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Monday, July 31, 2006

thought steli might want to read this


Like I have to pack and clean my room and get ready to leave for Pareez. So many things to do. I will see you again on thursday. OK. Have fun.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random Measures

--Caution : Extremely nerdy post--

Are something I am reading about. A measure is like lenght. Like the measure of a road is how long it is. A random measure is a new strange idea. It is that the length can depend on luck. Let me give you an example:

Everyday, I wake up at 2 p.m. I feel hungry and walk to the chinese restaurant not far from my place (ok this is not true, it's an example). Imagine that on certain days I wake up and walk to the chinese and the road is 200 meters long. On other days I wake up and walk and the same road is 1000 meters, on other days I wake up and walk and the road is 0 meters long. On other days I wake up and the road never ends. Just how long the road is everyday is a matter of luck. Like there is a different probability it would have a certain length everytime.

This is such a new idea to me. I am happy to be learning it. I mean it is really like in a dream or something. It is even stranger than dreams.

Random measures are very useful in finance, people who try to predict the stock market use them all the time.

This is very nice, it is making my imagination crazy. All this remdinds me of a quote by GGM :

"On that day, the world was so new to him, that many things didn't have names yet." (from memory, btw. So it is not the exact quote.)

My Girl

My Girl c'est de la balle. It toally rocks. I love how the actors act. Especially Yoo Rin, she is like a real life manga character, exagerrating her jestures and expressions. The story is quite nice. It is very smart because there are a lot of sub-stories going on and they all revolve around a main theme: Relations between rich people and poor people. I also love the music, they use Mozart often and I really like how they use the same song with different arrangements for different kinds of scenes. The same song goes for a happy, sad, awkward scene. The same music just a bit faster or slower or...In general the show manages to be very funny, the characters are all so lovable, the story is at the same time fun and meaningful, there is a lot of suspense so sometimes I watch up to three episodes together...C'est vraiment de la balle.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Nothing really

Nothing in my mind. I can not think of a single thing to write. So I am posting just to post and give a sign of life. Now for some mundane details, I mean let me talk about myself. I will go to Paris and then to Italy for a while. My holidays will last until October. There is the plan of going to Turkey for some time too. For those of you who want to hear a recording of me speaking, I don't have a cell phone. I will see my sister on August the 3rd and then I will post a sound clip, or even a video clip. (Just like Olivia did)
So S.P. will finally come out of the closet. I am using this expression but I have not the faintest idea about it's meaning.
Currently I am reading a book, I mean 2 books, on Measure theory. I had to put Galois theory on hold. C'est dommage. In general, I am totally unable to think, all I can do is follow the news of this war that no one wants to end. Isn't this a precedent. Like a war starts and no one tries to end it. That's totally crazy. It's like other countries think they are watching some kind of game and not a real war.
I would so love to visit Russia. In fact I would love to live there.
I even find it frustrating to make the numerals. I just don't want to do anything. But how about another numeral..
Yesterday I read parts of The Picture of Dorian Gray and parts of a book about Alexander. I went to sleep at 4 a.m. and woke up at 3 p.m. It rained all day long today. Heavy rain and a kind of sand storm coming from I don't know where.
Is it true that 60% of German people are over 50 years old?
I am sorry about the music not working and an error message popping up. I don't know why it is happening. This is a new music. It's Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto no2.
I had a dream last "night". I will post it tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

100 years

100 years ago Cezanne died. He left you his paintings. He also made you some cake but I wouldn't eat it now. It is way too old. Yu can give it to your pet, if you don't like your pet.

Let me say now, why not, that I think Spain is my favourite country in Europe. First of all, it is the only young country in western Europe...I will tell you the other 3 reasons later, why not. Posted by Picasa

Dream no32

I dreamed I was running. I was running from Marseille to Paris. That takes a TGV (fast train) some 6 houres. I ran it in 20 minutes. All the time I was eating candy. The candy was so big, it was like as big as a big watermelon. Like giant haribos.

On the road I met people I know and all asked me what that was and I would say "candy, candy" and they would look at me like "you are crazy" and walk away.


I was thinking, I do this sometimes. No matter how bad we are doing, there is often worse; no matter how good we are doing there is often better. No matter how content we are, there are still moments where we think, "I wish I was better". There are moments where we are jealous of people who are richer, happier in life or in love, more beautiful...than us. Everyone is jealous of something or someone. Jealousy is probably the most universal feeling, I thought. If there is a feeling every person on earth experiences, it is more probably jealousy than anything else.

I am jealous of people who have settled down. I know I will continue to travel inside and outside France for some 5 more years. Whenever I see someone who has a very regular and boring life, I envy them. Some of them are probably jealous of me because I travel all the time.

Now my mind has stopped the post is over.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I woke up, it was soo hot, so I took a shower and went out. I walked to my usual chinese restaurant and had lunch/breakfast. Then I continued my walk to the FNAC, which is like a big bookstore/DVD/CD/library.... I walked around, I didn't buy anything. I went to the litterature part. There were very few people. However, as I walked by the different parts, asian litterature, middle east litterature, greek litterature, spanish litterature, etc..I found there was a huge crowd in front of the Books in English part.

It was interesting. There was exactly nobody looking at the books in any other section, but like 15 people pushing each other in front of the Books in English section.

I thought there would be a special book they all wanted to see. But there was really nothing. A few of the books I looked at were even totally silly. "The Last Templar" for instance. This book seemed so silly.

Then I went to the music part. It was full of people. First I visited the classical music section. Not for any special reason, but it is the first one on my way. It was full of 40ish bold and sometimes fat men. I overheard this conversation:

bold fat italian looking man: I threw away 75 euros on La Traviata.
bold thin man: 75 euros, wow, that's a lot.
bold fat italian looking man: But it was worth it, I really had a great time listening
bold thin man: yeah, but 75 euros, omg
bold fat italian looking man: hmmmm
bold thin man: *turns away*

I am tired now, I'll continue later.

Wait wait, the only Oscar Wilde work I don't have is De Profundis, which he wrote from jail. I have just found it on the net. God Bless the little monsters that make the internet work.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Going Classical

I want to write about good concerts I went to. One of Rachmaninoff and one of Mozart. But before, I have bought a very surprising CD. Here is it's story...

Johannn Nepomuk Hummel has a very funny name. Nepomuk. Is it check? In addition to his lovely name he was a virtuoso of the keyboard and a student of both Mozart and Salieri. He was a good composer but his work did not remain famous to our day. Mainly because he is much more known as a teacher and player.

This CD I have bought is a rearrangement by Hummel of Mozart's symphonies Haffner, Jupiter and Praga. These symphonies were written for orchestras and Hummel rearranged them to be played by a Quartet. A piano, a flute, a violin, a violoncelle. Only 4 instruments bring all the sensations ans sounds and details of these 3 symphonies.

Hummel must really have been very talented and skilled to be able to do this. I will upload a part soon. But can I rest for the week end.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Saturday morning...

After the party, we had a rendez-vous with some other friends of our family. We were supposed to meet them at 1:30 at the Comedie. They didn't show up. We went to the hotel and chatted until 3 a.m. and then went to sleep.

We woke up at 7 a.m. we had to. Mom went to work and me for some more tourisme (with an e like any word). I walked in the esplanade and chose a nice cafe where I sat for an houre, had breakfast. It was melon slices and a lemonade. There were many people selling stuff at the esplanade.

One lady was selling old school books and maps. It was very fun to see what kind of English book French kids had in the 60s. Another stand was selling history books, I bought one about the Vikings.

I walked to the Comedie and ran into Joy again. I just said hello, we didn't talk or anything. Then I decided to go to go get a gair cut.

I went to a place I had noticed the day before. It was called Greze coiffure. It is owned by Mr Greze & his son. I got a hair cut, it was quite good. Better than the one I get here. I don't know why Mr Greze Jr insisted on shakig my hand when I came into the place and when I left.

After that, I walked in the neighborhood behind the opera. There was something very funny. Everything is called Opera. There was the Opera grocerie store. Opera bakery. Opera electronics. Every single thing was called Opera. Only becuase it's the neighborhood behind the opera.

It is however a small neighborhood with little paved street, very quiet and beautifull. And the small streets meant you can walk in the shade all the time. Which was great in the very very hot weather we were having. Then I saw a church and went in. It was quite nice. One wall of the church was covered with little tiles, all of them had "Merci Sainte Rita" written on them. There were probably several thousand little tiles with "Merci Sainte Rita" on that wall!

I left the church and went to the mall. I went to the book shop. It had a whole floor for "spirituality" books. The ones that come with tapes, you know. I had an excellent laugh reading the titles. All these books pretended they could change your life in 5 days and make you happy forever.

Also, in the book shop I ran into the Russian lady from the party.

Then I went to the hotel, it was midday and I had to give them the key. I said goodbye to the nice lady who cleans the rooms. I took the bags and left.

Carrying and draging some 40 kg in 30 degree heat was, how should I say, perfect. I met my mom at the espalanade where we had lunch. I just had a salade. Then we went to the train station.

We stayed there for like 15 mins and then I left. My mom also was then on her way to England.

NEWS : Do not read if you want to sleep. I will create a blog for this and stop posting here.
---I feel so sad these days. I have just seen pictures in a Lebanese newspaper (as- safir). These pictures were not allowed in western newspapers. They show dead children on the ground by tens. It makes me want to cry until forever. Today every last foreigner left Lebanon. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. The foreigners were a kind of shield for the Lebanese. Now we can expect anything and we can be sure none of it will be reported. How does killing tens of children in one bombing fight terrorism. How many children have to die before we call it a war crime? A question that was asked by journalist Robert Fisk. When you see these pictures you don't beleive yourself.

---White house spokesman Tony Snow, the man with a great haircut, has called Journalist Helen Thomas a Hizbolla member becuase she dared ask him about the human consequences of the war.

---The New York Times has confirmed the war might end Monday.

--We, the civilized world, are doing this to the people we are supposed to be teaching our great values. My ass, my ass democracy and my ass human rights.

Pic from greece

What I liked most was not the ancient ruins. It's how slow life goes. People can sit like this all day long. I was in greece in 2002, I never told you. By the way, I am sure this life style is what makes mediterranean people creative. (the pic not by me) Posted by Picasa


Why am I posting this? I don't know. Felt like it. This drawing was in my masters report. It's about geodesics. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random questions

-They didn't have a zero-

I fixed the music yesterday. It seems to work for a day and then just fall silent. Very extrano. It's extranio, when you pronounce it. I don't have the spanish thingy they put on the n. The tilde, I mean. I will fix it again today and it will not work tomorrow. I could go on like this forever. Also I forgot to say, thank you all for your opinions on the last post. I am sorry if you were not in the mood for it. Numbers X and XI here are somewhat good news I am reporting. Again I am sorry if you are not in the mood. This is the last last time I promise.

Do you like the new coffee coca cola? I really do. Pepsy are responding with a Cappucino pepsy. I can't wait to taste it.
What's your desktop? mine right now is a French stamp for Evariste Galois. Before, it was Yuri Gagarin. Before, it was a music score. Before, it was Buzz Alldrin. Before, it was a Kandinski painting...before that I was born.
What is your screen saver? I don't have one. I prefer the blank screen. Like my mind.
As much as I dislike going to bed, I have to say the moment right after waking up is one of my favourite. I feel so fresh and usually I am not thinking of anything.
I was thinking the other day, Very theoretically, how hard it must be to impersonate someone. Like in the film Catch me if you can. Di Caprio pretends to be a whole bunch of other people. That is allready very hard. Even harder, is impersonating a specific person, like in Gathaka. It's hard.

You have to learn all their gestures, how they walk, their accent. You must remember everything about them. You need to be very smart. There is also so much psychological pressure. The real you remains blocked all the time.

Do you know the design of the numeral we use, like 1 2 3..., I can't remember if these are called arabic or indian nuemrals, comes from each symbol having as much angles as the number it represents. The numbers 1 and 2 originally look like this : 1 , Z so 1 has one angle and 2 has two.
Isn't that so interesting. I am so interested +P
Do you think cyclopses put their tongue out at people? or even at cyclopses?
More tonight...
How did you three get those great designs for your Multiply sites? I can't even upload anymore music and you have these great websites allready. Can you help me?
Relatively good news: The Guardian and Israeli newspaper Ydeote Ahronote have reported that the US gave israel the green light for only one more week. They will be allowed to bomb until Monday, according to these two newspapers. Then the US will ask for ceasefire.
Meanwhile (Time magazine) all foreigners have been evacuated from Lebanon. Lebanese people are very scared. They are saying that now that the foreigners are gone, anything could be allowed against them. Time magazine mentioned.
Also relatively good news: All the refugees from this war are in Syria and they are (according to Agence France Press) receiving very good treatment. A country-wide blood donation campaign is open to help the wounded. Hospitals are receiving them for free. Also they are all housed in school and university dorms -since it is the summer, schools and unis are empty!- so they all have "real" houses not tents. A phone number was created for families who wish to receive a refugee family in their home. So some refugees will be "guests" (if the word can be used in these conditions) of volunteer families. (All this in the AFP report.) ...Some excellent work by the local red cross and red crescent organizations.
Today I was walking where all the homeless people sleep behind my neighborhood. In fact I live in a somewhat rich neighborhood. Howver, behind it there is a poorer one. The homeless people sleep between the two. One of them, who sells African clothes and gadgets sometimes, was listening to Rachmaninov's concerto number 2. I was like, wow.
It was incredible but today I had some paperwork to do and a French government employee was helpful. This is like a palnetary alignment. You will read, if you read the book about France -we keep talking about to the extent that I do not want to mention it's name anymore - how grumpy a French government employee can be.
Loius XIV is now beig honoured by me as I read number 14. I would have loved to be this guy. He was so idle. Idleness is an ideal by itself to me. Doing nothing..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Political Post

JL has posted on the inacceptable human cost of the conflict in Lebanon right now. I think it was a great idea of her. Although I hate posting about politics and I even almost dislike all politicized people. I have something to say.

JL was right to point out that civilians were dieing, all of them innocent. Indeed, in the last 7 days, 240 Lebanese people were killed. 850 wounded, 1/2 million lost their homes. Lebanon, where the civil war stopped in 1990 and which has rebuilt itself very quickly into a very lively and touristic country, has lost all the infrastructure it has built in the 15 years since the end of it's war. Just like defense minister of Israel Ameer Peretz said "We will take Lebanon 20 years backwards". I wonder if he is proud that has been achieved.

Wars are part of human history. There will always be wars. This is why it is important to have war ethics. This is not a contradiction in terms, wars should follow certain rules. Not harming civilians is one of them. In fact the Geneva convention says civilians should not even be made uncomfortable, let alone be harmed. Another principle is proportionality.

Proportionality : Well the word is clear. I don't need to explain it. What is happening today in Lebanon violates this idea. The Lebanese attack was against a military facility. 2 soldiers were taken prisoner. 2 **soldiers**. The response was the above mentioned damage to **civilians**.

As Spain, Norway and France have pointed out, this is a disproportionate answer.

The point I wish to make is this. Why is the world tolerating this? Big countries, in my understanding, are supposed to fairly police the world in order to keep things better. This brings me to my main point. We are all racists!

Yes we are. The west has never looked fairly on Arabic countries. It's first contact with them was the crusades. In that time crusaders and the mass of Europeans said that if you kill an infidel you go to heaven. Then, in the 19th century, came orientalism. Orientalism formed most of our modern views of Arabic countries. Orientalism was an industry of cliches. It is to orientalism that we owe wonderful expressions such as "sand monkey, Camel jockey, etc...". I would like to say so much more about this racist trend. Not enough place here.

Today the world is watching as people die. Whenever someone calls for a cease fire, everyone tells him to shut up. Bush has said 3 times in 3 days he is against a cease fire. However, a cease fire is a human necessity. This means one thing. We do not care Lebanese people are dieing. To us, they are Arabs and so they are human dust. Our enlightenment values do not apply to them. I think we as citizens of advances countries should face this bravely and not run away from it. We have come to the point where we do not care when people die.

Personal note:
I have 2 Lebanese friends here, they work in the same building as me, but in different disciplines. They are Vera (girl) and Maher (boy). They are both stuck in France. They can not call their family since phone lines are cut. In short they do not know if there parents, brothers and sisters, etc. are dead or alive and with the Israeli air force doing up to 50 raids on the same city in one day. Who knows. I don't. Maybe you don't need to call your family, you just get a special feeling when they die. Then you have a depression and that's the end of your active life. It's a shame. You were talented but you were born on the wrong side of the fence. And oh, an asshole who works with Maher was making fun of him the other day, like whoops your country c'est le bordel right now. C'est le bordel = It's a brothel. It means a mess in French. How nice. I am telling you we do not give a fuck, they are not human.

Whenever I say we, we=our society. I honestly think this is a fact. Our whole society is like this, our whole culture right now.

Consider signing this petition or another one you agree better with.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Friday Night

We were like 100 people invited to the party. Mainly people from mom's work and their families. From ours there was me. The others happily watching the match on TV. We took a bus to Camargue.

Quest-ce que c'est camargue? you might ask. It is a region near Montpellier. First we passed the swamps of Camargue. These are swamps so big that people who don't know them think it's the sea. In the winter, they are filled with Pink Flamengos. Also in Camargue, there are always wilde horses running all around the place. Arguably, this is the most beautiful place in France.

Well we got to the place. It is a moorish style Villa. We were greeted by a band playing guitars and singing flamenco songs. There were also two dancers, a he and a she. They were ok. The first part of the the party was a cocktail. The Sangria was excellent. So tasty and light, yet still it is wine. And drinking Sangria as you watch a FLamenco dancer is a nice effect.

During the Cocktail, I met people from Morocco, there was also my mom's greek friend from Friday Morning, Dr Gaga. It was ok but the band was being repetitive, so a mexican guy asked them to sing Guantanamera and other South American songs. This was great as they changed to another style.

Then came the dinner. The food was very very disappointing. I will say allready. It is like this extra gourmet food that is so gourmet you just don't want to eat it. The coock thinks he is Eve Saint Laurent or even Sezanne for inventing these dishes. NO.

I met two Russian frinds of my mom. A couple actually, then there was their daughter. She was just as bored as me. The Russian lady was so nice. She looked very Asian. She was russian but you would say Mongolian or Chinese if you didn't know. We chatted and of course mentioned the world cup. She said with a Russian accent coming directly from a saint petersbourg ballet show "Etes-vous Suportar?". Etes-vous means "are you" and the last word is Russian for fan. Suportar means fan. It was so nice to listen to her speak in French and use Russian or German words when she didn't know. It has a very tsarian Russia theme.

to be continued...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

stolen from JL

Help me. Do you know a website or a movie or something I can do that would make me laugh a lot and feel happy again. Something very very funny, I need to laugh and feel better.

It's even cut and paste

Meme(run away now if you don't wanta do it)
01. Name: Steliano
02. Middle Name: Don't have one
03. State: No states in France.
04. Place of Birth: Paris
06. Male or Female: (let me check) male
08. School: Just finished my Masters, going for the phd
10. Initials: SP (like sick person, or signal processing, or single parent)

Your Appearance :

.13. Hair Length: Just like a sheep maaaaa, no short
14. Eye color: Brown (I am so disappointed they are not black)
16. Height: 180
19. Shoe size: 42 . :

Your Firsts :

.22. First best friend: Omar, I was 4.
23. First Award: What does this mean.
24. First Sport You Joined: Gymnastics
25. First thing you did today: Woke up, geeked on my computer
26. First Real vacation: Eurodisney
27. First thing you said today: Allo, Maria..
28. First Love: Carolle
. :

Favorites :

.29. Movie: Apocalypse Now, Amadeus, see my profile
30. TV Show: The Sopranos
31. Color: White
32. Rapper: Eminem
33. Place to get groceries: Carrefour
34. Food: Chinese, Italian
35. Season: Winter (I love rain) and Summer (I see my family)
36. Candy: ooh candy
38. Restaurant: Le Bombay, come here and try it.
41. School Subject: Math, I love it more than food
42. Animal: Humans
43. Book: The Pic of Dorian Grey, I love all books by Lev Landau. He is my spiritual father.
44. Magazine: I don't read any

Currently :

.45. Doing before you started this survey: Stressing to the degree where you burn your nervous system
46. Feeling: In your opinion? I have rarely been worse
47. Wearing: My Homer Simpson t-shirt and shorts
48. Crying about: nothing (come on)
49. Eating: Una hamburgessa
50. Drinking: milkshake
51. Typing: another endless report
53. Listening To: the music on my blog (a new one)
54. Thinking about: when you stress you can't think, in the back of my mind were hurwitz integers (do you like them, I love them)
55. Wanting: for it to stop
56. Watching: nothing

Future :
.57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Right here.
58. Kids: Please no, I don't like kids
59. Want to be Married: No no no....

Which is Better with the Preffered Sex : .

All girls are beautiful. Almost all, anyway. Just learn to see the beauty.

63. Hair color:
64. Hair length:
65. Eye color:
66. Measurements:
67. Cute or sexy:
68. Lips or Eyes:
69. Hugs or Kisses:
70. Short or Tall:
71. Easygoing or serious:
72. Romantic or Spontaneous:
73. Good or Bad: good
74. Sensitive or spontaneous:
75. Hook-up or Relationship:
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant:

. : Have You Ever :
.78. Kissed a Stranger: Please I am a nerd. I am lucky to have kissed someone
79. Had surgery: Like 4 times.
80. Gone commando: qu'est-ce que c'est gone commando?
81. Ran Away From Home: No
82. Broken a bone: All fingers and both tibias.
83. Got an X-ray: yes
84. Been on a cruise: I have worked on a I was a sailor
86. Dumped someone: hehe I am a nerd, have you ever seen a nerd dump someone.
87. Cried When Someone Died: No, but when my grandma dies, I will. She is a mother to me.

Do You Believe In :
.89. God: I think people need to believe in something
90. Miracles: No that's ridiculus
91. Love at First Sight: It's just like other kinds of love but at first sight
92. Ghosts: What's a ghost?
93. Aliens: I don't know
94. Soul Mates: Definitely
95. Heaven: no
96. Hell: no (an ever burning flame, that's against the conservation of energy)
97. Answered prayers: YES
98. Kissing on The First Date: yes
99. Horoscopes: yes.

Answer Truthfully :
.100. Is there someone you wish you had? Huh..I guess not...not that I can think of

Sleepless night poem --As usual, there is a poem when I don't sleep....

I can not forget, for a single night,
The wind that clapped, the rain that danced
In the empty song, of the moonlight

ok wait I'll finish it tomorrow...or not. I don't like poetry anyway.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hahahahaha....I feel like shouting but I laugh. hihihihi hahahaha hohohoo hehehehe....see you Monday for a new post. I can not post this weekend.

JL sent me an email that made me feel much better. I have posted this music and would not have been possible had she not sent me a link that allows you to make a website hosting music, videos a blog and pictures. JL you da best. The site is and mine is

I couldn't sleep this night. This happens to me too often. I am usually doing something and I get all worked up and then it's impossible to sleep. As usual, when I have a white night I post a poem...let me think

potatoes are orange
apples are blue
I love me
you love you....yaaaayyyy

How do you like this music. My music will be quite different as of now, since I will be able to upload music, thanks to Multiplier.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

James Brown

In a few minutes you will be listening to James Brown. Numbers 6 to 10 are questions. A kind of informal tag.
A very cliche scene: I was walking after dinner. There were 4 people, 3 boys and 1 girl, speaking English with various accents. It was not raining but lightening was striking behind the mountains in very bright and constant blows. The 3 boys were discussing which is the biggest army in the world. One was saying Indonesia, another China and a third was listening. The girl, from time to time, would say "look how beautiful the lightening is". The three boys never listened to her and never changed subject.
I can not beleive this really was happening in front of me. It really seems like a scene from a bad novel. Some people say life is bad litterature.
Alexander the great snippet. For 3 centuries after his (Alexander's) death, Persian emperors added the title "helleniphile" or even "alexandrian" to their royal titles. Even though Alexander had defeated their empire. Their admiration for him was immense. In Persian art, he is painted with dark hair and oriental clothes. Like he was actually Persian.
On the other hand. When he was alive, Alexander admired Persia so much he was jealouse of it. He often said how much he thought Persians, his enemies, were more sophisticated than greek people. He also was jealouse of their king Darius for being tall. Alexander himself was a shorty.
The most humanist period in history is not the renaissance. It is the hellenic age. I have this wonderful poem that speaks about it. I will find it and post it soon. Maybe tomorrow.
If your first child is a boy, what would you call him? And if it is a girl, what would you call her?
What is the sound you are hearing right now? (other from your computer)
Do you know anyone who has a mustache? Do you like that person?
Who is the school teacher you liked most? who is the one you likes least (hated most)?
Who do you think is cooler, Bart simpson or Queen Elizabeth.
-E e e leven-
James Brown rocks. Ja oder Nein?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Spammity spam

I received this most delightful spam in my email. I mean god bless those people the humour on them is new. Do not miss the convos (conversations) we are having under the other posts. They are not over. I had always taken the word convo to mean convolution. I guess now it has another meaning. What is a convolution you might ask me. Well its when the future state of a system is affected by its state at all past and future times. A bit strange, I know. Now, the spam. I highlited the words that most made me laugh or made me laugh the most (to expostulate...remember this monologue?). Italic is the spammer and otherwise its me (how do you call otherwise):


Dear pls read this mail carefully why i will really like to have a good relationship with you, and i have a special reason why i decided to contact you.

I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here and after reading your profile , I am Miss Joy, 25 years old girl from Liberia, the only daughter of Late yormie johnson the deputy minister of national security under the leadership of president Charles Taylor who is now in exile after many innocent soul were killed, My father was killed by government of Charles Taylor, he accuse my father of coup attempt.

My father'son and I are trapped in obnoxious custom traditional rites. We have suffered maltreatment and unto hardship in the hands of my late Father's family. They have taken all that I suffered with my Father to acquire including treasure, houses and his bank accounts closed by them. I wanted to escape to the United State of America[USA}* but again they conspired* and stole my international passport and other traveling documents to further frustrate me.

Thank God, two weeks ago, I received Key Text Code [KTC]* from my dearest brother that our father deposited U.S $5.2 Million [Five Million two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars*] in a box wih a security company with his name as the next of kin and he handed this key and documeent over to him, which the Security Company did not know the real content of the box, as our late Father made it clear to them as a family valuables.

It has therefore, become very necessary and urgent to contact someone, a foreigner like you* to help us receive/secure this funds overseas and to help us invest it on our behalf as well, while we find a way of getting out to meet with you in your country for the purpose of investmennt of this fund*.

Please be honest to us and keep it confidentail to avoid detection, seizure* or diversion. I have had several telephone discussions with the Security Company Director of the said consignment*, but he told me that unless my late father's foriegn partner overseas forward his application for withdrawal This is why I have contacted you to help save my brother and I, receive these funds on our behalf.

But, you would need to give us sufficient assurance that if you help us, you would not divert the funds. My brother and I have resolved to give you 10% of the total sum. This is all my brother and I have got to live on. Please, we have reposed our confidence in you and hope you will not disappoint us. We will forward to you the contact to the Director of this Security company to enable you contact him and ask him the possibility of receiving this box containing this funds on our behalf as the sole beneficiary, look ing forward to your urgent response,but note that the Security Company does not know the real content of this trunck box rather they know it as family valuables.

As soon as you show your interrest to assist us, then we will forward to you the Document being issue to my late Father at the day of deposit for the claim. Thanks and God be with you, awaiting for your immediate response.

Best Personal Regards. MISS. Joy johnson.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Picture Now

I think this is the Tsar Nicolai or something Romanoff or something. The last one you know. He is arriving in a visit to Istanbul. Don't you wish you were a Tsar, or superman, or even Gauss. Posted by Picasa


I couldn't sleep last night. Also, I composed some variations on a silly little theme. I wish we could listen to them, then we would all have a good laugh :D I mean they are quite bad I think. Now, off to campus for me. The whole day there....niahahah niahahaha

Monday, July 10, 2006

Me & My Blog

I want to write about reasons that make me love or hate my blog. But not now. I really have to tell you about my trips. But not now.
Quote by Oscar Wilde : "To fall in love with oneself is the begenning of a life lasting romance."
Quote by S.Chandrasekhar : "Simplicity is the fabric of truth and beauty."
-III- and a half
Quote by Mozart : "Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius."
Quote by Einstein : "Things should be made as simple as possible, not simpler"
Quote by Olivia : "We shall have to remedy this"
Quote by a famous politician : "Is our children learning?"
Quote by Beethoven : "When I open my eyes a sigh involuntarily escapes me, for all that I see runs counter to my religion : perforce I despise the world which does not intuitively feel that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy"
Debussey : "Eventually, they will get it right"
Quote by Gauss : " The never-satisfied man is so strange. If he has completed a structure, then it is not in order to dwell in it peacefully, but in order to begin another. I imagine world conquerors must feel thus, who, after one kingdom is scarcely conquered, stretche out their arms for others"
Alexander the great : "A tomb now suffices him for whom the whole world was not sufficient. "

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Italy Wins

I think the man of the match was Jianluigi Buffon. This was one of the worst world cups ever. The best scorer of the world cup is German Miroslav Klose with only 5 goals. This says it all. Last time, in Korea, the best scorer was Ronaldo with 9! So this was a very defensive world cup.

It is a shame for a world cup final to end in a shootout. This is what happened. This sucks. Congratulations to Italy. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006


Title mitle really and whatever and random thoughts and slepy mind. Greetings.

I have just watched the film Amadeus. I think it is just great. It's about jealousy, passion, doubt and also talent. The story is told by Antonio Salieri, who was Mozart's rival and used his influence to discredit his work. I would like to say more, but that would spoil it if you watch it.

I once talked about Mozart's letters to his cousin and how they were totally silly and just compilations of jokes and puns on the silliest subjects. The film reflects this part of Mozart's personality very well.

There is another movie I watched this week. Volver. The new movie by Pedro Almodovar. Its very nice and one of the most easily watchable Almodovars. It stars Penelope Cruz who sings a beautiful song in it. I mean her voice is just wonderful and the song is very beautiful. I was very surprised to see she can sing so well.

Speaking of Spanish movies. The funniest movie in the world, I am sure, is The Ferpect Crime. I have said this before. Watch it!

Finally, I do not have to go to Parigge (Paris in Italian?). So I will be here and speak about my trips.

Gute nacht (thanks JLissima)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Late night pseudo-""rant""

Like Olive says. "Addendum". I added a dscussion I had with Michelle, the dream analyst, about music instruments. Since I was talking about the same thing.

I was thinking. Yes, I really was. What would make me go on a hunger strike? I mean I love food. I would never imagine myself not eating. Maybe if France wins the World cup, I will go on a hunger strike.
Don't get me wrong. I really like France. It's where I was born, etc and all the other things. But I can't stand it when they win in football. Every time, there are hundreds of people celebrating in the streets. The same people who usually, when I tell them I play football, tell me football fans are stupid and all the other stereotypes. They suddenly like football, because it is France, of course. This is very silly. I mean I would think this kind of attitude is for school children not grown-ups. It is like a child saying "my father is the strongest man in the world".

-On a different note-
Anyways. I was also thinking. I have bought a book about ear-training. It teaches musical dictation. This means knowing notes when you hear them. Of course this is very important in music. Playing music is mainly about showing off your skill (I am not saying talent). If you know musical dictation then when someone plays in front of you, you can guess the note and tell them, "but hah, I guessed it. It is simple" and then play it yourself. Imagine the moment of delicious narcissism you will be living then.
I mean I don't think music is difficult, nor that it has a very special value. It does have very neat (right spelling?) mathematical structure and sometimes is even very intriguing to understand. But that is also true about cross-words. The best thing in music is that in general people think musical skill is such a great thing. They do not think being good at cross-words is great. I mean as soon as I say "I play the piano", people start taking me seriously and finding me interesting. Compare to "I play football". It's a jungle out there really.
-Even more honestly-
But also, and to be fair. Playing music is a very interesting activity. In german they say "A piano brings friends and freud into your house". That is so true. In a strange combination of physical and emotional factors, your state of mind is always totally visible in the way you play. A musical instrument is like a lie-detector. And one that really works. If you are sad or mad or happy or euphoric or sleepy or anything, you play that way. I even find there is a "guilty" way of playing.
How about a tag. Wouldn't that be fun. The posts on my two trips are coming soon. I might have to go to Paris after tomorrow. So, I might be a bit late.
-Michelle's opinion-
Comparison between playing the piano and the violin : When you play the violin, you get your fingers in all these stretched positions and its uncomfortable. When playing the piano you think more about the music than about the technique. The violin is an extremely technical instrument. Playing the piano is more fulfulling. In Michelle's own words.
I think I totally agree. We should thank whoever invented the piano. It was Bach. Bach hugely simplified music.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Mu-zik

By royal decree of his royal majesty king stelvis, we have chosen to indulge the request of our neighbor her emperial majesty empress Olive and to change the mu-zik.

Here is a samaai. This is a musical form you find around the medeterranean. It is a piece made of 4 sections and with a relatively fast rythm. The sections differ by the pattern defining their melody, but not in their modes and generally not in rythm. In plaine English, its a kind of song with 4 melodies.

The rythm used here is a kind of rumba. Am I right JL? This piece is quite special near the end, using something a bit like counterpoints. Well, this was my analysis. Tell me what you think of the music.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I am back. I had an excellent time in Germany. Right now I am tired and a bit, how should I say, feeling blue. Like a bit sad. But it will pass, of course. Well, here I am.