that I was witnessing an important lesson in Parisian life. I musn't try to make people like me. That's much too English. You've got to show them you don't give a shit what they think. Only then will you get what you want...."

If you don't know this, you don't know anything about France. I certify.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Foottie Fact

When you think of Socrates its a greek philosopher or maybe your dog, if you've called it Socrates. Also Socrates was the most famous number 8 in the history of football. Socrates' legs were bent in opposite directions; one to the inside and one to the outside. This made it almost impossible to take the ball from him. This foottie fact was brought to you by the union of fottie fools. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 05, 2006

Dream no26

Now I've changed the music to this tango. I like the melody a lot, but the recording is very old. Its from the 40s I think, so its not so clear. Dream no26 is tonight. A dream about pizza. Wait, before I start, this music is one of blue's most favouritest tunes ever.

In this dream I am a waiter at a bar-restaurant. People are speaking french at most tables. There is one table, however, where its Spanish. There is a 30ish woman with a baby on that table. She calls me and I am like "madame.". She says, with no accent at all, "I want a sunny pizza". I look at her like what the hell and aske her "What is a sunny pizza?". She goes "Oh, I am sorry, I mean a hot pizza".

That seems to have a meaning in th dream. I go into the kitchen and tell the chef, who is a girl, that I want a hot pizza. She opens the oven and a pizza comes flying out of it. It's very dangerous actually, since the pizza flys very fast. Everyone scrambles to get out of its way. Happily, nobody is hurt. But pizzas start flying out of the oven like crazy, like a pizza bombardment.

At that time, I start feeling very very thirsty and the Spanish woamn is shouting at me for being late with her pizza. So I decide to wake up....

And I woke up and drank a glass of water.

Monday, May 01, 2006

How about this one(Re-Edited)

Posted by Picasa I feel like saying crazy crazy things. I want to be crazier than ever. Starting very soon, ok. Here is tonight's poem. I really love it, it is very representative of me

I will leave my house, naked
I will go back to the forest
It is impossible...impossible
That I would imagine myself
As anything else than a river in a desert
Or a ship in a sea
Or a monkey in a forest
I have no identity in my pocket
I have no appointment in my memory
I am a shoe.
Where is the road?

As usual I don't say the name of the writter. I am the king of plagiarism, I would add to the poem. God save the internet.


Steli the monkey

Or the shoe, for the matter. Today I slept all afternoon. Now I am invited to dinner and at night I will work. I love this life style where all I do is geek on my computer, go out with people, and sleep.

We are writting this article with my collaboraters. They think its wonderful but I think its nonsense, I don't know how to tell them. Should I just say: Your idea is stupid. Usually I would do that but maybe not now.

Did I ever tell you I think the Dalai Lama is a total idiot. The other day he gave the profound analysis that all the problems of our world today are because poor people see rich people on TV and are jealous! I was like, whatever you're smoking dude. But honestly this is interesting, it tells you something. It tells you the Dalai Lama watches a lot of TV. I wonder if he likes LOST or The Sopranos. Maybe he closes the door and watched TV and when his friends call on him he says "wait, I'm meditating". He's in fact meditating a new episode of LOST.

Sorry Mr Dalai Lama but I totally didn't get that one.

As I said, I was finally able to sleep normally yesterday and the day before. I saw a dream. I will write it tomorrow. The day after I will post about "El Lapiz Del Carpintero". But now....

As you probably know, Newton and Voltaire were friends. Voltaire was once visiting Newton and Newton told him that his dog -Diamond- can solve equations. So Voltaire said to Newton "So, your dog is a genius" to which Newton answered "No, he has shown me two of his theorems and they are both wrong".

At what stage do you consider someone crazy based on something strange they said? What if someone told you that about their dog?


I know, I know, I am talking about that movie and now writting this while I am supposed to speak about El Lapiz Del Carpintero. Look, I will. Today I thought, what is the difference between playing music and listening to music.

I think when you listen to music its like you are watching a magic trick. Something very special happens and you don't know exactly how it did, although you can guess. Now playing is like being the magician and watching your own tricks. It is much less spectacular when you know how it happened, when you know the trick.

If you know what are the different elements that came together to create the harmony and what are the little tricks you do to interpret the music then its less stunning and less magical to you. It like you hear something special but go naah, that's a trick.

So its better to listen, be surprised and intrigued and try to guess and understand than play tricks on yourself and pretend to beleive them.

However, when you know exactly the music you appreciate more than the beauty of the sound. You appreciate the beauty of the construction which is a wonderful thing. Now wish me luck in finding a picture for this post.


Today I went to the movie theatre. I watched the film C.R.A.Z.Y. I didn't mean to. I was going to watch another movie but mistakenly entered the "salle" -what's that in english?- where this one was playing. In fact, I was going to watch a film called TransAmerica, I bought the ticket for it but then walked into another one without paying attention.

Now, since I didn't know what any of the two movies was about. I couldn't tell I was in the wrong movie and watched this one to the end. I don't regret it the least bit. This film is wonderful.

C.R.A.Z.Y is a film from quebec. Its very very funny. I mean its allready funny to listen to quebecois accent, but the film itself is hillarious. I really recommend it. Also it has a great soundtrack with many legendary songs. There is "Crazy" by Patsy Clein and many other songs.  Posted by Picasa