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A Brain, A Brain and A Kookie person. It used to mean something. Now its out of controle +) Our only hope is Blue

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Friday Night

I will go buy some Tiramisu, and then I will come back and blog this. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I am going to Deutchland, is that how you write it? Will watch the Argentina-Germany match at the Berlin Olympiastadion. I will be sitting with the argentine fans, since I am travelling with friends from Argentina. I am for Argentina also and I hope no German fans cick our ass over this. Will be back.

Ok, I am having trouble writting this. Maybe I will try later. Right now, Its not coming together. See you soon, I should be back Monday.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The young king on his nike sneakers

I apologise in advance for this awkward post. I have posted dream 31 below.

Yesterday, I was reading Oscar Wilde's short story, "The Young King". It is from his collection of short "children" stories, "A House of Pommegranates ". By the way, Pomme Granates are the Pommes = Apples of Grenada in Spain. So, the young king says this about his very expensive robe that was made by a poor child : "Take these things away and hide them from me. Though it be the day of my corronation, I will not wear them. For on the loom of sorrow and by the white hands of pain, has this my robe been woven. "

I was very moved by this. You know what I mean, I paused and looked at the cieling -I was in my bed- and thought "Merde, that is true". Of course we might think this is just how the world goes. But I did feel a bit sad about it. Well Voila. Probably the worst post I ever wrote. I promise not to do this again.

Dream no31

I am in a room in a hotel. The phone rings : "There is someone here to see you", the receptionist says. "Send them up" I go. So an old lady, black hair and very bright eyes comes up. After a few minutes, phone rings. The same thing. A tall old man, speaks all the time and seems intelligent. For the rest of the dream, the phone goes on ringing and people coming up to my room. There are 5 children, a football team, two Russian scientists, a oud player, 3 girls..I can't remember all the people. But the room gets incredibly packed. Personally, and I imagine the other people too, I feel very uncomfortable. I want to scream, to be alone and releived from this pressure. After some time, I don't know exactly how long, it starts raining outside. Gentle drops of rain and then a big storm. The idea comes to me like lightning. I open the window and tell them all to jump.


I am quite tired after an afternoon of football. Friday I will be off to Germany to watch a World Cup match. I have a dream to tell you and I must finish about my trip to Montpellier. I will do all that tomorroa afternoon and maybe a bit this evening. Now I am exhausted.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Although I think I explaned this once before.

I should start by saying Flamenco is an interactive dance, it has three parts, the dancer who uses parts of his or her body to create counter rythm, the Music or the rythm and the Dance itself.

Since many believe Flamenco is one dance, they are wrong. There are many dances, a few Main Dances and many others that branch from the main. Every dance has its own rythm and movement.

The Main widely known Dance outside Spain is the has a six count. In this dance the dancer uses their feet and hands as percussion with a sharp Gulpa or Foot Stomp with a sharp Palmas or hand clap with it. 1-2-3-G-5-G. The whole dance has the same count.

One of the Traditional or Folk Rumbas I dance from Granada has a quicker count. 1-2-3 -- 4. The fourth count is a foot sweep up off the floor like you are kicking something away. This is a group dance with 8 people or 4 couples. The 1-2-3 are G's. When you listen to the music the cords are the count, da da da DA.

Another Dance I do is a varation of the Tangos...called Tangelios. This dance is different in both the music and movement. Palmas is used at the opening for percussion along with the music. with a 1-2-3-4 5-6 7-8. Its a softer more romantic dance with promenade's at the begining and a slower count throughout. the 5-6 7-8 are more like small steps together.

There are more dances but these are the only ones I know.

Video Links





JL, can you explain to me the stuff you know about Flamenco please.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Footie update

Ukraine just beat Switzerland after a shootout. Ukrainian fans can thank their goally Olexander Chovkovski for winning them the game. As I said, videos tomorrow. I really like the name Olexander.


I have just made a mini discovery in music. Or maybe not. Anyways, I feel quite smart now so I will share it. The flamenco scale is the major scale inverted and played from the end to the beginning. Meaning :

Major scalre : 1-1-1/2-1-1-1-1/2
Flamenco: 1/2-1-1-1-1/2-1-1

Where the 1 and 1/2 mean a tone or a half tone. So I feel smart, yupi.


This afternoon the Australian soceroos played the squadra azzura. Australia is coached by dutch Guss Heddink, who can make any team in the world into a world class contender. This is again what he has done with Australia who competed with italy for the whole 90 minutes. Near the end of the match, a very imaginary penalty was given to itali which Francesco Totti scored. Italy wins 1-0.

Yesterday night the Netherlands played Portugal. A completely frustrating match where the referee gave 7 yellow cards and 2 read to each team. Portugal played in a very silly style. They used anti-play. All they did was waste time and stop the dutch from playing so they bored the death out of them and made them totally lose their concentration. Portugal wins 1-0. I am happy for portugal because I like this team which has been together for more than 10 years.

Videos tomorrow morning

Good Morning!

I leave you with this picture. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Video Links



World Cup Coverage

The second round has started. Here are the matches to come. I will post a link to Video resumes of the matches now...





The winners in each of these groups will play each other in the 1/4 finals. Losers go home.

Yesterday was Germany-Sweden and Argentina-Mexico.

Germany seemed unbeatable. Michael Balack is a great team leader. He is full of ideas and has great leadership of the team. Miroslav Close and Podolsky (I don't know his name) are a leathal attack duo. There is also great work by Philippe Lahm, the shortest player in the German team :D on the left side.
Weak points in Germany are defense and goally.
Germany dominated the whole match and won 2-0. Both scored by Podolsky. They scored very early at the 4th minute and never looked back.
On the swedish side, goally Isaksson played a great match. But he could not have won alone. This is a great disappointment for Sweden, Ibrahimovic, Larsson and other players had very high hopes for this world cup. But they met Germany.
What is so great about the German team is they play very un-German football. Like they are bad in defense and very creative in attack. This is a revolution in German football.
Argenitna was the most impressive team in the first round. Mexico are a huge defensive team and had beaten very good teams like Angola and Iran.
Against all expectations, Mexico scored after 30 seconds. It was a wonderful goal coming from a very quick combination.
Argentina repraised after 4 minutes. Pure argentine goal from a corner. They put so much pressure on the Mexican defense that they made them score against their own goal.
Then no one scored until the end, so there was extra time. Just a few minutes into the extra time the young Maxi Rodriguez took a very inspired initiative and tried a difficult shopt from 23 meters, Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. Argentina wins.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fritag Morgen

Ok, this is the third post today. Read the ones before, otherwise its not, how should I say, serious, or maybe, amphibian or some other adjective. No, please read them in order, I am asking you.

Friday Morning
Well, "morning". My mom went to work at 7 a.m. and I woke up at 2 p.m. I would have slept more, but the girl who cleans the rooms woke me up. I think I will remember this girl's face for a long time. She has the biggest smile I ever saw. Do you remember the Italian Girl by VL? Imagine her, in real life, right in front of you and giving you a giant cheerful smile "Bonjour". Bonjour meaning, you should leave now you lazy person you. Which I did.
I went out. The first thing I saw was a sign for an expo of paintings of Berthe Morisot at the museum. Berthe Morisot was Eugene Manet's wife. She wasn't an impressionist but was influenced by them and her favourite subject was her daughter, whome she painted over and over. She is really a huge talent as I saw later.
As I walked throught the city, I noticed something fabulous. All the center of the city was neoclassical. When I say neoclassical, I don't mean boring buildings with columns. For instance, there is this one building called the Ulysseum which is shaped as a Doric column. The building is actually a giant column, with windows in it and offices inside it.
I walked to the Comedie, there I met a friend of mine, Joy. We walked for some time and then she had to leave. Then I went to see my mom at the Esplanade.
With my mom, I met her "friend" Dr Gaga, from Greece. My mom insists they are friends, but I think they just work together. I should say, Dr G is a lady. We sat together in a cafe. Them talking about work and travelling and more travelling and me getting bored to death. I was saved by a trio of musicians who came to play in the cafe. A Clarinet, a Violin and an Accordeon. Dr G said she used to play the Clarinet when younger and I discovered my mom used to play the accordeon +)
Then we had lunch and went to the hotel, to prepare Friday night.

Thursday night

This will come in 4 parts. Thursday night, Friday morning, Friday night, Saturday morning. Here is the first and not the best. The others are really way better.

I took the bus to Valence, then the Train to Montpellier. The trip was empty. No events, no people, no scenery to note, unless I want to give you a classical description of the French campagne (country-side).

I arrived at the gare (train station) of Montpellier Saint Roch at 11 p.m.. I met my mom there. Montpellier is where she lived from age 18 to 30, for 12 years +) . Now, she was there for two days, then she goes on to England.

First thing we saw was the Place de La Comedie. This is a big square with a 17th century opera house and theatre at one end and a long path covered by trees at the other end. The opera house is called La Comedie and the path the Esplanade. La comedie has the word "Comedie" on one side of its facade and the word "Tragedie" on the other. Beneath each word there is a face that goes with it. All in wonderful marble statues. At the center of the square, there is a Renaissance statue of three girls, called Les Trois Demoiselles. It stands on a rock from the sea.

We had dinner at "Wellcomedia", a cafe right under the Comedie. We ate outside in great weather and stayed there until 12:30, then went to the hotel.

At the hotel, we chatted until 3 a.m. and went to sleep. The next day would be great for me.

Montpellier, Montpellier

I had a more than wonderful time, drank a lot and met a lot of different people and saw very beatiful things. I was in another country, the south of fronce (correct pronunciation ;D ). I think this will make a wonderful post. Sank yo fo' yo at-ten-shen an-en-jo yo tip. (The train driver said this when I was coming back. I suspect it means "thank you for your attention and enjoy your trip".)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


More shameless phlogging Posted by Picasa

Tagaliscious or Tagalicioso

I am 23 years old :). (the point is part of the smiley) (Blue you're tagged kaman) Some "d"s are surely missing. Sorry.

1) At my 23 birthday I thought I was 24, but it was my bad arithmetic. Or wasn't it.

2)There is a giant fly in my room and I didn't win a mobile phone. Why are the aliens angry at me??!

3)Every time I go on a plane I meet someone interesting and totally exciting. I mean, the best and most interesting conversations in my life took place on planes or in airports.

4)I wish I was 4. I totally need a haircut, but can't find the time. I look like a sheep.

5)This is haaaaaaaaaaard today. I have a shirt that I have had for 7 years and still wear. It's still good too.

6)There is no six element field, such a thing does not exist. But this doesn't count here. What would happen to a 60 year ol if they got tagged. Ok, ok, neighbors can see inside my room. Not very comfortable this way.

7)There is however a seven element field, it has only one generator. If I do this again, hit me please with something very heavy. Can I fnish later, my eyes hurt. Guess whose back! I had this very eminem period where I listened to eminem an rap. heh.

8)When I was in first year in uni I used to interrupt the teachers as they gave lectures an talk about something else, also I use to walk out of class like in front of them and all. Looking back, I find this very childish and silly.

9)Sometimes I feel lonely but that never lasts. (The instrospective entry here)

10)My father always says when you finish half of something, you can start looking forwars to the end. So in the same way, I think, when you finish the quarter you can look to end of the half and so to the end. If you continue this, you can look forward to the end from the beginning. Common sense is a cheesy thing.

11)I think there is no life after death. How about you?

12)Sometimes I think we can run out of memory. Like we can stop remembering things because its full in our brain.

13)I don't like children that much. I don't know if I would want to have any. Maybe not.

14)There is nothing as a 14 element field *get's smacked on the head really hard* thank you, whoever that was. But look the funniest movie in the world is Big Fish, even funnier than it is a Spanish movie called The Ferpect Crime, not the Perfect, the Ferpect. It is funniest than the funniest movie in the world.

15)So this week end in Monpellier we are invited to this cocktail party. It's supposed to be quite the thing. I hope it will wake me up (and hey, maybe I will get drunk there!)

16)Ran out of ideas. Will be back in 5 minutes. I am not wearing my glasses these days. I really need to wear them all the time but I am not. Not good. I am sure this summer when I get them checked they will have become weaker.

17)Also I don't hear very well. Well, that's an exagerration. But I don't hear very faint sounds.

18)The you-won-a-mobile-phone lady was so wiered, after I spoke to her I forgot three pages of music I ha learned. All gone.

19)My favourite T-shirt is a Simpsons T-shirt with Bart's anatomy on it. And there is another one with evolution leading from monkeys to Homer Simpson.

20)Allready at twenty. Good. My 20th birthday is not a very good memory. I was feeling down for many reasons especially I thought -back then- I was not doing much with my life. Now, I know I am not doing much with my life, lol. Also, around that time I got a very direct rejection from a girl I had a crush on. Very nice :D :D

21)I would really love to visit South America some time. And also Cuba.

22) 22 is the name of a restaurant my mom used to take us to when I was a kid.

23) Today, I think I am in a positive period of my life. Really.

Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova. First woman in space. She didn't finishs school when she was a child and became an astronaut, or a cosmonaut as they say in russian, because she was a good parachute jumper. Later she married another astronaut, their daughter is the only child of two astronauts in the world. People thought she would be born different, because her parents had been in space. Posted by Picasa

Elvis with dog

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Trip to south

From friday to monday, I will go to Montpellier to see my mom. For once, she is in France. I mean this year she was in Pakistan, the UAE, Spain and Italy. My mom travels so much, one day she will become omniperesent. Now, I need to leave you with enough stuff to read while I am away.

It appears I will go to Australia next year and not England. Too bad, I like England a lot. But hey, I will discover Australia. Have you ever been there? I could have went for Germany but I don't speak German.
So, Olive the other day watched a documentary about learning Arabic. I thought I might say something about this. Maybe Arabic words in English or other languages.
Spanish is filled with Arabic words. Like Almohada means pillow and Jabon means soap and Kamisa means shirt and Naranja means orange and and. In fact "el", like "the" in Spanish is an Arabic words.
In english maybe the best word is Sorbet. In europe, the word would not have been invented. Since the climate is more cool, you don't need to invent a cold drink to refresh yourself, and you don't need to invent ice-cream. So words meaning these things will not be invented. During the crusades, the crusaders discovered : Ice-cream. They brought it back with its name "Sorbet".
More often, people mention the word "Algebra", or "x" from maths. Honestly, I feel more grateful to the inventor of ice-cream than to the inventor of Algebra.
I just, incientally, finished a big Hagen Datz ice-cream. Summer Berries and Cream flavour.
Should I tell you about Galois now. Galois was the son on a revolutionary mayor of a town near Paris. He thought he was good at maths and he was very politically crazy. Like the people that shout on talk shows on TV, like on BBC Hardtalk. Then, then what...oh...he however faile every test he ever passed and especially the one to study at the Ecole Polytechnique, the very prestigious school founded by Napoleon - btw this school still educates the most unproductive people in France until now- so he failed and failed and faile. So later, he just became a loser and went to prison over some political fight or something. In prison, he became crazy, so they let him out in order to be treated.
In hospital, he fell in love with his Dr's daughter, Stephanie. Of course, she didn't know he exists. As soon as he got well he provoked her fiance into a duel. Of course Galois didn't know how to fence! He basically knew he was going to die.
During the last night before the Duel, which was set at dawn, he wrote a big mathematical theory. He invented Groups and Fields and Galois Theory. All of these are so hard you need like a couple of weeks to learn anyone of them, I mean just like to get to know it well. But he did them all in one night before going to a duel. Next morning he died, of course. As I said before, my high school is Lycee Evariste Galois. That a high school would be called after this guy is quite strange. I mean I could argue that I am a better person than him, at least I am not crazy. They should call a high school after me.
An annoying thing with classical music is you can't clap your hands and can't shout at a concert. This wasn't always the case. Back when classical music was popular people could stand up in the middle of Beethoven's 3rd symphony and shout whatever they wanted. Like there is a famous story about a soldier from Napoleon's army -a Grenadier- feeling so much greatness in the 3rd symphony that he stood up and started shouting, "The Emperor, The Emperor,..." Also in the 16th century in Italy people brought food to the Opera with them. You basically went on a picnic and you coul let your children run around the theatre while you ate and drank and listened, and even talked.

Monday, June 19, 2006


First man on the moon. He must have been very disapointed. Buzz Aldrin from U.S.A. Posted by Picasa

Room Cleaned

Today I cleaned my room. This was part of a five year plan, lol. Get the joke with Gagarin? It was very hard because I hadn't cleaned for weeks. But you must know that cleaning my room for me consists of the following steps
1)Throw away unwashed dishes. Indeed, they will not be washed. 2)There are amny objects on the floor. Get a big bag and put them in it. Throw the bag away. Indeed, they will never be picke up. Now my room looks wonderful. I mean It is so spacious just looking at it makes me feel good.
I am going with a calligraphy theme. I am hanging calligraphies especially those nice arabesques on the walls. I know a guy who once made a fall foliage theme. He put leaves on his walls. It was really really great and girls loved it.
Olive, when you say maybe it was a scam. Are you making fun of me? :D :D Just kidding.
So first I used romans and then ordinals and now letters. Where is this going?
Let me tell you the story of Evariste Galois. Next thing, ok.
Before I go. I saw my friend the singer who doesn't want to sing. A.N. (By this point are you convinced her name isn't Anne) She threw another major wisedome at me : What is the difference between greed and ambition? I like this girl, we are childhood friends. But this is even too silly for steli. We shall have to remedy this.

A lost VL

I thought I had posted every known VL on my computer. There is this one I ha forgotten. WHy is it not on the VL blog you might ask? I forgot the password. The idea of me organizing something is a mirage. Posted by Picasa

Yuri Gagarin

First man in space, ever ever. Yuri Gagarin from the CCCP. Posted by Picasa

Dream no30 and more

Last night I had an action dream. I was driving my old Skoda car. I used to have one but it totally got smashed in an accident. A big truck turned it into an accordeon, while it was parked. So there was no one in it :D

So I was driving the car with my parents and sis. Then a truck, very much like the one that destroyed it in reality, came in front of me, in opposite direction. It was clear it wanted to run into me. So I stopped and drove en arriere, how do you call that, in rear drive?

There I was, driving to the back and a truck chasing me. Then I take the car into a field and we run away on foot and hide at these people's house.

Then I immediately woke up. It was 2 a.m. Something came to my mind. Street fighters. I hadn't played that game for 10 years. I opened my pc and google'd it. I found a site where I played street fighters online until 5 a.m. Then I got dressed.

Today was not a usual day. Today I had to do a final presentation in order to receive my Engineering diploma. So I guess I warmed up very well with an action-horror dream and 3 houres of Street Fighters. Everything went smooth. I am almost officially an engineer, nay, I belong to the brigade of engineers of the polytechnical whatever. I am really happy I am not really going to become an engineer.

Then I went to the lab -where I will study for next 3 years- and wrote something I had to write. Then I came home. Phone rings!

I have won a mobile phone! I hate mobile phones, but I can't say no! It's part of my lieing syndrome. I always say yes. So I said yes to something I totally didn't want. Then I felt horrible about it -typical really- I felt so bad that I was playing music and my hands were like out of controle, almost trembling. I feel like the "you won a mobile phone" lady is going to haunt me now.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dream no29

That dream. I hope it really in no29. Otherwise I will have lost count. Here it is. It is here.

4 people are at my grandma's table. Me, next to me to the left is my grandma and to the left is Olivia. Next to Olivia and facing me is a very annoying person. We don't know who it is. We are drinking tea, all four. Basically, everyone is behaving. Only the mystery guest is not. He does very stupid things. He speaks very loud, stupid and mean, he makes noise when he drinks. Etc.

Me and tata are ignoring him, and very mad at him. O is being Diplomatic. Like trying to tell him to leave in a polite way. So there is quite some tension around the table. But then my gma falls asleep. So everyons shuts up. Silence.

I open the window behind her and start watching people in the street.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last night

In addvace, my "d" button is not working...use la tuya imaginacion

I stayed up reading a book about compared myth and religion. It had a very interesting chapter about how Adonis evolved into Jesus. The author argues that the character Adonis is the older version of Jesus an that the story of Adonis being sacrifices in order to allow the cycle of life to continue evolved into Jesus being sacrificed to forgive people. Very interesting.

I also read about creation myths in different cultures and about how Mesopotamian and Phoenecian gods evolved into the Greek gods. Like Mesopotamia had fertility gods, the phoenecians continued to have a Fertility god as the main god but he became god of rain and lightening Haddad and not the older agricultural gods like Enlil and his friends Fonzy and Ralph Malph. So Haddad allready threw lightening like Zeus, you see. It was one step closer to Zeus.

I want to choose one of these to talk about because as usual its very beautiful stories and poems.

So here is a babylonian text about the creation of the the universe. I wanted to write Adonis but the way he is sacrifices is so sad so maybe later.

When there was no heaven above
When there was no earth below
When only Apso their father
Tiama who gave birth to all of them
and memo existed
mixing the oceans together
before there were prairies
before there were rivers
This is the beginning of a Babylonian text called "When above". It tells how the old gods ruled over a chaotic universe, made of oceans. At one time they decided to create younger gods. So they created Ia and Murdoch. The young gods started making too much noise for the old ones. Indeed the ol gods were used to a completely eventless world. The new ones start acting consciously and they make their parents mad
Apso opened his mouth to speak:
Their conduct annoys me
I can not rest in the day
I can not sleep at night
I will destroy them and end their action.
When Tiama heard that, she became angry:
How can we destroy
the ones we have created
The third old God Memo intervenes and calls for the destruction of the young gods. So they all agree to that. They wanted calm to return to the they fight


The fever is gone, but before it left it made burn marks under my eyes. Imagine that! It was so hot my face is burnt like when you go skiing or swimming. Well, Thanks again for coming back while I was away. Now I am feeling better, only my room stincks.

What would you like me to talk about

2.Random Stuff.
3.Drinking story.

I haven't forgotten the dream where Olivia appears.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Card for You

Get Well Soon, Steli-mou!


Olive +)

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I have a fever, its very bad. I am feeling very tired. Here is a poem insipred by my fever. It is not mine of course, I mean my fever reminded me of it.

My complaint or my song,
does the night hear?
My enemies or my friends,
what are the stars?
How long will my silence last?
like a mute rose
that never knew the gift of music

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 2 of that thing

I didn't go to watch the matches. I was playing music, I mean annoying my neighbors, while they watched. I did watch the

England-Paraguay : As everyone thought England is a solid team. However, it was a surprise how helpless they are offensively. They olny manages a 1-0 win over Paraguay, goal by David Beckham. England, if they continue with this level, are not going to do very well. I think this world cup is going to be as full of surprises as the one before.

SWEDEN-TRINIDAD & TOBAGO : Sweden are now an experimented team with great players like Hendrick Larsson and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I was especially waitting to see what Zlatan would do, I like him. Trinidad are playing their first world cup and were expected to be an easy prey for Sweden. Non of that happened. Although Ibrahimovic and Larsson put a 90 minute siege on the Trinidad goal, the goally Shaka Heslop stopped all their shots. He was the man of the match and earned his country a 0-0 with Sweden. Go Shaka.
What does Anacrouse mean? It is a note that is played before the music starts. Like a James Brown orchestra hit, you know, lol. Not part of the music, but kicks the melody off. Like tam and then you play the song. Do you see what I mean?
Later today Agentina beat Ivory Cost 2-1. This was the first really high level match in this world cup. Argentina is also the fist big team to put on a good show. Yupi. Tomorrow I will not comment on the matches in order not to make the posts too foottie.
It is 5 a.m and I can not get any sleep. So what? Here is that egyptian music I promised. I could not find a version using the old instruments. This is ancient egyptian music as imagined based on reconstruction of old instruments. But played by an orchestra.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 1 of World Cup

SO here I am. I have watched TV today for the first time in moths. This morning I handed my masters report and at the same time a report for work. As of now I only have more fun work to do. So, I wet to watch the world Cup. Two matches today. Germany vs Costa Rica and Ecuador vs Poland. Germany won 4-2 but didn't convince anyone and especially their goally Jens Lehman known as Crazy Jens was so bad. I am really happy about that because I DO NOT LIKE him. Ecuador was a wonderful surprise and beat Poland 2-0 after a nice match. Tomorrow England plays.
Now, let me think, I want to improvise a post here. I broke my chair today. Again. Remember I had broken an old one before, now I broke the new one. I will buy one tomorrow. Let's see how long it stays without breaking. In probability we would be speaking of a regeneration process. I like those.
Today I saw a crow attack a cat. Can you imagine that. The cat beat the crow's ass though. I always thought crows are very dangerous and wondered how they let them hang around towns.
Tomorrow morning I will write the dreamwhere we were together.
Is sneezing really that dangerous. I will never sneeze again man. I am afraid for myself.
I read a sentence today . Actually I didn't read it. My friend the singer who doesn't want to sing -we will call her A.N. since she might recurr here- told me about it - Damn that lieing why do I always have to lie. She told me about it I didn't read it - so she read this quotation somewhere :
"Double standards are the most used aspect of our our conscience". I find this true, to some extent. Especially when it comes to letting go or having fun. People say it's irresponsible or whatever but they really would love a chance to do it. A.N. Is so wise by the way, I mean she keeps saying things like this. I told her she should have a wisedome blog.
I was going to say something about a seven element field and an ipod. Blue didn't tell me if we won the ipod or not.
I think spelling is unimportant. As long as we understand each other. In South Africa, mine workers have a language that is a mix of almost all the languages of the old world. It was constructed from all the words they heard each other say. It developed from people "understanding each other" without any rules. So this is possible.
I never wrote abou the history of numerals. Actually I really always keep my promises. What happened this time? -- But on a different topic here is a no not a poem...I want to say
Oscar wilde says there are two tragedies in life, not getting what you want and getting what you want. I really like Oscar but this is just il rale he is whinning. I mean what tragedie and whatever, take it easy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Poor girl

I read in the paper today that an irani girl, mariam jabari, has a special condition. she sneezez 50 times a minute. she can't do anything, not go to school not even talk straight. The reason is this: she was once walking in a park and smelled a rose. the smell of that particular rose triggered this condition and ever since she has been sneezing. I really really feel bad for her. Imagine how frustrated she must be with everything. Posted by Picasa

olive's comment-post

AT first the end of this post came out unordered, the lines were mixed up. Blogger trouble. Now I have fixed it, partially.

Steli steli, I have been away so much!

and we have missed you...

You are leaving your work so you won't join the footie team! What other group can you join?

yes i've stopped working for renault. i will prepare my phd starting next year

I've grown a little tummy too - since I stopped yoga - but it's like Mich says, small for other people. And I'm 100 pounds too.

well i'm the smae and that upsets me really

NOW about your MU-zek. Omigosh! These are the posts you do that blow me away!

efharisto, you'r the best

I saw a documentary once about a man who was recreating ancient Egyptian instruments. One of them was a sort of harp or lyre, and another a sort of whistle or flute. He was trying to translate what the music might have been from reading papyrii, though as you say there was no notation.

from what i understood the flute, made from reed or grass, is the most important instrument. its sound defined their music. the harp is actually very impressive. the
egyptian harp is probably the oldest harp ever. one of the best achievements of ancient egypt civilization, like the pyramids.

Another cool thing is a couple yrs ago at a music store I found a CD of ancient Greek music. Apparently the Greeks did have a sort of notation, but of course they would because they learned it, like many things, from the Phoenicians.

phythagoras is the most important music theorist before bach. actually i think you can still divide world music today into the phythagoras school -> world and the bach school -> western europe. phythagoras' theory is the most comprehensive. it is based more on the physics of instruments and so it helps improvisation while bach is more based on maths and helps composers.

There were just voices in a sort of slow polyphony, and I think there was a stringed instrument that they plucked, and a percussion that they beat. But really, there was NO melody - I found it very post-modern/surreal actually, like performance art, and even a little bit No (i.e. Japanese).

"NO melody" is very much the characteristic of old modal music. but polyphony is a very advanced form of singing really.

There's more! Two nights ago I was up till 3am watching a program called Tales from Greece. Two British reporters went around looking at Athens and Thessaloniki post-Olympics. The music and arts scene, etc.

Um...where do I start? She visited the man who popularised Rembetiko (I think! And i forget his name coz she said it with a Scottish accent, something ---ouannis?) and he played for her the first recording ever of it, made in the USA in 1929, which sort of took it out of the underground and made it acceptable in popular culture. She, being British, commented how difficult the rhythm is. He said Greeks probably listen to the most difficult rhythm in world music, and that it is in their blood.

I know. There is a greek beat consiting of 160 times. Like for instance waltz is 3 times, well this one is 160. It also appears in andalusian music, like ziriab's. The best CD dedicated to these complicated kid of beats can be bought here. The CD comes with a fascinating booklet that teaches so much about rythmes. It is also very fun to listen to. It was made by Adel Shams el Din, the percussionist with Julien Weiss and his ensemble. Remember Julien Weiss?

The end was lost, basically. I think neek is a better name and thessanoliki does make me mad.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

coming up

some very special music downloads for artistic experience with a dish...and that dream...right now i will try to catch some sleep before going to work on a have to love the nurd life :D I am making this joke too often. ok I will stop.

3 days to the world cup...i know france is not doing so good...england has high hopes and of course germany...i have no idea how brazil and argentina are doing...i think germany is going to win this world cup..i wish argentina would
This part of the post explains what I call music archeology
I will upload, tomorrow, a very special music. You can download it then. It was composed in the 50s by a great great egyptian composer, Abdelwahab. In this piece he tries to imagine what music was like 4000 years ago in Egypt. What did Ramses II or Nefer titi listen to. A "Death in Sakkara" theme. But he did that really seriously. He really wanted to know exactly what people used to play all the way back then.
Ancient egyptians had no musical notation. The oldest musical note known to us was found in Ugarit. So not egyptian but phoenecian. Or was it in ninawa, so it would be babylonian. I can't remember. So, no ancient notes. You have to imagine by yourself what people played 4000 years ago.
How to do that? First you have to know what instruments they played. So you can see paintings on the walls of temples and pyramides. You can also imagine what instruments people might have played most. What are the instrument the environment offered to them? The answer was reed or grass flutes for example, that could easily be made from plants that grow by the for chords, some kinds of harps are described in papyri, etc. So the first step is imagine the instruments.
The second step is make such instruments and study the music they make. What are the sounds they produce and what are the musical scales that might include these sounds? In fact he found that no modern musical scale corresponded to the music made by these instruments. So he invented a musical scale. called sikah, which means in persian the 4th level.
This musical scale is supposed to be what egyptians used in antiquity, a few thousand years ago. We do not know that for sure, but it is a guess based on some research. Its like Musicoarcheology.
sikah is as follows - for example-
mi small bemol - fa - sol - la - si small bemol - do - re - mi small bemol
small bemol mean minus a quarter tone. so its a quart de tone. quart de tones are notes that Bach eliminated from Western music. So we do not know them here any more, but other countries still use them. One last musical remark, sikah is a bit like si bimol major, a bit.
So now we have everything. The last step is use the scale you have imagined or should I say guessed to be what was used in ancient egypt to compose music. The result is a piece called Karnak which I will upload 2-more-o.
This is fun. Its music archeology. Maybe someone else will do it for other countries. I heard a mamuth tusk flute was found in a cave in sweden. It would be so nice if someone studied it and composed stone age music. Flinstones, we're the flinstones, yabadabadooda yadabadooda

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Although we had a wonderful comment thread going on on the last post, I will start a new post. I want to write a personal opinion and to tell you how I paid my taxes. How? Well a week ago, I opened my internet browser and the first thing I saw is a big title. You are late for your taxes. I was a day late and that meant big big trouble. Like fines and stuff like that. So, I thought of a strategy and then I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, which I don't do all the time, I put nice clothes on and chose the color white. I wear white all the time, I like to wear only white. But this time it was a very white kind of white.

I went to the taxes place, its called The Trésor Publique or the public treasury -not treasure. I stood very innocently in front of the secretary and gave her my most polite and childish smile. I am very very sorry madame but I am late can you please please help me....

It worked. I won her sympathy and she let me pay my taxes a day late. In fact, the files were not going to be posted for another week, so she just sliped my check into the ones she allready had. No one saw that. And she dated everything as having been done the day before. Voila. How many people did the same thing as me?

So here is a twisted opinion, give it a chance....
We consider some things in our personality to be good and others bad. It is good to be patient, kind, polite, modest....and its not good to be mean, selfish, arrogant, etc But I think even the bad things can be very helpful and sometimes the good ones are not good for you. Like maybe selfishness makes you loyal and arrogance makes you ambitious and being hasty can make you look for creative ways of doing things instead of doing them patiently or on the other hand being indecisive can make you examine things from every side and even being mean can be useful if you use it to help yourself and people close to you. My dad, for instance, can get very angry and doesn't back down in front of anyone, that has served him and us in a great way. (Of course it has surely contributed to making me a bit shy or reserved) Also things that we usually consider good can be bad for us, if you are too kind you get bullied by mean people if you are modest that makes you trust yourself less, sometimes, if you are too loyal you will miss chances to move to better situations or to experience new things if you are intelligent you risk becoming a nerd, etc.
Of course, for some people, its your conscience that tells you what to do...but even that needs to be nuanced...
Do you think I am evil yet? :D :D :D

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Everyone here

I do not want to steal the lights from Jia Li's post but I do want to celebrate O's arrival. Olivia, the Classy Blogeress is among us. What an honour.
I think I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I am working sooo much and finishing a lot of work at the same time is pretty frustrating. aaaaaaaaa
Ever notice how every country has a book or a writter that it overrates so much and for no obvious reason. I mean take France. Everyone thinks Victor Hugo is a genius, not only a genius but a mega one. Honestly, I tried to read Les Miserables and I couldn't get throught the first 50 pages. This novel is so glim. And when I watched the movie, I was happy I didn't read it. I mean the intrigue is built on one thing, coincidence. Its like telling a story full of "and then, all of a sudden..."
And for Spain that would be Cervantes. Have ever read Don Quijote. I hope you haven't. First of all, the book has an amazingly racist undertone. And how stupid is the idea really. This book reinds e of comic books like "The Adventures of ...". Every chapter is a new adventure supposed to be fun but just long and supposed to be a variation on the one before but more absurd than it.
The worst thing is how it ends. There is this moment where even Cervantes must have thought, this is getting too long. So he called back from the beginning of the book a character that had not appeared for 2 volumes and used it to end the story.
Would you like me to get started on Charles Dickens? JL says yes. JL, could you make fun of the Canadian writter? Please.
I have two experiences with Dickens. A few years ago, because of a course, I had to read a Tale of Two Cities. This novel is so depressing that at the end, when they are all guillotined, I felt that was a cheerful event. LIke they all really deserve it for being so boring. It's hard to decide what annoys you most about Dickens. Long descriptions, like 3 pages about an object in a scene that has nothing to do even with the story; a moral sens from the stone age, where if two people hold hands its considered like wooow; maybe his sense of pop psychology. Definitely that. Pop psychology accounted for by "common sense".
Finally, the world champions at this writter adoration are south american countries. With Garcia Marquez and Isabelle Allende...

1st post

Gosh I am so scared that I will not make a Steli like blog

Did you know that I could post here? Well here it goes, I am posting.